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  1. Without wanting to derail the thread. I think it's fair to say our strikers have missed a few good chances between them. It's not fair on the rest of the team to keep blaming service as the only issue. It would be a great game for things to click again though. I've missed a good Barnsley melt down
  2. They will be dying to beat us even more so, a tough one for us if we don't get fired up for it. Not only did we take their player but we've had a big hand in dismantling their play off push, so they will be desperate to return the favour on the latter.
  3. Think his agent did which caused an issue?
  4. Hope he bags and gives them the finger. I didn't realise the world stopped due to Rimmo's funeral. I don't think the deal was actually done on that day in any case for that reason!
  5. Our style of play has changed recently, it has been more attacking and on the front foot, using more attack minded wingers on both sides (where available). Frustratingly we haven't taken the chances and the manager is getting stick. But I genuinely think we have been unlucky not to win the last three games and with a bit of form and fortune we can beat anyone if we continue to make chances and more importantly take them! My gut feel is that because we don't take them it's not meant to be this season, just as last season everything seemed to go for us up until the last game. But let's hope for a surprise
  6. I really like Buckley, he is like an additional striker, seems to get in those positions. I think he will also be more useful than Wallace when we counter attack as he is more direct and is comfortable running at fullbacks. Wallace has been doing well recently though and can conjour something from range or put a delivery in which is helpful when teams are dug in. In short it's good to have the option and use whichever suits accordingly. The manager just needs to make sure he uses the likes of Buckley and mcmanaman more often.
  7. You can't Winn em all
  8. Mardy Bum would be both local and appropriate
  9. Like on talk sport, a broad Londoner rings up. "Who do you support" "Liverpool"
  10. Havent seen the video myself but they're not always about football, just his life. If he's done a video about what he had for tea and got some comments on Carlos it's a bit odd
  11. I think some people forget that there is more to life than football, there are boundaries that should be respected. Players wives and the chairmans son getting harangued on social media is a complete embarrassment
  12. It's probably worth having 40k for the times we can fill it. It costs a lot to re build or alter so you'd rather have the ability to sell seats. Especially as we have 20k STs and waiting lists. I think the bigger issues are the segregation and the fact a whole stand is out of use and given to away fans. Half the time for big games we want to fill it but can't. Juve and some of the other stadiums were miles from the pitch which added a double whammy on atmosphere. I don't think we have a significant problem whilst we are still getting north of 25k for standard games.
  13. Over the last six yes. But ironically it's been the last 4 games or so that he has played in the attacking manner fans demanded. For example Winnall and Rhodes with two wingers. A mixture of poor finishing a red card and being punished for everything recently has cost us, sometimes I don't think the manager can do much about it, but still takes the blame. Over the season as a whole though we have generally ground out results even if the style isn't there. There are plenty of sides spending big money i.e. Derby, Villa, Norwich and Wolves who just show that spending doesn't guarantee anything on its own. I'd agree that the manager could do plenty of things better though, but change is nothing more than a roll of the dice IMO.