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  1. Last season we flowed, attacked and threatened and played exciting football and got to the playoffs possibly a year or two too early but we still got there This season it's been a more defensive, safe, conservative football and again have got to the playoffs so can also be viewed as a success But is it time to let the players loose next season and return to fast attacking exciting football where we go for the throat every week?
  2. Actually you could be right No WONDER we deliberately lost last night - it's to make sure we can sell these t-shirts off for a whole year after the match GENIUS RETAIL MARKETING TACTICS!
  3. Sheffield Wednesday need to make sure these are all gone today and never seen again It's bad enough losing on penalties at home in a heartbreaking end to the season, but to see these on the club shop website today is sickening
  4. Congrats on your result last night Good luck in the final
  5. I agree We didn't make it this season so we readjust and try again
  7. Have a look at these pics What do you reckon? Decent? https://www.facebook.com/Creative-Murals-and-Portraits-662509917187675/
  8. Been thinking about this one and some of the comments from their fanbase recently about lack of confidence and gotta say I fancy us to absolutely hammer Huddersfield home and away. I think it will be one of the most one sided, easiest semi finals in many years We'll breeze past em and onto better things No disrespect to Huddersfield but they're on a downward spiral just as we have hit form with our first team players Winner.
  9. JESUS HOLY MOTHER OF GOD That cannot be real
  10. Haven't we just got in the playoffs (again) with him in it?