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  1. Think the two yellows when he got sent off count as a red so he's only on 8
  2. Worst rule ever.
  3. It is if it's at the expense of the team and caused disharmony in the dressing room because a player is undropable. Where's the motivation to play well if you know it's pointless.
  4. It's not like - it's almost as if he's forgot plan A
  5. My god your like an annoying chihuahua yapping at every post. Other people are allowed opinions. Yap yap
  6. We might live in Australia but you have to teach your kids the right way.
  7. Why would you get rid of the wide players, we put some decent crosses in today for the first time in a long time and secured our biggest win of the year.
  8. Any variant of take me home country roads, for JR. Major cringefest.
  9. Writes a book on recovery, plays a below par Bannan with an injury for half a season.
  10. A big pressure game? It was flipping Wigan, not Real Madrid. Get a a grip of yourself man ffs.
  11. It was just 30 paragraphs of self flagellation.
  12. Yes. Yes you are.
  13. With Mr Chansiri 10 with Carlos 5 overall 6.5
  14. Deffo 2 was on Wednesday website.