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  1. Looks very much like Barnsley were never going to even entertain an offer from us. Pretty laughable really. Essentially backed themselves into a corner from a negotiating point of view with Villa. Sure they can be all high sixing each other (because "Hoowyhan didn't join da Wendys") when they're back rotting away in League One.
  2. I really don't think we need him. Winnall was a great bit of business for a modest fee and (in our wage structure) pretty standard wages. Rather focus on other areas of the team.
  3. Why would he be determined to play under Bruce who didn't played him once (when at Sunderland)? Doubt he has some great rapport with a manager who probably didn't even know who he was when they were previously at the same club.
  4. With that kit they can call him Melo Yellow. Quite rightly too.
  5. Sheffield Wednesday ‏@swfc 35m35 minutes ago Filipe Melo has joined Stagecoach on loan until the end of the season #swfc
  6. Who'd have thought this would happen after Barnsley allowed all their best player's contracts to run into their final year.
  7. Sure the Dingles will be fine as long as none of those players join us. I mean after all that's what got them really upset about Winnall.
  8. Fair enough. The Celtic link seems credible.
  9. Indeed. Didn't we just get knocked out of the cup?
  10. What's that suppose to mean? Are we not "high profile" enough? Hasn't harmed the likes of Westwood, Bannan, Fletcher and so on getting call ups to their national sides.
  11. Cleary happening... Hourihane to sign for #SWFC. Fee 200 magic beans, 6 quavers and latest Reader's Digest. #BFC too wrapped up with cousins to comment.
  12. It's one post from their entire forum. Hardly shows a crisis of confidence.
  13. Not convinced that they will sell him to us. Think the fallout from Winnall may well lead them to cut their nose to spite their face.
  14. In all seriousness who gives a shiny sh*te.
  15. For those wondering Ali G is Michael Birds, who is a boring troll that starts shybo thread after shybo thread.