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  1. Palmer or Antonio are exactly what we need right now
  2. Over 46 games we finished 2 places higher with 7 more points. In a season where injuries hit and there was increased pressure to deliver.
  3. Because of the progression we have made over the last 2 seasons. CC will be under no illusions what is required this year. The chairman has backed him, the players back him, now us as fans have to back him. He'll know top 2 is the aim and he needs to find a way of getting us there.
  4. Sorted nice and quick. Now get some players with pace bought.
  5. Posted this in a few threads but I'd be looking at bakary sako and loftus cheek on loan from Chelsea.
  6. Top leadership. Very happy dc is steering this ship. Mandaric wasnt wrong was he
  7. You'd think that none of our players would move to a Championship rival seeing as we'll hopefully be challenging again next year and we can compete on wages. The Premier League obviously is a different ball game. Therefore, which of our players are good enough to start in a Premiership team? The only definite for me is Westwood. He'd also be the hardest to replace.
  8. If there was one of ours I'd have put my house on it was Bannan. He was like a man possessed last night. Fair play to Jack Hunt as well, I didn't fancy it when he walked up.
  9. I'd be looking at the likes of Bakary Sako and Loftus-Cheek on loan
  10. And he improved our league position by 2 places and 7 points in a very highly competitive league. Do that again next season and where do we end up?
  11. We've gone from 13th to 6th then 4th under CC. Bring a new man in and we start all over again. The squad needs a bit of re-organisation and 2 or 3 key signings that's it. He does however need to find a balance between his 2 seasons here though. The attacking, free flowing football from his first season and the efficient, hard to beat style from this year.
  12. I'm with you on this one. He's had 2 seasons at it. We've finished 6th and 4th. We HAVE to be aiming for top 2 next season and Carlos should have that opportunity. 2 or 3 key additions in the summer and a clear philosophy on how we are going to play to get the best out of 8m-10m pound striker. A new manager has to start all over again and we could end up in midtable.
  13. He has had injury problems and the palace fans don't rate him. Brum were sniffing in January at a reported fee of 4m. Wages would be big as he went to palace on a free so not sure if the numbers would stack up (3/4m fee plus big wages), but this is the type of player we've been crying out for since Antonio left. The lack of pace last night was soul destroying.
  14. who da flip