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  1. Every response in the article would have been torn apart on here as been bloody moaners.
  2. I'd love an online season ticket as an Aussie expat. Hurry up and take my money.
  3. Quite afew too stupid to seperate wanting the best for Wednesday and not having faith in a temporary employee either
  4. Nice one homes, never miss an opertunity to slag off Wednesday fans. Wankstain.
  5. Another player Carlos has failed to properly utilise.
  6. If Carlos stays at least we can look forwards to signing 3or 4 new leftbacks in the transfer window.
  7. Watford had 4 managers in their promotion season. There's more than 1 way to skin a cat.
  8. Nobody wants us to fail. Only Neanderthals can't seperate what they think of the manager from being an owl.
  9. Megson getting sacked had nothing to go with results. He call Milan a fanny and that was game over.
  10. Because the filter agrees
  11. It's not just last night though, is it.
  12. Should go now and give the new guy a chance to assess the squad. Don't want to start next season having to play catch up again.
  13. And played an under par bannan for half a season with an injury
  14. Me too thoughts?