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  1. Forgot about tickets for this. Will have a look later and sort em for me and the little un. South or kop though? Really don't like view from kop but south will probably be a bit quieter. I'll let a 10 year old decide I think, what could go wrong with that?
  2. Enjoyed it yesterday. Went in main stand with brother and kids and his mate as they live in Mansfield. Kept quiet but wouldn't have mattered I don't think, had 3 10 year olds with us so they'd have sorted Mansfield's firm. Thought Boyd showed some nice touches, matias was pretty poor, we had so much time on the ball though that it is difficult to say how good we were. Plenty round us were fairly respectful of our players except for comedy hating ff which we enjoyed. Little un says it was hard to sit in their stand. He's also singing yellows yellows and laughing a lot.
  3. Going in the Mansfield end for this one. Feel quite naughty.
  4. My 10 year old still talks about the last time they came, it's one of the things that led to his love for Wednesday and football. He'd never seen the away end like that and he just loved it. He's delighted they're coming back and so am I. If others want to moan and cringe then carry on, give the match a miss and go shopping or summat. Personally I'll get down early doors and enjoy the atmosphere which should be jovial and fun. Look for the little pleasures in life, makes it worthwhile.
  5. Chopped off. Just chopped off. Still gutted he didn't get the job at the pigs, if ever a team and manager were suited it's there.
  6. Actually had a dream about him playing for us last night. He was in the squad and had a spiky mohawk. Woke up before kick off though.
  7. Don't care either way. Let em get on with it.
  8. Has any Scottish person ever said och aye the noo? What's it mean? I once heard an actual French woman say ooh la la, that surprised me as I assumed it was a lazy stereotype kind of thing.
  9. I like it when we win. I don't care how we achieve that. It's difficult to win when you concede goals so defensive play is important. The trick is to marry that with decent attacking football. We lack pace in the team, we lack a quick out ball. JJ with consistent quality Basically. If we can pick up a couple of players with those attributes then we can play a brand of football that will get us wins. We have a solid defence and a good attack on paper. They need protection from a midfield that holds the ball and delivers it into vital areas. Carlos knows this. We all know it. Let's see who we sign.
  10. My 10 year old says he'd take them beating us twice if we go up. He's got united supporting mates and knows they'll be full of it. He also knows they're deluded. If he can see it like that I'm pretty sure every other Wednesday fan can.
  11. Give em the lower. Though the way it's going there'll be a bigger crowd for the game at theirs than ours.
  12. Won't need a ouija board, you'll see it yersen next season.
  13. Fully agree. Though I did promise my 10 year old lad while he was a mess of tears and snot last night that we'd get there eventually. So I'd like it to happen cos I don't like breaking promises to my kids. Break em to the Mrs all the time mind.
  14. We need to be getting a song for him.
  15. He'll do for me. Great statement and very nicely balanced. Nothing too silly, just saying how we all feel. Slightly disappointed he didn't mention the pigs a couple of times or point out how much better than them we will be but he's no mcsue so I'll let it slide. He's got a lot to learn obviously, my only hope is he takes a long hard look across the city and can implement some of the things they do so well which is guaranteed to see them win back to back promotions.