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  1. Thing is...we spent (allegedly) 8-9 million on a striker in January. None of our rivals are going to sell their players on the cheap anyway; even more so when they are aware of how much we've been willing to spend in the past. Generally speaking we've brought in players from the likes of Watford, Burnley etc who have been looking to move these players on. That's not to say they are bad players (far from it), but you don't snap up a player like Nando for 3 or so million if Watford are desperate to keep hold. Hooper is another one. Very good player, but Norwich were looking to get rid.
  2. Sounds similar to Bannan? We do need a bit more physicality in that midfield area.
  3. Didn't realise the season had already started. Christ on a bike.
  4. We'd be all pi55ing ourselves silly if one of our rivals was in for him.
  5. I just think we should be spending what money we do have a bit more wisely. We need two center backs and perhaps a central midfielder too. Seems very odd spending considerable wages on Hutton when we already have two right backs.
  6. I'm pretty sure that all fans, whether "old" or "new", want their club to be successful. The difference between me and thee is I see progress, whilst you just want to tear everything down and start again. You'll never be happy.
  7. Next I'll be having someone wanting my home address... Oh wait.
  8. Got to love OT though. Only on here could you have someone (in a desperate attempt to win an argument) suggest that another person was lying about being a season ticket holder.
  9. Awww you were wrong again. Keep playing the truefan card though. Sure it'll work one day.
  10. Must have stolen this...
  11. I had a season ticket last year and have been to hundreds of games and spent thousand of pounds. So you're wrong - again.
  12. When they finally get time travel sorted I will go back to the 70s. I will also warn a young Mishowl that Carlos is coming so he can change the course of history.
  13. Well I didn't go and see us in the 70s. This was on account of me not being alive.
  14. Yeah...well done. You constantly slate the manager, the players and the club. What a great "fan" you are. If only we had more miserable rumblezoids like you.
  15. tbf Bruno is a right back and about 900 years old. He is in fact Rasputin.