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  1. So no prem player, for example, has ever "gone to America/Germany" to see a specialist?
  2. You can work on fitness with a football. It's not all greno woods! I know a current prem footballer who doesn't do much fitness work, hates gyms
  3. This type of thread really sums up football fans. For a start, we're not talking about guys who just kick a ball around a field here's. We're talking highly educated, highly experienced and probably not very highly paid staff. It staggers me how people are so wasteful with other people's jobs (and thus life) just cos they are attached to a football....these are not multi millionaires who will just find another job. Then there's the "somethings up, gotta be, people are always injuries and take ages to come back". Do they? What is your medical opinion on that specific injury for that particular time. "They looked unfit Vs Huddersfield". Great, by what measure are you assessing that? Oh yeah, Huddersfield "looked" fitter..... Good work
  4. OT seems to be a wash with dr's and physio's today. Maybe you should all apply?
  5. Has he left palace?
  6. Isn't it up this summer? Ps contract
  7. Not read the whole thread. Just to confirm, people do like a certain individual simply because they like another football team.... K.....
  8. Most of my mates who support other teams have complained how often we have been on sky this season. At one point were we not on 4 out of 5 games or something daft, and twice in a week against Rotherham and Newcastle.
  9. Tbf, I expect us to be on mid way through. Other games are more important and goal filled the ours
  10. Have a Fulham player on
  11. Our badge was different to all the others too....Only one not in a shield of some sort
  12. On holiday. School boy. Still. Watching Wednesday storm to the promised land with a beer in hand by the sea, under the sun.....I'll take that
  13. Whatever happens...Can we have more leg room please??
  14. For those saying refurb..... How do you do about refurbing the "innards" of the stadium, ie the concourse etc, esp if you're planning to increase capacity that is too big for current SAG regs anyhow