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  1. If we'd have hit this run 2/3 games earlier it would have been interesting with Newcastle falling over the line.
  2. Distribution is poor however he's a fantastic defender. One of the the top cb's in the league.
  3. Poor first half today. Kept giving it away. 2nd half fantastic awareness to head back for Fletcher and instinctive finish to seal it for us.
  4. There's more to a strikers game than just scoring. Hooper's contribution since his injury has enabled us as a team to play with much more fluidity than when he was out. The link up play and the way he brings others into the game have directly contributed to the 4 wins in a row. Dropping him is bizarre.
  5. Hooper and Fletcher for me. Dropping Hooper after the run we are on since his return from injury is bizarre.
  6. Stockdale Smith Jansson Dunk Malone Knockaert Shelvey Mooy Cairney Abraham Wood That would be mine
  7. I'd have gone for Tommy Smith at RB ahead of Bruno
  8. Lascelles hasn't been one of the 2 best cb's in the league this year.
  9. Hooper was immense in that game last year. Same again tomorrow please Gaz
  10. Does the Chairman have to attend and how many a season do we hold?
  11. Agree, it's more about our approach than individuals. As long as we start on the front foot from the first whistle and get the crowd going we should be fine.
  12. See I can't agree with this... He holds fans forums to gauge the views of a range of supporters. He doesn't have to do this and it appears some decent stuff comes out of it. I've never been to one so can't comment on his style - whether he is actually engaging with the fans or just paying it lip service. The badge, yes he's changed the badge, but he's changed it to a revised historical version. The kit, blue and white. Yes he's stated he doesn't like stripes. However, this years kit is based on a version from 1960's and the style mooted last night is one from around the same era. The promotional video released a few months back, the planned (albeit secretly so far) celebrations for this year. Owls in the park, he publicly stated he really enjoyed seeing the fans, local community and family being together all because of Sheffield Wednesday. The video and minutes silence for the king of Thailand - this demonstrates to me he is a very proud, loyal man. Family orientated and a traditionalist. Yes the ticket prices are too high, yes not everyone likes the kit, but to state he isn't interested in the heritage of the club is absolute nonsense. Of course he could decide next week he doesn't like blue or owls and change our colour to red and change our nickname and do this all privately without consulting the fans. However, nothing so far suggests he will...
  13. As it's 150th anniversary I'd personally like to see the first kit we ever played in. Which according to the link below is blue and white hoops.
  14. For this reason there's no way I can see it being near Meadowhall. Home game last Saturday before'd have to walk from town! The city doesn't have the transport infrastructure to support a new stadium there.
  15. Westwood Hunt Lees Sasso Reach Wallace Jones Bannan FF Hooper Fletcher Cardiff will sit deep and let us have the ball. For that reason I'd rest pudil and bring him back in on Monday at QPR. We'll need our most creative players to break Cardiff down. For me FF starts, along with Hooper these two should cause Cardiff problems. Sasso to start as he's better on the ball than Loovens and this gives Loovens a few extra days to be fit for QPR. Hunt and Reach to bomb on from out wide. Lets go for the kill straight away and not let Cardiff settle. Im sure Carlos will manage the squad accordingly over the next two games. May seem odd to change a winning side, but hopefully utilising his squad in the right way will see us take 6 points from the next two.