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  1. OMDT Fulham -V- Wednesday

    At start of season would you have taken this Preston D QPR W Sunderland D Fulham L same points as we have now
  2. I agree but surely better than Pudl at CB
  3. Jolean lescott on sky at the moment not long term but what about a month contract to get us over the injury crisis
  4. Team for Sunderland

    I'd go with this. Carlos . Go positive please !!
  5. Under 23's away at Worksop

    Jack hunt sub for u23's for team click on the Worksop town tweet above
  6. Under 23's away at Worksop

    To stop people moaning about what kit they are wearing
  7. Micah Richards

    i've heard we are signing Morphy Ricahrds to iron out our defence
  8. Next season kit

    Maybe one of the big kit suppliers has made a late bid to make our kits
  9. OFFICIAL - George Boyd signs

    Maybe they wont announce it cause they don't know what shirt to give him to hold up in the photo
  10. Forestieri

    Typical Owlstalk thread this one Wasnt fully fit at end of last season. He is just making sure he will be ready for the start of pre season. He does not have to stop in Sheffiled during the cloase season especaiily if they have familly elsewhere. Even so now with a young baby
  11. Scrap the Playoffs ?

    For me the team that finishes 3rd goes straight to wembley - 4th v 5th one off tie at 4th ground
  12. Hospitality Boxes!

    The SAG have banned them for next season
  13. Reading - Wembley Ticket Details

    last year it went to season ticket holders with 540+ points before other season ticket holders, thats what i was trying to get at
  14. Are we fit enough?

    i think its Huddersfield who have run out of steam. We have great options on the Bench. Udders do not
  15. Reading - Wembley Ticket Details

    bearing in mind the final is next weekend they will have to go on sale quick. I think they will have Plan A,B all set up just waiting to upload it to server with tickets going on sale to highest priority on Friday morning