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  1. Never understood the animosity for Biggs?
  2. This has 0-0 written all over it.
  3. I"d love to go back to the Wednesday. It'd put an end to people calling us Sheffield.
  4. They couldn't afford his wages
  5. 4m are you mad. Just about every team in the championship would have bout him if the price was 4m.
  6. Not really, he didn't rate him, he was treated like cc treats abdi.
  7. So what you're saying is teams not already in the playoffs have a good chance of overtaking the team in 6th adrift of the rest of the playoff teams. Remind me me again who that is?
  8. Because You coming on slagging everyone off and calling them blades is so positive. Clown
  9. Has he changed his 'philosophy' since last season. We certainly don't play the same. Not much of a 'philosophy' then is it.
  10. Bottom line is do you trust him with more cash for players. I dont.
  11. 3 short planks?
  12. Can't always trust managers to be right. K.Lee couldn't buy a game under Dave Jones and most on here followed the manager saying he wasn't any good.