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  1. Now in Oakwood (Roundhay) in North Leeds. Did a meet up for a Sky game ever happen?
  2. Yes, like me he was 10 when Hirsty left Wednesday.
  3. Not really much of a risk is it? He was a free agent and can't be on much money. The bigger risk is their other activity (or lack of).
  4. What his agent says or does is pretty much irrelevant. He's a grown man and should be able to make his own decisions about what's right and wrong.
  5. Clicked off it and now all I get is a bad gateway when I try and access again.
  6. Have one spare car space leaving Wakefield at 8am if that's any use? Parking 10 mins from Wembley, joining Deans Tours for drinks and then driving straight back afterwards. Should only be £15.
  7. There's a reason I'm driving myself this time. Plus I can't fit in coach toilets anyway...
  8. 8am Wakefield.
  9. Dispatched yesterday, arrived today. Super.
  10. Not true.
  11. Also vote for Caravan or Dishoom
  12. One seat left with Peter's Phoenix Club Tours. Picking up at Asda Handsworth at 9am. £15 a seat.
  13. Such a fairweather fan. Don't even deserve a ticket. One car seat left. Pick up Wakefield or Asda at Handsworth.