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  1. It's the supply that needs addressing, get that right and any of the striker combos should be good enough.
  2. As my old grandad used to say 'he's a reight wuss'. Wasn't good enough for relegated Blackburn, nowhere near god enough for us if we're serious about pushing the automatic spots.
  3. The one thing we DON'T do is play with confidence.
  4. More terrible man management from Carlos. A better answer would have been 'if it wasn't for my terrible anti football tactics, it would never have got to penalties'.
  5. Defence or nothing for me, were always one midfielder short when he plays and we get over run. Drags the play 10 yards back and we just end up punting it aimlessly forwards for the opposition to come and have another attack.
  6. Surely the point of new signings is that they're better than what we already have. Really cant understand your logic there.
  7. It's not that people think we don't need them, it's just pointless if Carlos stays because he doesn't use them. We had Mcgeady who left to be pne player of the year.
  8. I do remember. We were broke Carlos came spent a load of money and still after the seasons ended doesn't know his best team or how to properly use the best strikers in the league.
  9. We've given the last one 2 seasons already.
  10. Well summed up, going out with a whimper is why it hurts so much - it feels like we didn't have a proper go at it.
  11. Are they all deadwood or is Carlos not using them properly? kieren lee was deadwood to Dave Jones. Mcgeady moved to pne and became their player of the season, our strikers have had their confidence eroded to the point they don't want to take penalties.
  12. We need a manager who can get the most out of the best collection of strikers in the championship, that isn't Carlos.
  13. Cos we spent 20 million quid to put out 10 out of 11 players we played in last seasons play off fi al.
  14. That right there is my main problem. We played the first leg and didn't try to win. Thats not cool with me. I stopped watching formula one for the same reason.
  15. Carlos was certainly a dope.