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  1. Be selling plenty of them at that price.
  2. Bet365 have live updates
  3. My only issue is I don't see Carlos having the minerals to drop one of Bannan, Lee or Hutch. The easy cop out is to fling one out wide which unbalances us. Will be interesting to see the team come Preston though.
  4. Anyone who was there confirm what it looked like in the highlights with Fox pushing on and Matias dropping in? Matias is much better with the ball so let him crack on. Pushing Fox up there means less room and ball for the wingers. At one point it did look like we were playing 433 but didn't last long.
  5. Theres no obligation but if small clubs like Sheffield United can do it then why can't we.
  6. Yesterday the club said the game won't be shown so that's the end of that one.
  7. To be fair any Scottish dude will do for me. Haven't signed one for ages.
  8. Get Burke or Snoddy and our promotion chances enhance massively.
  9. Looks like one of Dr Xia's tweets.
  10. If you smellllllllll.
  11. I bloody well hope not.
  12. No chance we will accept this.