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  1. I'd be happy with Mulgrew tbh, good pedigree and left footed. I would say better than Hanley and probably 4 x cheaper yet because Hanley has a bigger price tag some would be happier?
  2. Sums him up in a nutshell, wants another payday He couldn't be less of a Nigel Clough player if he tried. He could go there but soon find himself sat on his fat arse again
  3. Legend One of my fave moments was him schooling Giggs at S6
  4. Admittedly a bit random, will get my support of he does sign Where's the pace coming from in this team, hopefully we have someone lined up, desperately need an outlet
  5. Selfishly hope this is true, still away on jollies for first league game
  6. Does Biggs know something........doubt it^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet
  7. Brentford home
  8. Pace!!!!!!
  9. Bald guy in the middle, arms crossed. Might be wrong
  10. A few ex pro's there by looks of it, Kevin Phillips and I think Lloyd Dyer
  11. Best position is centre half, he was pushed back into CM because we failed to sign the midfielder we needed, if that gets addressed in the summer I would play him centre back. I rate him in midfield but spends most time as a third centre back which doesn't help our play
  12. Why didn't Fletcher shoot????
  13. If true I suspect he wants Hutch to do a job on Mooy
  14. Looking at google maps you might be right mate!
  15. Nervous now Contemplating what time I should set off from S8 to park on Wadsley Lane UTO