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  1. Bahahahahahahahha holy phooking poo
  2. Wums are usually funny. Keep trying. You'll figure it out eventually
  3. Christ on a bike. people saying a 'meh' team or uninspiring etc. Have you been living in a cave for the past 20 years? Go back 3 years and you'd kill for that to be our team.
  4. Huddersfield are even more of a free swing then we were last season. I think they need to go up this year or they'll be back mid table next. liked the look of Billing every time I've seen him. The left back looks a car crash though
  5. It took him 2/3 years after that to get In the England squad? He broke into villas team the season after joining us
  6. Are you a ukip member by chance?
  7. Are you a ukip member by chance?
  8. Think looking at previous experiences that CC will make a few changes. 3 games in a week he likes to rotate Westwood palmer sasso loovens fox Wallace Bannan Hutchinson Reach Fletcher Rhodes
  9. Not very? Formation wrong and couple of incorrect selections.
  10. I'd like... Westwood Palmer Loovens Lees Fox Wallace Hutchinson Bannan FF Rhodes Winnall but expect Reach will start over Winnall
  11. Reach was ok at left mid, one of our bigger threats. Absolute tripe at full back. Shockingly bad defender
  12. A common thing. Most teams have little things like this and the money goes in the kitty for something at the end of the season/year.
  13. Watched mk dons v Charlton boxing day. Fox was shocking. wayward passing and crossing and out of position quite often. G.B.Williams the Mk Dons full back and Lookman stood out for me on that one performance. Also liked Texiera at centre half for Charlton as a good prospect.
  14. Thought he was shocking, didn't hold the ball up and pushed off way too easy. That being said, his game is not about hold up play. Up top alongside a fletcher or nuhiu would suit him better