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  1. I think they'd have to treble that for DC to even acknowledge the bid. How nice is it knowing we've got a chairman who has no intentions of selling our best players. Rest assured if Westwood did go DC would make sure we got a hell of a deal.
  2. They'll be giddy no matter when we play them. 1st or 46th game.
  3. For as much as I admired Des and he was my first Football hero, I hope the club don't weight this too heavily towards players from the 90's. I think if Des is classed as a club legend then you can put Sheridan and Waddle in the same category. However, that would leave not that many spaces left for more 'older' legends such as; Tommy Crawshaw, Fred Spikesley, Andrew Wilson (HAS TO BE IN THERE), Blenkinsopp, Rimmer, Fantham etc Looking at the list so far... Nilsson Springett Walker If Des is in there then there's a good chance Waddle, Sheridan and Hirst will be that leaves 4 spaces left. Of course everyone's opinion will differ I just hope the 10 chosen are a fair representation of our 150 years.
  4. Genuinely humbled...
  5. A good attacking side has balance and options. We had no option of anyone with pace who could stretch the opposition. This was apparent all season, but even more so as the 2nd leg v Huddersfield demonstrated.
  6. Helen would have provided the option I am talking about! JJ, Helen, some kid on loan from Chelsea, whoever! We had no one who could stretch and push Huddersfield back. You can't compare last seasons play offs to the specific example I am referring to. Pace is effective in giving the opposition something different to think about causing space for others to exploit. Do you think Hefele and Schindler were worried about being beaten by Rhodes with a clearance over the top? I doubt it, so they were quite comfortable playing high up the pitch. Quaner ripped Pudil to shreds when he came on and effectively turned the game around for them. They also had Van La Parra on the other side who tested Hunt.
  7. But nobody had a clue where he was going to play. Signing Buckley who hadn't played consistently for 2 years to address a fundamental lack of pace in the team was poor recruitment.
  8. Abdi was a strange one. No doubt about his ability, but majority of fans weren't sure where he would fit in. We didn't address the physicality and athleticism in centre mid - replacement or cover for Hutch. Throughout the team we lacked pace in 2015/16, throughout 2016/17 we lacked pace.
  9. Think your taking my point out of context. The fact we didn't have anyone with the attributes of JJ in the squad displays the poor recruitment last season. Therefore, even JJ would have been a better option that what we had. We were crying out for someone who could carry the ball and stretch Huddersfield out. Without that threat on the pitch they were quite comfortable playing a high line and pressing us, winning the ball back quite high up the pitch. The last 20 mins both teams were physically drained, however they carried a threat due to the pace in their side (especially Quaner down our left).
  10. As daft as it sounds with 20 mins left in ET against Huddersfield bringing JJ off the bench would have probably seen us have a good go of winning that game. That just goes to show how poor our recruitment was last season.
  11. Best CB at the club and one of the best in the Championship. Our poor recruitment last summer forced him to be played in Midfield.
  12. We need pace, pace and pace. That 2nd half against Huddersfield still gives me nightmares. I hope we are looking at the type of players like Sako and Jota. Plus a Prem youngster on loan who can provide a different option off the bench.
  13. Would be a fantastic signing
  14. Smokescreen for another target perhaps? Can't see Cardiff selling for a cheap price
  15. Managed Sheffield Boys for quite a few years. Was my manager alongside Kevin Drury (Chaucer school) around 1995