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  1. Great news fella. Take her easy now, no silly excitement and stuff and you'll be fine.
  2. He was part of their team that got relegated. They couldn't offload him cos of the court case hanging over him, he hit form finally. Even with him in the team they would have missed out.
  3. First caller, totally against it, presenters just nonplussed about it. Next few who love him and the presenters are creaming over him. Shocking radio.
  4. Fair post jv. You'll reach the playoffs still I reckon. Dunno how but had a feeling all along.
  5. I noticed this too. Carlos was out there loving it, not seen that this season as far as I can remember. It was a huge win though. The superstitious side of me was thinking he was getting a bit ahead of himself though. Anyway, it's done now so onto Ipswich.
  6. Sometimes there are no words. Sorry for your loss. Your Wednesday family are here always and his spirit and memory will live on with everyone we've lost.
  7. And that's why you don't count your Easter chickens before they're out of your chocolate eggs. Anyone can beat anyone in this league. Folk saying all we need is a win etc should remember how hard each win can be. We're in a decent position but until it's confirmed I'll be keeping little LMC in my pants. JV, what's the score with the season ticket refund shenanigans?
  8. We can put out whoever we like if they're from our squad. Many a manager has put a weakened team out in a game that they'll probably lose anyway so they can save players for a seemingly more important game. Colin did it with the pigs v man u in their one season of wonder. He then complained when other teams did it. Ćocknose.
  9. Just been doing some table gazing and thought Newcastle were pretty much home and hosed but Huddersfield can catch em if they win all 3. Obviously depends on Newcastle losing their next 3. Thing is, could all be over Monday. That means Huddersfield only have playoffs to aim for. Like us they need points or Leeds to drop em. There's enough teams in the mix for Leeds to get back in, they'll still have hope. Basically, next week's game is huge. All out to win for me. No messing, no tinkering just get out there and do the job.
  10. Should be a busy one today then. Just praying the team turn up.
  11. God I hate derby. Hate their stupid sheep badge, their stupid fans, their stupid stadium and their stupid players and manager. Stupid. A win today and I'll start believing. Bet we're moaning about the ref though at the end. We were robbed at the start of the season, being robbed at the end will bookend it nicely.
  12. Good luck Bro.
  13. I'm seeing a growth area in the construction of padded cells if that's the plan. Or we could just pad out the lane and stick em all in there. Yes I know padded cells aren't the way forward and it's a lazy stereotype purely in possibly poor taste.
  14. I thought that. Assume we class 1867 as our founding date as that's when it was all ratified etc. Still say we should claim an earlier date or get Stoke and Chesterfield to clarify theirs so we move up a bit. Petty I know.
  15. Have the screens actually been removed?