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  1. Sorry but carlos needs to go now!!!!

    nah you'd be shiiite at that as well...
  2. Carlos Tonight

    What happened tonight ? Winnall started went off after we were three nil down..Rhodes scored two...apart from the facts you've nearly got an understanding of football..keep up the good work
  3. Sorry but carlos needs to go now!!!!

    yeah an understanding of football...apart from that no...you'd make a good blade they have no fuckingidea either
  4. Pigs out in force on here tonight

    If the cap fits wear it...you can't fool people on here
  5. Sorry but carlos needs to go now!!!!

    You don't have to...you have to buy a season ticket / match ticket..that's what supporters do...you could always just sit back in your cab and phone Football Heaven...gives you a bit of kudos ( in your own mind )
  6. Carlos haters

    We could always cower in a corner every match to be safe...or support our team...difficult decision for the bedwetters
  7. Carlos haters

    Of course you are...and I'm sure as an " avid " Wednesday fan you will miss the derby if CC is still here...keep dreaming and playing three at the back against us...I can't wait...fuckingblades undercover
  8. Sorry but carlos needs to go now!!!!

    Why do you think we have to have the same side just before the international break when we have an important league match on Saturday...surely making sure other players get game time is more important . Don't you think that Rhodes getting game time and a couple of goals makes up for losing a non entity cup game ? Unless you're just pleased we've lost
  9. Are we ever going to learn?

    We've learned a lot over the last seven years...namely not to treat any of your posts with credence
  10. Burton game now massive

    3 points in August..reyt...are you still in kindergarten ? Sorry..I. thought you had a brain " Nursery " braindead
  11. Carlos Tonight

    No you don't you want to be proved right after spouting shiiiite for the last two years...pity you didn't put your money where your mouth was over the last two years...gutless
  12. Carlos Tonight

    Yeah not your usual tripe
  13. Carlos Tonight

    Go and get your face F****** idiot
  14. Embarrasing

  15. Embarrasing

    yeah that sitting back in defence works obviously...I use the word obviously because I expect you to understand what it means