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  1. I got tickets for Brighton away leg last year with 650 points and they still went to the phase after that.
  2. Well imo it's not a funny account and all those finding it hilarious are enabling the account to carry on and mislead fans. The neg button is for when you disagree with someone. I don't find it funny and don't find agree with the opinion of those that find it funny Like I said you keep taking the wee wee out of fans under the "WAWAW" banner because imo someone taking the wee wee out of fans who need help is not funny or helpful to the club long term
  3. The club gets enough stick for the things it could do better as it is imo without some un funny un obvious "parody" accont joining in. But you all carry on and find it hilarious and keep taking the wee wee out of other fans because "WAWAW"
  4. Does it make the club look good to potential customers?
  5. Im not a he and have not fallen for whatever crap they spout, Just as a season ticket holder of over 20 years find it pathetic that so called fans find it amusing to reply to genuine tweets to the ticket office with bullshit. If if they had tweeted the parody account the fair enough but the tweets they are responding to are tweets to the genuine ticket office account and it's not obvious reading the replys are from the 'parody' account.
  6. Nope no idea who either of these people are. Just the account very unfunny and misleading as a supposed "parody"account.
  7. I'll tell you why I don't like him/them. They reply to genuine tweets to the ticket office giving miss information to fans. Yes some people ask stupid questions but it's not always obvious that the response is not from the ticket office. The twitter name is one letter different to the official ticket office twitter and it's easy to not see the person replying is a fanny taking the wee wee out of people who need help with regards to ticketing matters. They are are not particularly funny with the tweets either, what happened to helping fellow fans and treating others how you'd like to be treated?
  8. All these 3 are for sale. Hutchinson signed match worn poppy shirt v Fulham Forestieri signed match worn v Brighton play offs