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  1. In Full: I woke up this morning with the same heavy heart as you all. To lose such a game on penalties is indescribable unless you have experienced that feeling. Well, now we all have and it hurts probably like nothing else in the football world. But this is the sport we are in, where the margins are so fine. It is a cruel way to lose a play-off of this magnitude but I offer my congratulations to Huddersfield Town and wish them every success in the final. As your chairman I lead from the top and I am sorry for you, our incredible supporters, that we could not continue the journey this season to the destination we all yearn to be. But be assured that events such as last night make me all the more determined to return our lovely club to the top table of English football. There is a saying in life that to truly appreciate the highs, you must feel the lows, and right now I completely understand that, like me, you are crestfallen. But that is because we care. The Sheffield Wednesday family is unique and when we are down, we help each other up. And that is what we will do. Immediately after the game last night, I had many people approach me to just shake my hand and say thank you for the progress our club has made. But the privilege is mine and I say thank you in return for the amazing way in which you have embraced myself, my family and my friends into your club and your culture and above all, for the way you have backed the team all season once more. When the wounds have healed we must use the scars to regroup, move on and take positive strides forward. Some things in football are never certain but one thing I can guarantee is that I will continue to do everything possible and in my power to help us all succeed. We will analyse every area of the business and improve it to ensure we are prepared for the next challenge ahead. I also wish to thank everyone involved at our club from top to bottom for their diligent and tireless day to day work on and off the pitch. My message to you all is the same – together we will be back because football is now in my blood and Sheffield Wednesday is in my heart.
  2. Spot on with this. I was fully expecting Hogg to receive his second yellow as soon as the ball went dead.
  3. JS would be Jaap Stam wouldn't it? Booo! Oxon beat me too it.
  4. Are you forgetting that Huddersfield are playing at the moment? Looking like they'll be 5 points ahead of us this evening.
  5. Same useless ref we had on Friday.
  6. Six fingered Dingle in doesn't like Wednesday shock. Hold the front page!
  7. It's like buying a supercar, not putting any fuel in and saying the car is crap.
  8. I swear we've played more added time this season than any other team. Feels that way anyhow!!
  9. That's exactly what I'm saying. Fulham are the team that this year are having the annual late surge. They will finish 4th or 5th with Leeds taking the other spot. That leaves us or Reading. Assuming neither team has a meltdown and lets Preston or Norwich in.
  10. Fulham will be long gone. It will be between us and Reading. Who have they got last game? I know they've got an easier run in overall.
  11. If a player is on the floor pretending to be at deaths door because his head is about to fall off, then 30 seconds later is up and running about, common sense would say that he perhaps was swinging the lead. Everybody else in the ground can see it, why not the man in black?
  12. Spot on. Those subs should have been left for if we were three up with ten to go.
  13. And Fulham a goal to the good too. Bad feeling it's going to be one of those days.
  14. Another Mooy assist to put Udders a goal up.