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  1. Your opinion is automatically invalid if you're from Manchester.
  2. We should have a sweepstake on how many episodes before you get bored and abandon it again. Ill kick you off with 6.
  3. That he'll set us up to play with no fear.
  4. I don't want a manager to get us in the playoffs. I want a manager whose going to get us promoted. That would be great.
  5. More because of you're irrational tirades against the other players.
  6. Some of us, wanted a better life than slumming it up waddley lane
  7. Cheap shot I had a season ticket for 20 years. I spent 2000 dollars flying home for the playoffs. I'm awake every Sunday morning at 2am listening to or watching whatever games are available. Don't question my commitment.
  8. Point out where I imposed my point of view on you. Or get un-workable nobhead.
  9. Speak for yourself! I like the retro shirt. Sick of fans thinking they speak for everyone.
  10. Moot point we've known all season when he contract ends. There's no reason they couldn't have started sorting it out weeks ago.
  11. I thought you'd have a running total seeing as you poo poo'd all of them, despite the fact we didn't actually go up.
  12. I live in Sydney, where abouts are you?
  13. Stop being an annoying tail then. Just a thought.
  14. Not really the point I was making though is it.