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  1. Rhodes has played in a front two as part of a 442 and been successful and also various other fornations with a strike partner. I'd be more concerned if Rhodes was being asked to play on his own. For me it's simple, he needs to be the one looking for the second ball rather than dropping for the first one, there need to be more regular deliveries into the box and thirdly he just needs to find his form (he has missed his share!). The idea that it cannot be done within "our system" is wrong IMO. There was more of a case for that at Boro with Karanka wanting a big centre forward on his own.
  2. FF, Bannan, Hooper, Hunt, Wallace and to an extent Pudil yeah. But not from Mcgugan,Lachman, Wiggins, Matias, Joao, Sougou. The likes of Reach, Fletcher, Winnall and Rhodes have been relatively expensive in comparison to some of them but the third and fourth windows under CC were always going to be more expensive as we targeted more established players. I think Rhodes and Reach have plenty to prove but have time on their side. I think the only ones who haven't really looked to have added something different to us have been Abdi and Jones.
  3. Neither would I, I just spotted you took your chance to dig Rhodes again along with Klose. Two for the price of one.
  4. Disagree there. Most signings have done well enough to have us knocking on the door. There were some dodgy ones during the committee stage which lead to an overlap in the buying of players for similar positions after it was disbanded but even last summer and in Jan we strengthened up front and out wide. Question marks remain over centre half depth and our love of midfielders who have the same attributes though.
  5. How humiliating, losing out to one of if not the championships best ever goal scorer for a header or two
  6. £3.9m seems quite low
  7. He wasn't even born when we were in the premier league. Best of luck to him.
  8. Would have him but so would a few premier league sides by the sounds of it.
  9. I don't see why Winnall wouldn't still be on an upward curve. He's gone from league one to genuine premier league candidates in just over a season. It wasn't as if he never got a game. but in a wider sense yes, unless a player is able to retain possession then CC doesn't always trust them.
  10. Agreed. We need to look for players who are on some kind of upward trajectory
  11. The issue of a lack of energy and physicality in centre midfield would still remain.
  12. Wouldn't want downing based on his time at Boro. He could well go somewhere and do well, but last time I saw him Adam Reach made him look poor.
  13. I think we have a solid foundation already and when Hutchinson drops deep we play with a back three anyway. I don't want radical changes in terms of a formal change in formation. I just think we need to sign more physicality/depth in the defensive mid/cb positions and sign wingers that Carlos trusts in order to get the balance right.
  14. Did Westwood sign a new deal recently since DC was here?
  15. If he goes we need to go and get Daniel Bentley