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  1. It's safe to say those who won't pay to go to a game will try this. Why not do the decent thing - pay for sky, go to the home games, or put a bet on when doing so will allow you to view the game.
  2. Anyone who is worth giving respect to, is worth a minutes silence. The applause came in to counter those idiots who can't do this drunk - or the clanking of the turnstiles of those who arrive late. Respect to me is silence, sorry. Just like I only personally acknowledge red poppies - if the beautiful game is romantic, than those respectful acts which go hand in hand with football are too. Don't change institutions.
  3. To be fair, they lucked out on a couple of signings that came good - far better than they could have hoped. It's all well saying they should have tied these players down to longer/better contracts but there was nothing to suggest these two players would have developed as they have.
  4. You give good argument, but I still disagree. If he went on loan there, potentially that's the lowest he'd ever play in his career if things pan out the way some more in the know than me think it will. He'd learn that life isn't simple in the lower leagues and would learn a bit of know-how but nothing else that our own coaches couldn't give him - He would not learn how to be a better footballer at that level more than the coaches at SWFC can teach him. It's a trade off and one we don't need to make. Loan him out by all means if he is guaranteed a high % of game time in a team already doing well, otherwise he will gain nothing. Arguably it only puts him in the shop window too if he does particularly well, which i'm sure is not what we want right now.
  5. btw I just voted on behalf of a dingle I work with. I even used his work email to vote which will give him a nice suprise when he logs on tomorrow morning. He'll know it's me too. Bonus!
  6. That's just the thing, you are a long time dead. Get with the programme. That doesn't mean conform, but seriously grow a funny bone!
  7. It's not Everton's style to go for the big name who will come good, they go for a lot of lesser knowns in a scatter gun approach. Less outlay but seems to pay dividends regardless.
  8. Don't want no stinkin new stadium. Just pull down the away end and do it up proper, the rest of the ground can follow in due course when appropriate. Leave 96 forever unused standing spaces in the new stand that is built, the rest a modern up to date 2000's stand, ready to be built around.
  9. About 12 pages.
  10. Too long, never read.
  11. I think the problem is that with a fanbase as large as Wednesday have, it's too much to ask for this kind of tribute every time. Of course, each case is tragic including this one, but it's not possible to accommodate all requests, so who do you accept and who do you deny? RIP to the poor soul.
  12. You can't argue with someone who has already made their mind up. There are times to make a stand and criticise, there are times to back those in charge. Right now is the latter and that despite the fact that the football on show is not great right now and some of the decisions at the top are not those which a Sheffielder born and bred would make. Why do we put up with them now? Because we have positive input directly into the club which does not jeopardise our future. It's time to buy in, not time to go.
  13. I work with one, to be fair to the lad he goes home and away, I only go home - he puts his money in and so to me has a voice. I've found myself getting really fed up of "Carlos's last game if we lose" and berating the last four games. When I pointed out the points haul he simply said he meant the performance. I'm totally fed up of it, I mean it's been not great to watch but it's not like you can't see an overall vision. We lack cohesion going forward and speed to switch defence to attack, but it's not like while we are not getting it right we are dropping so many points it becomes inevitable we are merely scrapping for the last play off place. Then I hear the constant moaning about Joao, Palmer, Pudil etc who have all had merely an average season so far so must not be good enough.
  14. Steve Bruce needs far more resources than should ever be needed. Look at his time with the blunts, he practically bankrupted them.
  15. He would be on the bench most games, maybe even behind Sasso. Was great when he played for us, at that time - but now? No, not a chance.