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  1. they have a 37 yr old midfielder
  2. premier league attaking top level championship midfield low level championship defending
  3. feet, FF legs, semedo Body/hieght, abdi arms, hutchinson head, semedo face, semedo mind, k.lee heart, k.lee
  4. keep joao and get rid of nuhiu, jones and winnal
  5. well this is productive
  6. If you could do anything (reasonable) to our place of worship, what would you do?
  7. hew the f*** is tha
  8. couldnt care less
  9. buzzing for his longshots next season
  10. emanulson- waste of space
  11. wildsmith is on fiiire
  12. we NEED a young premier league bench warmer like a tammy abraham who is pacey and can get back
  13. how many goals will rhodes score? how will be our top scorer? how many points will we grab? will we do it (honestly)?