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  1. It's a flipping clickbait article written by some stupid kid.
  2. Take it they don't read this site then.
  3. Which makes it all the more impressive that he's managed to score tonight. Can't be easy for a guy of his size to go from barely playing to starting tonight.
  4. Well done Big Dave. Sad that people have to use a thread like this (which is about him making his debut for the country he was born in) to make pathetic digs at the guy. Not sure what's wrong with some people.
  5. has been a while since I purchased a kit but I might have to make an exception for that one. Well done Karl!
  6. That third kit is really nice.
  7. Yep...problem is (when we do it) that we end up with just one in central midfield (usually Bannan) and the two wide players stay wide, so we end up getting outnumbered in midfield...which also happens when we play in a more a traditional 4-4-2 formation. Basically we've spent the entire season getting overrun and outnumbered in central midfield
  8. In fairness our full backs can barely play full back.
  9. They're absolute sh*te.
  10. So insightful.
  11. There have been times this season where I've feared we might have to dust off this old classic:
  12. Anyone else noticed that our recent slump in form has coincided with the new opening, promo video thingy? Perhaps the epic nature of the video has got to the players
  13. Yep... Be interesting to know how much it would cost to redevelop Hillsborough ala World Cup 2020 bid in comparison with actually just building a brand new stadium. Think the main issue is commercial potential. The vast majority of these new stadiums are in locations where there's plenty of land to redevelop and make further money off.
  14. They are quite good at a cover up... Actually they are pretty rubbish at those too