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  1. The Underdog

    Carlos has a fairly impressive CV for making an impact at unfancied clubs and taking them to finals or promotion. I think that has shown itself here in the first season and the continued good results against the likes of Newcastle, Arsenal, villa on the opener last season and Fulham this season. On the flip side we have struggled to get going whenever we are expected to win. The list of games is too long to bother typing. Do we have to be the underdog to be successful under the current manager? A lot of his interviews are about managing expectations, playing us down, reducing pressure and remaining positive. This is understandable and a decent mode of operating but is it right for us at present? Can he change it? Whether we like it or not, there is huge pressure and expectation here now. I don't think that will be quelled easily off two failed goes at the playoffs, but pressure seems to be something that our team dislikes or tries to set aside. Shouldn't they be thriving on it at this level? Should a manager be making the pressure of playing for a club with expectations as s positive thing and challenging players to step up or step aside. At the very top level you would rarely see Mourinho citing fan expectation as a hinderance as it comes with the territory. Whilst we are no Man U and Mourinho we are one of a growing list of big clubs in this league who are deemed capable of bigger things and difficult to play for at times as a result. As an example in league one Megson made us quite arrogant with our expectations and refused to acknowledge any assertions that Hillsborough was a hinderance. I don't think either way of viewing pressure is wrong, after all I think Carlos is very honest and realistic, this is a very hard league and players who handle pressure well are expensive. But given the quality of our squad is this mindset right for a club now aiming for the top two?
  2. Problem with Fletcher is that he carries too many knocks to play or start each game. He will likely play at Burton. The point about us starting slowly and struggling with "lesser" up for it sides is true though. The Derby will be fun
  3. Burton game now massive

    Whilst we have the current manager we will always struggle with the uglier direct side of the game. I'm not looking forward to this one.
  4. Just got back

    Glad to hear that about Matias has he has looked terrified of taking anyone on previously.
  5. Left ourselves too much to do, even though we should've probably equalised. Who was it that was hitting the side netting from crosses at the end?
  6. Nuhiu can't really whinge when he's missing sitters
  7. A "strong side" getting mullered by Boltons reserves. There is no steel in the team for these games, which is why a Carlos side will continue to lose to the likes of Preston and likely Burton.
  8. If we can avoid a scrappy game then we should beat them. If the game is slowed down and made into a scrappy long ball affair then we could be susceptible at the back.
  9. They want a fair amount of money for them to pay for their premier league targets.
  10. Nixon

    My guess all along has been Max Power. We had interest in January and the player mentioned a club had come back in for hkm.
  11. I've always been impressed with him, has one job and sticks to it well.
  12. Dropped a ball missing out on him again.
  13. Joao

    I don't think we've mismanaged Joao. He has had two prolonged spells in the first team, the first was arguably his best but then he got ahead of himself and dropped off. Since then he had another spell last winter and missed some fantastic chances, then he had half a season at Blackburn with a mix of the brilliant to ridiculous. I think he should be used from the bench on occasion , even more so given his goals today. But unless he adds that aggression and uses his size correctly I can't see him starting for us.
  14. Sam Field

    If he's starting premier league games already then it's a good and affordable way to get some quality in.
  15. Carrying injuries

    Knocks are normal. But we have been reliant on players pushing through injuries which account for more. Hutchinson ruptured a hernia in the playoffs, Loovens was playing through an injury and Lee has had a recurrent issue. Fletcher has had a knee issue I think. It sounds as if in Fletchers case it's something he can't get rid of but we probably need to manage his training. Its not ideal when there are so many in this situation though.