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  1. I came across it on Twitter so the OP may have found it the same way
  2. Rob Staton mentioned the Porto link on RS before our playoff a blunt texted in saying he must mean Portobello
  3. Could we pinch garry monk from weeds if CC goes
  4. To be fair I don't care how much money a guy earns or is worth/bought for i wouldn't want to take a penalty in that situation...he has an obvious affection to his former club so prob didn't want to help sending them out of the playoffs. Still brave to take one in that situation so I applaud all the takers pressure can get to anyone
  5. We played for the draw and Huddersfield went for us and I don't think they could have played better..set up for a 1 game shoot out in our own backyard can't ask for anything more...if we had gone for them we may have been beat today
  6. 11 Huddersfield players
  7. Didn't think we would ever hear that about one of our star players
  8. To be fair the club are not very forthcoming when it comes to injuries but we all know he will be fit in 2 weeks
  9. I was them I'd be thinking of how to get past reading first over 2 legs
  10. I just bought a new tv to watch the playoffs I opened the box and imagine my shock when I realised I couldn't turn it on...turns out there was no leads (Leeds)
  11. If CC goes we would surely be able to attract I higher calibre of manager...the players we currently have and also a chairman who will back the manager financially which manager wouldn't want personal opinion I hope he stays
  12. Happy with that still competitive enough to get a result
  13. Dont worry you will be playing Rotherham at the new York next season in league 1 so not such a long wait
  14. See Kieran Lee interview topic already beat you to this piece of news