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  1. And the fact he spent more time waiting for trams than he did on the pitch probably speaks volumes
  2. Errr scored the goals when Norwich were in the Premier League.
  3. No chance, not cos it's the pigs, but there's no way they could afford him even if they wanted him
  4. Enoch Showumni Apps: too many Goals: less than Mark Crossley in the equivalent number of games
  5. The second post now only makes the first one more likely to happen
  6. But you did it without context which kinda inferred that CC was chopping and changing the team, rather than the changes being forced upon him...which many of them were.
  7. I think you've been a little bit disingenuous about the striker situation (and you've also missed a cup game which does have a bearing). In the first game he played Fletch and Fessi which was clearly his preferred pairing, but Fletch ended up with 10 stitches and was unavailable for the Norwich game (as was Fessi who hadn't travelled). Joao had played well in the cup game (sandwiched between Norwich and Villa) and scored, so clearly deserved his start and Hooper starts as next available. For the next game (Burton) Fletch is back available and starts, but Fessi's still out due what happened during in the build up to the Norwich game, harsh on Joao, but he had missed a sitter in the Norwich game. We get to the Leeds game after a bad defeat at Burton, by now Fessi's back so he reverts to his first choice pairing of Fletch and Fessi. We lose badly to Leeds so he moves Fessi to the wing and gives Joao another chance against Burton. Doesn't really work so he goes back to his original favourite front two of Fessi and Fletch again for the Wigan game and they both score.
  8. The only part that's opinion is where I call him w@nk, the rest is fact. He wasn't though, they picked him because they had literally no-one else to choose, the fact he averaged 25 appearances per season throughout his 6 years with us in a variety of different positions at a time when he was part of, in your very own words, 'one of the worse [sic] squads we've ever had' suggests he wasn't decent at all doesn't it? I didn't bring it up Pod 9 did in the second post: So hang on, successive manager's didn't play him either consistently or in his preferred position because he was such a good player? Are you actually reading what you're typing? 375, what of it?
  9. played under 5 different managers and none of them ever saw enough in him to give him a run at centre half. He wasn't competing against Maldini and Baresi for a spot in the team it was such footballing legends as Dean Smith, Ashley Westwood and Danny Maddix. Mind things did pick up for the lad when we released him and the mighty Halifax Town picked him up. He may well turn out to be the best academy manager we've ever had (and I hope he does) doesn't change the fact he was a w@nk player
  10. pet shop me its Alan Irvine
  11. Because you got given a ludicrous 7 year contract on a ridiculous sum per week.
  12. Can't agree with that, thought he was woeful, not his fault mind.
  13. Thefuck we want a roof on the Kop for? I love getting wet when it rains me.
  14. Av eard manager's been sacked (Merry Christmas everyone)
  15. Not only were we more prolific we looked more like the team of last season than this. The key to playing two up top is having a partnership, that's what we've lacked all season until those 6 games with Hooper and Fletcher.