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  1. Westwood would
  2. You're remembering it wrong, Atkinson completely re-modeled the squad both during the season and after it and although Sheridan was a key part of the 1990/91 team his signing didn't bring the team together in the way you're suggesting. I'd argue the signings of player like Roland Nilsson, Phil King and Carlton Palmer during that season were just as important, so were the signings of players like Paul Williams, John Harkes and Danny Wilson at the end of it.
  3. Afraid I don't put too much stock in your memory, not sure how we could simultaneously have had too much to catch up (in November), been relegated on goal difference in May and Shez's season been an unmitigated success.
  4. Only if they read Southy's post. Both Niger and Benin are in West Africa
  5. Yeah cos 89/90 was such a great season after Sheridan joined.....
  6. Too late to throw this one into the mix @trevdi9?
  7. Thanks for that Kivo. Can't believe no-one picked Hirsty for 20 league goals in a season
  8. 6 words dude and you got two of them wrong
  9. Which clearly you are (you're)
  10. Thanks Kivo my first ever win. As an aside am I right in remembering that Shez scored the other goal v Kaiserslautern at home?
  11. I think that's a bit misleading D, they were on an upward trajectory under Poyet and Garcia, lost their way a bit when they appointed Sami Hyypia, but got back on track under Hughton. i think the two seasons before the one you've highlighted they made the play offs.
  12. They should be more concerned about the fact that Carlos has just produced a step by step guide on how to beat their beloved Geordies at home.
  13. It's amazing how good players become when they aren't playing (for us). If he was that good, Carlos would have him in the team. He isn't
  14. Netflix and chill