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  1. 1) Pep (Man City in our return to the PL) 2) Conte (Chelsea put to the sword in front of a packed house) 3) Warnock (crying as his lads lose, gifting us next years title) 4) Wilder (tuftyball is put in its place) 5) Zidane. (We are champions, champions of Europe)
  2. Fletcher is quite unrealistic but would be perfect for us
  3. Like Glenn hoddles idea of taking the pens before . Would make it more interesting if team x knew they were definately out if it got that far
  4. Worked pretty well for Southampton, Watford, Barca, Chelsea etc. modern game. Makes sense to me. The club is bigger then anyone, even the manager at the time.
  5. Move FF to wing permanent and use Winnall more. Keep Joao or look at a quick forward as our final and 5th choice forward. sign a new winger. A new CM and a left back, potentially centre half of the right one is available
  6. Didn't we make our own shirts this year? Substantial income there
  7. The 'issue' you have just made up you mean. Makes sense.
  8. 400 million. get your wallet out DC we need these boys at all costs
  9. Did you just compare tom Lees to Bobby Moore?
  10. Realistic elphick tshioba watkins vaughan (but if pace uptop as a squad player) less realistic taylor hanley jota judge dean
  11. Don't need a centre half. Hutch and Lees first choice with Sasso and Loovens as cover. New CDM though. Get shut of McGugan, Kean, Dielna, McManaman, Buckley, Sougou, Urby See if we can get takers for Fox, Fletcher, Joao tell FF he's a winger. Agree EE with other targets. Winger seem a bit pointless unless CC changes tactics drastically
  12. Meanwhile back on planet earth...
  13. I understand what you're saying, but you're missing the point. It it was originally said we should get DW and Mooy and it would definitely be good value for money. Man City say 50 mil for Mooy then that's not good value is it? You can't say good value when you don't know the cost to US. You can say they are proving good value currently but not if we were to go for them
  14. Whose in charge doesn't mean that you don't have designated targets worked out with the scouting system and chief executive. Happens all the time
  15. Well yes, but if we were to get Wagner we wouldn't be getting the same value. And we don't know if hudds would want 15mil compo etc for him