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  1. First game Last game Xmas/new years Around my birthday And around 4th September for the 150th celebrations
  2. Says we've been eliminated by a premier league side. Although I can't think of a time we've beaten one off the top my head
  3. Sure we beat Barnsley and Rotherham but any half decent side would batter us... OH, that excuse doesn't quite work now does ir
  4. Pretty sure they started against Barnsley and possibly earlier in the season before joao got injured?
  5. 450

    Well when 441 isn't getting the job done it's good to have a plan b
  6. Isn't it about if his arms were in an unnatural position not if it was deliberate? In which case it'd be pretty black and white if his arms weren't flat by his side
  7. You've impregnated his wife? No wonder he refused to play
  8. Assuming you have a player account just download the app, EFL digital player HD. It actually works since last season.
  9. Got 3 in 8 on loan for Chesterfield didn't he? That'd average out at 15 in 40 games. Given a longer run in the team you'd expect him to get better too. Mind you United are poo so maybe not.
  10. This. Second goal against Cardiff last season perfectly sums this up for me. Clearly isn't lazy just knows when he's best off making a run or chasing the ball down to get a goal.
  11. Pressing the blue dot next to the thread title takes you to the first unread post. Does for me anyway, I think
  12. I'm sure he learned a lot today but that post sure seems to have a lot of unwarranted hate in it. Hull should have won this league and we've lost one of three games against them
  13. Fair enough. Knew it was someone