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  1. Shame on you for suggesting Wim Jonk. him and De Bilde were the biggest mercenaries ever!
  2. Some of us didn't think he was a good signing at the time; and this situation isn't a million miles from his Watford one especially and forest one. Talented player but not the kind to flourish unless the entire team is set up with him as the main man
  3. FF to Huddersfield? If if he goes I doubt it will be to another championship side
  4. I agree Ayala is a better player, however, we are in need of a couple of nasty buggers and leaders. That and pace is what we dearly lack. We are collecting a lot of good players but that doesn't make a good team. the more I think of Keogh and Ayala or Hanley etc the more I favour Keogh as I think he goes much further to addressing what the TEAM needs regardless of who is a better player on paper
  5. Pope absolutely loved them all
  6. Di canio game or waddle game. Only other ones that really sticks in my mind are the ding dongs we used to have with Coventry
  7. CC has to fit in every week? not if he doesn't suit the system. Better to have an effective system and unit then cramming individuals in and hoping for the best. see England years 2000-present or SWFC last season for reference
  8. Classic redknapp. He's worst then warnock for it
  9. hourihane is not a big dominating midfielder! He's more similar to a bannan type. why do people think he's this powerhouse in the middle?
  10. Da fuq?
  11. Exact reason they'll get pumped each week. shelling out most of their budget get just to keep the squad that went up.
  12. I at no point mentioned your other suggestions. I was talking about filling the squad with tidy CMs and no box to box option or big leader in there really. anyway back on topic, we need to tweak our squad bits and pieces rather then 6/7 out and 5/6 in as some are suggesting. were not a million miles away
  13. if you actually read what I said I said Irvine is closer to what we need and he's a different type of player to hourihane who is similar to what we have. you may well criticise last seasons policy so to then suggest players who would continue that is bizarre at best and down right stupid at worst. Thanks for trying.
  14. Irvine and Hourihane are completely different types of player. irvine is closer to what we need but what's the point accumulating players who are the same as we currently have. learn the lessons from last pre season
  15. 1) Pep (Man City in our return to the PL) 2) Conte (Chelsea put to the sword in front of a packed house) 3) Warnock (crying as his lads lose, gifting us next years title) 4) Wilder (tuftyball is put in its place) 5) Zidane. (We are champions, champions of Europe)