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  1. We get mullered on the counter. Stick to footy manager
  2. Good acoustics in the dome...
  3. Christ on a bike
  4. Why do you care? What does it matter? all this oh the media think we're going to finish 7th. Man up. The entitlement and whinging on here is cringeworthy at times
  5. Head to head would be next breaker wouldn't it?
  6. That is correct
  7. I believe in an average game the ball is in play for around 50 minutes so if we get an hour against Colin's teams they're going down the bottom in his spoiling tactics
  8. Is he at Cardiff now? When did him and warnock kiss and make up?
  9. Who won't make the cut of Rhodes and FF then?
  10. Didn't we sign BB same time they signed AK? we stole it from spurs for dele alli I thought. But nobody 'owns' a song. Mind you some on here get all touchy cos derby sing a few versions of songs we do
  11. Bahahahahahahahha holy phooking poo
  12. Wums are usually funny. Keep trying. You'll figure it out eventually
  13. Christ on a bike. people saying a 'meh' team or uninspiring etc. Have you been living in a cave for the past 20 years? Go back 3 years and you'd kill for that to be our team.
  14. Huddersfield are even more of a free swing then we were last season. I think they need to go up this year or they'll be back mid table next. liked the look of Billing every time I've seen him. The left back looks a car crash though
  15. It took him 2/3 years after that to get In the England squad? He broke into villas team the season after joining us