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  1. How many tickets have we sold? Sounds like there could be more away fans than home in the stadium.
  2. I agree but it would be good to see him get some good and time this preseason and maybe starting a game or two.
  3. Maybe one day Steve you will see the light. It's also full of zombies.
  4. Just as bad as wallopers from Govan pretending to be English
  5. That'll do but I was hoping you'd say back to Glasgow tbh
  6. It's pointless like you say, and Steve the respect is mutual, even if we support different Scottsh teams and disagree. Enjoy the game, the beer, and the sing song, I'm sure you'll have a grand day. I'll definitely be giving it a miss
  7. Steve, in what way did the SFA and SPL go easy on Hearts? Rangers were put into liquidation, Celtic and Wednesday weren't. the examples are not comparable.
  8. As someone who has donated 4 figures, like many thousand others of our fellow supporters, and continues to donate and pledge towards the continued survival of my Scottish club and the paying of its historic debts, I'm not sure I can agree. The Rangers history might be there, and it may be the same club/name, but it is a new company and new business entity and that fact is undeniable. Hearts fans saved their club, Rangers fans let theirs die.
  9. I'm willing to bet I've been to more Rangers/Celtic games than 99% of the people on this forum. My two pence: I don't like either of them but it can be argued that Rangers are neither older (1888 v 2012), bigger (in terms of trophies won, crowds, or turnover) or better than Celtic (because their current team is poo and a million miles behind their rivals). And I'd say that Rangers and their fans are probably hated just as much as Celtic domestically.
  10. Hope not he's way past his best. Should have went for Paterson if we were looking at signing a Scottish right back.
  11. 1. Villa 2. Leeds 3. Sunderland 4. Wednesday 24. Pigs
  12. Not sure why he was there, potentially we may have been interested, but he isn't fit yet, he suffered quite a serious injury. I don't known Callum personally but a good mate of mine does who works as a senior sports journalist. I'm sure it would appeal to him given the rise in wages and the amount of Scotland team mates in our squad. He's meant to be at final stages discussing a deal with Cardiff but you never know.
  13. Tierney will sign for a Man United or someone of that ilk. He is completely out of our league. McKay for me is overrated and I think we have better. Caixinha doesn't want him and I reckon they'd accept less than a million for him now.
  14. Paterson was at the Huddersfield match but from what I've heard he is signing for Cardiff.