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  1. Give em the lower. Though the way it's going there'll be a bigger crowd for the game at theirs than ours.
  2. Won't need a ouija board, you'll see it yersen next season.
  3. Fully agree. Though I did promise my 10 year old lad while he was a mess of tears and snot last night that we'd get there eventually. So I'd like it to happen cos I don't like breaking promises to my kids. Break em to the Mrs all the time mind.
  4. We need to be getting a song for him.
  5. He'll do for me. Great statement and very nicely balanced. Nothing too silly, just saying how we all feel. Slightly disappointed he didn't mention the pigs a couple of times or point out how much better than them we will be but he's no mcsue so I'll let it slide. He's got a lot to learn obviously, my only hope is he takes a long hard look across the city and can implement some of the things they do so well which is guaranteed to see them win back to back promotions.
  6. Autos next season. Enjoy it.
  7. If we offer him a contract and he stays I'll be delighted. If he walks I'll wish him well and get behind the new guy. Someone will get us up, I'll be delighted if it's Carlos.
  8. Autos next season. 6 points off the pigs. Pitch invasion when it's mathematically certain. That's what we've got to look forward to. Get on board the clapper train.
  9. I'm a clapper. Proud to be one. We'll smash it next season, autos for us. The way I see it I don't enjoy being proved right when I predict the worst. It costs me a lot of money and time and family sacrifice to go to S6, money and time I could spend on my wife and daughter who don't like footy. For me and my son it's our treat and I'll be arsed if I'm gonna waste it being negative. I want to be positive. I want to be carried away by the romance. That's what I'm doing from now on. Don't like it? I don't give a fuuckk.
  10. It's odd that we didn't really strengthen where needed. Hopefully a mistake learned from and not repeated. Follow the Brighton blue print next season and let's have autos.
  11. Nope, not having that. We turned up and it wasn't our night. We supported. We sang. There's no way any of us are to blame, likewise I'm not blaming the players or CC. Its football. It happens. We pay our money and we love our club. We aren't to blame.
  12. There's a post from jv in another thread that he made on a Huddersfield forum. Telling em how they're a proper team and really wants em to beat us. I love him to bits I do, he's like a naughty pet that you hate but wouldn't want to put down yet.
  13. Wow. Some great comments, thank you. Wrote this while on the bog this morning. Always said I did my best thinking on the throne.
  14. Finished 6th because Leeds imploded and bottled it. Definitely a penalty. Couldn't score. And that's all she wrote.
  15. For anyone who is stressed. For anyone who is panicking that we might not get the job done. This isn't worry, stress or panic. This is excitement. Worry is watching Nick Parker on the steps of the high court begging someone to save us. It's sitting in the corner of your kitchen listening to the radio waiting to hear if we've been put out of business. It's not knowing if our kids will have a team to grow up supporting the way we did. Stress is needing a win against Palace with Leon Clarke and Francis Jeffers up front. It's relying on other results to survive. It's being thankful for last minute equalisers in other games that keep us up. Panic is all of the above being repeated because we've seen it before. It's the Wednesday way. It's the same old same old. It's inviting pressure when we're a goal up. Today isn't about that. Today is why we buy our season tickets. It's why we buy our memberships. It's why we get up at crazy times in far flung countries to listen to the match. It's why we buy on the day. It's why we only watch Wednesday live at Wembley or Cardiff. It's why we always choose a blue shirt or jumper or jacket over a red one. It's why we eschew streaky bacon. It's why we exist. It's our reason for spending time, money and effort week in week out on a few blokes trying to put a ball into a net. It's why we take our kids the way our fathers did. It's why we remember every single one of us who has passed away and keep their memories alive every time we look to them for solace and inspiration. This is why we tried to save our club. It's why we had the time to go protests, the black balloons and the 2 seater Bentley rants. Regardless of how you felt at the time, the ones doing it were doing it so we could have days like today. Tonight we are all Wednesday. Tonight we roar.