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  1. Won't you have to find the ground first
  2. Gives scope for open season on any of them....it's zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzmdu
  3. Tell me about McManaman and Buckley being available but not getting picked again...I'll listen to what you know about football then
  4. I know...them scoring all those goals against us in four matches has demoralised me too
  5. Those six games were the nearest we've had to what CC has been aiming for all season...don't concede, can play whatever the opposition throw at us and have the firepower on the field and on the bench to turn any situation...all the things we couldn't do last season...in the BIG PICTURE it's how we are developing...don't believe me...ask Bully or any of the coaching staff
  6. Watson was that thick that down at Southampton when we were chanting " Who needs Cantona when we've got Gordon Watson ? " he didn't realise we were taking the wee wee out of him...he thought it was because he was a great player
  7. Thought not
  8. Thanks Kev...how's Wembley today...ffs don't teach them to take penalties like you
  9. I know you'll be going to matches next
  10. So can anyone tell me what CC was trying to do this season in terms of building the squad and tactics and to what end ? It will be interesting to hear what you peeps have to say
  11. People who have been complaining about us being too boring and defensive would have a stroke watching us pass the ball around at the back for 80 mins then resort to hoofball in the last ten because that what Wagner did against us for three games this season
  12. Scapegoat thread #332
  13. If he couldn't get in a sheeeite Villa team he isn't going to get in ours
  14. No it isn't you fannies...if that was the case we'd have topped ourselves over the last 17 years...you never get over your first love and for most of us Wednesday was the first before any woman turned up...get a grip ffs
  15. Been cancelled due to lack of interest on here...we're wearing all black all season...cyanide tab company however is doing a blue and white stripe pill case though