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  1. I'd play Rhodes and Winnall up front. Bring George Hirst on. Hopefully see Jack stobbs too
  2. Tom Lees has been a colossus against a big physical side
  3. He's like a third striker too. Usually starts the passing move off a bit deeper, then arrives a second or two after the strikers in the box, making him very difficult to pick up.
  4. Made with/by real virgins?
  5. Local journos seem to think DC and CC are sticking together. He's shown how good we can be with a couple of "link" players returning. The only thing that I think may jepordise that is if we were to miss the playoffs
  6. Even with those players missing, score those missed penalties and score one of the big chances against Reading and we'd have been in the hunt for automatic.
  7. Didn't they turn down 3.5m from Norwich? Or was that McDonald
  8. When Carlos realises the true nature of "bladesman culture" (fists, matalan and many pints of bitter) he will hopefully congratulate them on relegation next season. Mccabe is so full of self pity, failing to realise that he makes them sound like complete losers each time he goes on about "this could only happen to us". He can count his "kids" tickets and we will count the 27k coming through the door each week.
  9. Besides Dean, he probably is a legend as one of their best strikers. Another unfulfilled "legend" that was sold and their list of "legends" is embarrassing given how big they think they are
  10. Was he on their "legends" t-shirt? The one with all the players on it that no one has ever heard of?
  11. Kevin who?
  12. Wasnt he Tudgays agent too, or was that Daryl Powell? Its odd how agents can dictate whether a deal is done based on their fee alone. I think the club need to give Hirst a chance fairly soon as the chance of first team football here is the only thing that will tempt him to stay. Especially as Everton are bringing a few through too.
  13. It has worked better with players between attack and midfield
  14. There's a fair bit being read into a basic photo
  15. If they do miss out, it would serve them right for that German chanting they keep doing