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  1. If the dingles were anymore inbred they would be a sandwich
  2. Beating a man or beating a man up
  3. Getting fed up of hearing we're on our way sung by England fans like a broken record
  4. Jordan rhodes has now come on
  5. Not entirely true the second line because the moaners want us to get there but only by good performances not lucky 1 nils
  6. Wheres nuhiu
  7. Would have been better if we had won
  8. Is sootie from this planet or what won't be 51 will be 20 or 10..give me strength
  9. I agree no game of football which doesn't guarantee you to be entertained or even a win should be 42 pound..especially when it's on sky..I'll be in Spain so won't get there anyway but 42 pound for 90 mins of uncertainty is ludicrous but then while there are people who will pay it clubs will charge what they want
  10. Just a thought if this testimonial was going to come in fruition who would be playing
  11. If there is a testimonial I hope he persuades ronaldo to put a Wednesday shirt on and play
  12. A few of their players are tried tested and ultimately failed championship wannabes
  13. Was born in Stocksbridge but was brought up by the local pigs hence why he is loyal to them must be where he got his accent from
  14. The weak link for the blunts are the masses of egotistical fans who believe that they are going to walk the championship next season who honestly believe that the championship isn't hard
  15. Why does buchan read out full names of people sending in tweets