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  1. While it was still goalless I actually remember thinking that it wasn't a bad atmosphere. If you think it was bad, you never went when it was truly bad.
  2. It's not codswallop. It's the sad state of British players right now. I don't think Lees is international quality, just as I would sadly say that neither was Nigel Pearson. But right now, a Nigel Pearson in his prime would be the heart of the defence of the current England team.
  3. I'm of the opposite view. Some of us know what it's like to have relative success - The Atkinson/Francis nearly era etc. It was good. We ALL know what it's like to turn up to Hillsborough and see rubbish on show, a club in turmoil and players who seemingly don't care. I am excited and I want to dream. Bring it on, let's embrace it not be scared we may fail. So we may fail, so what, we may also not do.
  4. I'd also like to add, that Fletcher seems to be relishing playing with these two guys right now and he's reaping a lot of the benefits where normally he'd be the guy who was marked out of the game normally. He's getting the time and the space and it's really helping him.
  5. We have two strikers now in Rhodes and Hooper who could both be a 20 goal striker in this division given the right team around them. Both are actually being asked to play slightly differently to how they made their name, and to be fair to both they are just getting on with it - and it seems to be working. I think that's the crux of the matter. I don't give a flying who scores, but I do know that Rhodes has made quite a lot of our recent goals without actually getting the credit for it - THAT's not his usual game and that is Carlos' choice to play him that way. While it's working I won't argue.
  6. Scott Carson is a bit of a misnomer for us. One position we have never usually had a problem with even in our dark periods is goalkeeper, but we did have two loan keepers - Scott Carson, and the other I forget his name - and at the time we needed them badly. It's a good indication of our position now, and even our position before we were in the Tuna, that we had a keeper of the calibre of Kieran Westwood. It's just a shame that the like's of O'Donnell were shunted out because of our strength in the keeper department.
  7. I know he's not ready yet but really would love to see him able to do a cameo for 20 minutes if we go into the last game already assured of a play off spot.
  8. I'm sure under Francis we had quite a few, by accident maybe.
  9. Finances in moving a road alongside the cost of building a stadium? The road would be moved no problem if it was desired.
  10. With that much room alongside, they really need to make more of the parking space - several multi storey car parks would work a trick, with a restaurant in each one to keep a number of fans back after each game.
  11. Didn't the land across the road go to a big shopping company like Tesco or one of the others?
  12. I do think for maybe half the teams in the Championship, Nuhiu would be a starter week in week out though.
  13. In my humble opinion the more costlier option. But the more costlier option can be done over a longer period of time, maybe a decade. Do it over a number of years and don't alienate some fans, whilst also pressuring for things like better links to the ground. You could also encourage people to stay inside the ground longer after a game if certain amenities were built in.
  14. I personally want to see Rhodes / Winnall start again and that in itself is extremely harsh on Hooper. I believe it will be Hooper / Fletcher starting though. I would be intrigued in how Rhodes / Nuhiu would work mind you. It's good to have a conundrum, and I do think we should mix it up somewhat to keep the opposing managers guessing.
  15. Actually 33 you have a point - I was actually surprised at Semedo in his recent cameo's - passing forward through the middle and at distance. Something i've not really ever seen with him before.