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  1. They mentioned Fulham are the form team with 4 wins on the bounce shows how inadequate they are in fact finding
  2. It's a piggy special on monday instead of normal football heaven...thought it has been a piggy special ever since they got to top of pub league
  3. I've never been to a match with my dad in fact my first Wednesday match was with the school caretaker he was a friend of the family and had a spare season ticket
  4. I know I don't have to listen to show but it was either that or listen to the wife droning on about our impending holiday
  5. What amazed me is..they had just done commentary on Wednesday match then they opened phone lines for 30 mins...but then filled the 30 mins with an owl saying we don't go up and praising the blunts ...then and interview with Billy blunt and heckinbottom...they must have hated squeezing a Carlos interview in...they finished off with a montage to the promotion thinking hang on they waxed lyrical earlier on after the 3pm kick offs finished about the promotions..we just beat Newcastle so why not give us a little more airtime instead of acting like it doesn't matter cos of the 2 promotions Rant over congrats to Doncaster on promotion
  6. was that us saying sorry for last season
  7. To be honest anyone of the Wednesday players could have got it..but you know of it had been a draw or a loss for us today Shelvey and deservedly so would have got it
  8. To a man they have..not just reach
  9. Sky are willing Newcastle to turn it round
  10. Can't sit back against the barcodes cos they will hurt you.. keep hold of the ball Wednesday