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  1. Good luck mate, fingers crossed for a speedy recovery. And 3 points.
  2. That's brilliant mate.
  3. And bears. Bears scare me.
  4. Love the hooligan threads. Firms, tearups, taking their home ends and all that green street nonsense...I still live in fear of this mob however
  5. Hate Pardew. Ranieri in
  6. RIP wolfmanjack.
  7. Di Piedi vs Norwich. Hit it from a good two postcodes away straight over the keeper.
  8. Fletcher played well against Huddersfield I thought. Won every header just had nobody around him picking up the ball. I'd start him and Fessi, with Winnall and Hooper (hopefully) on the bench. A note on Dunk, he was giving it the big one after they beat us at home this season, shushing some kids who were actually applauding him off the pitch. I would LOVE it if we shoved that back in his face tonight..also, hopefully someone smashes that Kayal after his assault on Fessi last time at their place.
  9. Filipe Melo : Beaver Strengthener. Good luck and god speed.
  10. You mean you'd leave Hatch and Colby on the bench?????
  11. ...and bid you goodnight
  12. Eff off Wanger. You lost.
  13. Couple of dozen sticks of dynamite should do it