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  1. Talking of right backs I'd be doing all I could to get Jonjoe Kenny on loan from Everton for the season.
  2. Probably about £55k this year.
  3. Athletico are in U.K. as just announced they're playing Brighton. Our big home friendly could be them.
  4. Find something better to do, wash up or something.
  5. It's all well and good comparing us but we play nothing like each other. Yes they are a rigid solid team like us but they attack with a plan. if the early ball is on then it's quickly into the strikers or the channel. If not then they quickly get the ball to the winger who beats his man and whips a cross in to 3 players attacking it. We have maybe done that in a couple of games this season. We are a slow possession based team that try to break sides down but we don't have the creativity to do it. Will Carlos change, my opinion is no but most on here seem confident.
  6. Looks and navigates a lot better.
  7. Oh well.
  8. Could you not put a good word in then?
  9. Sunderland at home.
  10. This. If you think CCs football is negative then Karankas would finish you off for good.
  11. Why do people want a winger? We had one of the best in the league but the manager refused to play him? What makes you think that will change next season?
  12. Doing their best to upset the apple cart. Werent they the paper that said Carlos off at the end of the season no matter what a few weeks ago.
  13. Was getting nervous watching the build up to Fulham v Reading on sky but I'm 5 beers in now so calm as can be.
  14. I'd be amazed if he's still here next year. However it's obvious we don't want to sell him hence the bid we completely ignored in January.