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  1. No way that Westwood would leave to any side outside the PL. And £3 million is a joke. Treble that for starters.
  2. A yellow and blue silk scarf tied round each wrist plus the bob cap. True sartorial elegance.
  3. No chance of Fletcher going. With two years of his deal to go who's going to afford his wages?
  4. We're not likely to replicate Brighton if we don't play like them....
  5. What is needed is 20 more goals scored, six to ten less conceded.
  6. So how does having five of their players in a combined eleven fit in with what virtually everyone on here was saying beforehand that we would smash 'em in the play offs?
  7. They haven't got better players than us. As I've said elsewhere, Mooy apart, you would take ours over theirs any day of the week. I wasn't too upset that we didn't test their goalie in the first leg; he may have been a reserve but he had a fair amount of league experience and had played in both the cup ties against Man City. But the home game was so overloaded in our favour it was almost unfair; a fierce atmosphere, expectant crowd and I really expected us to take the game to them a la the Norwich match. I reckon a goal to us in the first 15 minutes and they'd have folded; I think that is what Wagner feared as well. Instead we witnessed one of the most dazzlingly inept attacking performances I can remember. And yet for 75 minutes it was actually under control; we had the lead, they were creating little and the game was just about won. But that is the problem when you exist on small margins; a sub, a momentary lapse of concentration in defence, a slightly fortuitous break and we were done for. I do feel really pee'd off now that the reality has set in; another 12 months to try it all over again because, quite honestly, I can't see us being in the top two next season. A fantastic opportunity utterly thrown away.
  8. Quite honestly, the three games I saw them play Huddersfield deserved it. I don't think you'd take many (probably only Mooy), from their squad over ours but they played to their strengths whereas we just wallowed in our own forced negativity as we have done most of the season. But I really hope Carlos was watching yesterday; this was a play off we should have won.
  9. Well, one thing I am sure of is that I've seen Ricky Holmes play more often than anyone else on Owlstalk.... Spent four years at Chelmsford City, in the Ryman and Conference South, at the start of his career....seen him dozens of times. Have to say he was a stand out player at those levels, got in the England C team, and a number of league sides were watching him including Palace and Ipswich. Started as an out and out winger, mainly on the right, but in his last season played a more central, striking role. Very confident in his own ability, quick, loves to take defenders on.....and can take penalties. Would he be worth a punt? Possibly....might be interesting to see how tired defenders would cope against him if he was brought on 20 minutes from the end. But I doubt very much he's the sort of signing that would be firing us into the top two in the Championship just, possibly, a squad player and we have enough of them. Think we can be doing a lot better. In any case, if he goes anywhere it will be to United.
  10. From that pic I'd say Carlos has just told Chansiri that he'll pay the drinks bill....
  11. Well, if he gets rid of Carlos to bring in Moyes we can kiss any chance of promotion goodbye.
  12. True....but it would have been nice to have got there....
  13. But you can also look at several games over the season where we have been a little fortunate to get points. Wolves at home we were totally outplayed but scraped a point; Birmingham and Blackburn at many times did Brum hit the woodwork? So these things even themselves out, generally, over the season. What has done us is the fine margins Carlos has gone for; and in a game like Hudds where it's winner takes all it's a dangerous one. I'm pretty much convinced that Carlos didn't think we'd concede in either game so all we needed to do was nick one somewhere so for the whole of Sunday and the first 70 minutes or so on Wednesday it was going to plan. But one substitution, a little hesitancy in defence and an unlucky in-off and you're buggered. Again fine margins which this time told against us.
  14. So who, exactly, are we saying is buying the players? If we're saying that it's essentially down to the owner and/or his advisors and Carlos isn't playing them then I think he'd have been on his bike long ago.
  15. We need to get off this friggin roundabout first.