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  1. Fletcher was abysmal first half, infact everything he tried seemed to go wrong. He never stopped though and it paid off for him in the second half. Never underestimate the power of effort.
  2. He looked knackered to be fair.
  3. I think it's the fear of the unknown. When you're at the match you have a sense of everything that is happening...crowd/bench etc. Where as on tv you can only see what the cameras are showing you and on the radio you are relying on the commentators to give a fair view of what's going on. I have got rid of Wednesday player because you don't have a clue what is happening on the pitch until they start screaming when someone scores.
  4. Not nervous when at a match but really bad when watching on tv or listening to the radio.
  5. Its the second coming!!
  6. It's not on. Paul Walker who does the feature match is at Ipswich.
  7. Very good athlete, not so good footballer.
  8. Yeah I saw them after the match. Smiled at one of them as if to say "fair play" and he looked at me like I'd back scuttled his dog.
  9. How's it going David?
  10. Any team who wants to go toe to toe with us I am confident we can beat. Its the teams who aren't interested in attacking that cause us problems. Cardiff on Friday will be a lot lot harder than yesterday. If we get in the play offs I am confident, only team that worry me is Leeds because they defend rigidly and just whack the ball to Wood.
  11. But... If the defending team encroach and the pen is missed then a retake is ordered. If it's scored and they encroach then the goal is given.
  12. They scored the pen but the ref gave the free kick to Burton based on Gayle encroaching. The rule is if he had missed then it would be a free kick to Burton. If he scored then a retake should be ordered. Referee got it wrong and everyone knew bar him hence the meltdown everywhere last night.