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  1. If it's a blade, probably about 2 and a half inch
  2. Didn't he knacker his body up? Before my time mind.
  3. Tuna with pickled beetroot is the food of....err, well me. Not had it for a while, think i'll indulge myself!
  4. Derby are about to become mid table no-bodies, with some good solid has beens in their side.
  5. He's on his last big contract from what I hear - There are 3 or 4 champ sides after him, the biggest being Derby, but i've got my money (well, pretend money) on Burton. The story goes McGugan wants a season as a guaranteed starter to gain another decent final contract to see his playing days out. At a club like Derby, McGugan gets no guarantees and indeed isn't good enough compared to what is already at the club to even think he'll get anything more than a bit part.
  6. So, not Huddlestone then.
  7. Hutchinson is unique in this division, if we could get another Hutchinson, they'd probably play alongside each other.
  8. Huddlestone has history with Derby, he's probably someone to unite their fans. I think Hull will probably be happy to lose him as a player for next term in all honesty. Sure, he's only 30 and yes he did play a lot of games in the top flight for Tottenham, but i'l be damned if I think that he's not over achieved because of what he's had at the side of him for a lot of his career.
  9. Very interesting. If you have no life.
  10. Now i'm a half and half gambler, and never with big money. Half is with my head - I do the science behind the bet. I win more than I wager generally with these The other half is with my heart, and with these I usually lose royally - although I have had a couple of big wins, still not enough to break even. Overall, when I add both types of my half and half bets up, i'm a loser, but not by much. Your mate Chris is obviously not the loser out of the two of you, as he doesn't exist.
  11. No, it's not.
  12. oh yes! That certainly describes me. In my defence i'm sat in the Children's bored as b*ggery, in for the night going to to bunk down on a very uncomfortable portable bed next to my daughter. I'm on a right downer right now so i'm pleased as punch to not be starting one of my legendary arguments with someone on here. It's the small things like this that make the difference for me.
  13. I have fits and starts on this forum, so don't see everything sorry. It's only blogs and news sites that hit google alerts, not forums.
  14. 2nd post cheap positive points alert!
  15. That was kept quiet then, I have google alerts for all our players so usually pick up on things - not a sausage other than an article saying he'd be one championship player who could easily make the step up to the Prem.