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  1. Not sure why he was there, potentially we may have been interested, but he isn't fit yet, he suffered quite a serious injury. I don't known Callum personally but a good mate of mine does who works as a senior sports journalist. I'm sure it would appeal to him given the rise in wages and the amount of Scotland team mates in our squad. He's meant to be at final stages discussing a deal with Cardiff but you never know.
  2. Tierney will sign for a Man United or someone of that ilk. He is completely out of our league. McKay for me is overrated and I think we have better. Caixinha doesn't want him and I reckon they'd accept less than a million for him now.
  3. Paterson was at the Huddersfield match but from what I've heard he is signing for Cardiff.
  4. I think Carlos has achieved the absolute bare minimum required given his budget and I won't be sad if he moves on, but given a choice between Pearson and Carlos it's Carlos every time for me.
  5. To be honest I'd take that. Obviously I want Scotland to win but that's not going to happen, we are going to get beat, so if it happens I hope it's a big enough score for Strachan to 100% get his jotters.
  6. They've qualified for the Champions League. Why on Earth would Porto be interested in Carlos?
  7. Agreed. Personally I think we need 3 defenders. Loovens has been great but we need to look at another quality centre half too.
  8. Hate to break it to you but we had a right back in the stand watching the game. I've taken a bit of time to remove the emotion and get over it. My ratings: Westwood 7 - Did pretty much everything he was asked to do. Made some good saves and can't fault him for the goal. Not a pen for me with his challenge either. Hunt 6 - Grew into the game and was positive going forward but like Pudil for me can be a weak link. Undoubtedly improved since he joined though. Lees 7 - The best of the back 4 and unlucky with the own goal. It is imperative we keep Lees and build our defence around him. Loovens 6 - Did a good job covering Pudil's back and his lack of awareness on a few occasions. One hashed clearance could have been costly but overall did well. Been a great servant to the club but again possibly another area we need to look to strengthen and add depth IMO. Pudil 3 - Harsh to single out one player but the truth is he was woeful. Caught the back 4 out on a few occasions not holding his line, had Lees and Loovens to thank on a few occasions for saving him, at fault for the goal, and when Quaner came on he got absolutely terrorised. Not good enough defensively or offensively for a team with Premier League ambitions. 100% needs replaced. Reach 4 - Wallace going off injured was a big blow. Didn't do enough. Mostly been disappointing so far. Bannan 8 - Our best player and deserved to be on the winning side. Great range of passing, quality assist, rarely gave the ball away and worked tirelessly all night. Lee 5 - I'm a big fan of Lee but it just didn't happen for him tonight. Quiet game. Hutchinson 5 - Another like Lee who just didn't perform to his best. Fletcher 7 - Well taken goal, held the ball up well and was a focal point for the attack. Carlos got it wrong taking him off (unless injured) as it removed our impetus from the game. Forestieri 4 - Poor penalty and largely ineffective. Not been the same player as last year.
  9. He is at a bigger club, with a better squad, with owners he gets on very well with, and he has the opportunity to achieve something that no manager in Scotland has ever done before in winning the 10 titles in a row for his club. I'd happily have him but realistically Rodgers is going nowhere and especially not to a Championship club.
  10. Many (myself included) called it wrong on the manager. Carlos and the players deserve a lot of credit for this, we look in a great position heading into the playoffs, the stats don't lie and nobody in the top 6 is going to want to play Wednesday. Whatever happens from here the season has been a success and an improvement on last year, and if we don't make it up we will be in a great position to do a Brighton next year. Exciting times
  11. You've had a great season and definitely overperformed, we have underperformed and really need the 3 points. It will probably be a close game but I'll be disappointed if we don't win.
  12. I think Fletcher and Bannan might well struggle to play for Scotland for a while now. Stuart Armstrong was excellent and is a far better player than Barry I'm afraid. It's criminal Strachan has overlooked Armstrong for so long. And Rhodes has never been Strachan's favourite either. It's probably not a bad thing in fairness because it means that they won't get injured for our squad!
  13. He should be given until the end of the season. Failure to make top 6 this season though and he should be fired. It's unacceptable given the wage bill and budget he has had at his disposal, and the team would have regressed from last season.
  14. Tin. Pot. We will win this yet. UTO
  15. I don't think the chairman after spending what he has will see it like that.