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  1. You've had a great season and definitely overperformed, we have underperformed and really need the 3 points. It will probably be a close game but I'll be disappointed if we don't win.
  2. I think Fletcher and Bannan might well struggle to play for Scotland for a while now. Stuart Armstrong was excellent and is a far better player than Barry I'm afraid. It's criminal Strachan has overlooked Armstrong for so long. And Rhodes has never been Strachan's favourite either. It's probably not a bad thing in fairness because it means that they won't get injured for our squad!
  3. He should be given until the end of the season. Failure to make top 6 this season though and he should be fired. It's unacceptable given the wage bill and budget he has had at his disposal, and the team would have regressed from last season.
  4. Tin. Pot. We will win this yet. UTO
  5. I don't think the chairman after spending what he has will see it like that.
  6. You're also forgetting James Forrest (in the squad but shouldn't be) and Jamie Walker. As an Edinburgh born Hearts fan as well as a Wednesday fan I'm gutted that Walker hasn't been included. 15 goals this season from midfield and no call up is disgraceful but not surprising from an idiot like Strachan. How he is still in a job after multiple failures I've no idea. I'm delighted for Jordan Rhodes though who I would love to see start again in our next game. It has been scandalous that Strachan has overlooked him for this long. Bannan and Fletcher are good squad players. Well done to all three. Wallace for me shouldn't be considered and it's the one thing I do agree with Strachan about. He's too old and certainly no better than the above you mentioned or Forrest and Walker.
  7. When Fulham win their game in hand we won't be 6th. And that given our spending and budget is completely unacceptable.
  8. Fair play to people who follow clubs like Burton. They are proper football fans and they have my utmost respect. Burton Albion's squad has been assembled for peanuts and their wage bill will probably be at least 5-6 times smaller than ours. They deserve a lot of credit. It's poor from Carlos IMO that he has won 1 point from 6 against them this season.
  9. We are Wednesday fans not Carlos fans. If a better manager comes available I'll trust the chairman to make the right decision. Carlos is merely doing an ok job this season, and if he ends up failing to get top 6 he should definitely be emptied.
  10. Most of the back 4 worries me. Hunt and Sasso aren't very good either, at least Fox has the excuse of still being fairly young.
  11. Bring back the vuvuzelas. *please don't*
  12. Wigan had won 3 of their last 4 games and you can't play well every week. The team were pish but still found a way to keep a clean sheet and win. The conditions were crap and Wigan deliberately made it difficult stifling the game. A solid 3 points I'm happy.
  13. Not sure if we ever in for him but he's a quality player. Barnsley's fans must be spewing at losing their best two players.