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  1. He was decent. Not spectacular, but certainly not a bad performance. Is he carrying a few knocks? Two, three times he was grabbing his knee, shoulder etc.,
  2. Couldn't fault the effort in the second half. Just wish we'd not put in such inept first half displays.
  3. Did you get a cake?
  4. Fletcher's was a ridiculous miss. 40k a week striker and he hits the bar from a yard out. Useless. Sasso...should have scored but it bounced straight off him.
  5. Just can't believe Wednesday ruined a grown mans Birthday.
  6. Stop pretending to be a fan. Pathetic troll.
  7. Fletcher couldn't score in a brothel could atm. There'd be ninety threads about Nuhiu if he'd have hit the crossbar from a yard out.
  8. It's not that. The system is is easily exploited and overrun if teams overload midfield. Its down to numbers really.
  9. Brilliant in that second half. Like a man possessed. Shows how how important he is.
  10. I was actually there tonight... problem is midfield. We are getting overrun and not winning the second balls enough.
  11. What the hell I'm I meant to do with the 24th June? Was probably the day when we signed Guy Branston or something.
  12. I'm not sure he's that good tbh. Decent spells at Watford and Forest aside he seems to have largely flattered to deceive. My Forest supporting work colleague wasn't exactly devastated when they sold him in Jan. Thought he was talented, but not massively impressed by his general attitude. Not convinced that Lansbury has the quality or willingness to make the grade at a club the size of Villa (particularly one in crisis). Bet Hourihane is having a bit of a culture shock too.
  13. Villa's "let's just throw loads of money at it and cherry pick some good players from other clubs" really hasn't worked has it. Oh well.