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  1. Generally happy with that side. You can still see where we are a little weak but that is a decent side. Would be interested to to see Reach and FF playing interchanging roles, that would keep any Championship defence occupied, especially if they go to man mark.
  2. Well no, true supporters don't need to queue or beg for others members numbers etc because they get the tickets at the first time of asking. I don't class everyone who went to Wembley as a true fan, that's for sure.
  3. I renewed as soon as the chance arose, we are on the cusp of something. Anyone who hasn't yet and is thinking they won't - I urge you to think of what you might miss, how long you have waited, and what it would mean to you to have put so much in only to miss out at the final hurdle.
  4. Don't agree with calling Hillsborough an old Lady, but I do agree with the sentiments behind why people need to label the ground. Sometimes, I go out of my way to walk the same way approaching the ground that my dad first took me nearly 27 years ago and the way we went most games. Bearing in mind I live 10 minutes away from the ground in the opposite direction these days, opposed to the other side of Sheffield! Hell, if the football busses were still on, i'd travel from my house in S6, into town, JUST to get the football bus on occasion with my lad. Tradition and such like is a powerful thing. I can still in my mind smell the ground as it was back then, and it's been no smoking for god knows how long. It's ingrained.
  5. That is part of my argument with people giving him grief. He is in main a starter, yer - but he doesn't get chance to nail down a position and create a relationship on the pitch with anyone. And if he stays in the same position, he gets a third new partner down the left for the season etc......Lets not forget, King and Worthington were nothing special, let's say steady and adequte - but together they were class.
  6. You seem to like to be the so called voice of the riotous, however I don't recall a great deal of any of this going off.
  7. That makes no sense. If he was injured to a point he couldn't/shouldn't continue he should leave the pitch. If he's ok to continue without unduly affecting his performance and also not affecting his future fitness, then he continues. Nothing else matters.
  8. Amazing they didn't usually play much together for Watford. FF was a super sub and Abdi a starter, I believe?
  9. Harsh to say that. Bannan may be hot and cold, but even cold he isn't terrible. Likewise, we have Jones who doesn't do anything amazingly inventive but for me doesn't waste the ball and doesn't do anything to make me think he's a waste of a shirt. I honestly think it's a balance, who you have in the centre has to mirror who you have on the wings, or wide midfield if they are not acting as wingers. I personally think Abdi would work better with Jones in the side - two calm heads, and then at least one winger willing to bust a gut to scare the oppositions full backs and draw in a CD for Abdi to use the space.
  10. Gutted that Abdi started a game away and I didn't get to see it. He's one of those players you want to see come good, purely because of the reasons it hasn't happened for him so far. Lets see if he starts against Brentford.
  11. Didn't go, can't really comment. Can't take any heed off what they say on sky, they typically seem biased against us, so if they say we didn't deserve it I don't believe them. I saw the goals, a definite positive was Abdi's goal. Equally, from the position we were in, no one else but FF would have scored that goal, surely a good advert for having him on the pitch even when he doesn't seem to be firing - something from nothing so to speak?
  12. People posting daft comments like that?
  13. I think that insult is long past now.
  14. Could have also been about getting Fletcher a bit of time on the pitch as much as anything.