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  1. I know one of the physio who works for Cardiff as he just left toytown for them I asked him about mcgugan and he confirmed trial over 2day and no deal
  2. According to howson yes
  3. Personally I would prefer 3 4 3 Defence of Hutchinson Lee's and a new cb Midfield of boyd Lee bannan or abdi forestieri Strikers Hooper Rhodes Winnall
  4. Hutchinson needs to be in the team
  5. Would he be an upgrade on Jones though
  6. Released by palace rumours circulating that we are interested...thoughts?
  7. Danny drinkwater
  8. There is a job opening for semedo now
  9. I don't take that much notice of them
  10. I'm at the train station taking kids to cleethorpes for the day to escape but just happened to be stood with a few Huddersfield fans.I wonder how to delay their train so they are late
  11. Sweet cos proves our academy is thought of more but bitter cos we have lost a good bloke
  12. It's bitter sweet this because the blunts always bang on about how good their academy is yet it's our academy manager that is picked to go to one the biggest clubs in the country
  13. Could this mean George Hirst will be next to go
  14. Never in a million years
  15. No one has mentioned Ryan Kent who was on loan to the dingles last season I decent winger and not going to get in Liverpool squad anytime soon so they may loan him out again