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  1. Typical Owlstalk thread this one Wasnt fully fit at end of last season. He is just making sure he will be ready for the start of pre season. He does not have to stop in Sheffiled during the cloase season especaiily if they have familly elsewhere. Even so now with a young baby
  2. For me the team that finishes 3rd goes straight to wembley - 4th v 5th one off tie at 4th ground
  3. The SAG have banned them for next season
  4. last year it went to season ticket holders with 540+ points before other season ticket holders, thats what i was trying to get at
  5. i think its Huddersfield who have run out of steam. We have great options on the Bench. Udders do not
  6. bearing in mind the final is next weekend they will have to go on sale quick. I think they will have Plan A,B all set up just waiting to upload it to server with tickets going on sale to highest priority on Friday morning
  7. Come on Barry stop following me around everyone knows you are the teachers pet
  8. not as good as the last few Huddersfield Managers They all have a 100% win ratio
  9. I think Udders will lose tonight then they have Birmingham away who are fighting for their lives
  10. What times look Leeds and calendar on
  11. The SAG has banned them
  12. Are they going to ban me going for a P1ss then as that creates more congestion. Bought time DC took action against these
  13. I've got Bannan, Barry Bannan, i just don't think he understands
  14. Westwood Palmer Lees Loovens Fox Wallace / Bannan Abdi Hutch FF Winnall Rhodes
  15. Will be on at least the bench on Friday. Might start in place on winall