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  1. I agree...our fans are known for being unsafe even in a new stand specifically built for safe standing...shame on us for spoiling it for all the other clubs
  2. A quid was all he paid though And all you got was bog roll That's how you fuckedup
  3. You gave to ball to Givens he just had to slot the ball in That's how you fuckedup
  4. You knew the girl was steaming The fire escape was gleaming That's how you know you fuckedup
  5. It's a Leeds/ Pigs anthem...brilliant...come on wordsmiths we can do this hahahaha
  6. You can't use logic on here especially with the likes of the OP...it's cruelty
  7. You'll be signing pub team players as per usual
  8. Started by idiots like you on here...nonsense
  9. Sorry to hear that...there are more important things than football...condolences mate
  10. Leave McGugan out of this
  11. Cheers...that'll do
  12. Well... two seasons of progress and in the playoffs makes two valid reasons on their own...but I'm sure someone could find a third...I'll leave it to the rest to come up with that one
  13. So people who posted in the Carlos Kickaball thread saying they didn't want a foreign manager and here we are after two seasons of progress and they are saying didn't want him in the first place...ok justify it any way you want...I prefer to look at the progress we've made after beingshite for 17 years
  14. That's true but we were nowhere near being a team to get out of our usual bottom 8 position...point I am making is that with no knowledge of the league he's built a team capable of challenging at the RIGHT end of the table...that doesn't make him a bad coach no matter what the xenophobic we hate johnny foreigner posters think and two seasons of competing at the top of table hasn't changed their minds...sad really cos' I actually like being among it