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  1. Carlos Tonight

    Two funny comments in a row there. Go for the hat trick lad.
  2. OMDT Fulham -V- Wednesday

  3. FF to Brighton

    I think he meant he mainly eats subs
  4. That Toyota 'Orrace

    Could have just brought the last pie and used the crumbs - it's pretty much sawdust
  5. ACTIV8 Promotion!

    And extermin8 the opposition
  6. Bit of faith restored

    When am I supposed to bash the bishop with that schedule?
  7. Get Carlos out of this club

    If you don't care if we win/loose/or draw what actually do you care about?
  8. Didn't know Michael Owen was an owl
  9. Now I'm not fickle at all but David Jones!!! What a player. Haha
  10. Probably be a better crack though
  11. Arghhh why can't we hit the target. So many chances and crosses and we can't even make the keeper work.
  12. Northampton Owls

    I'm from Kettering. You still about northampton way. Don't get many owls down this neck of the woods Haha wawaw
  13. We lost

    Never once said that it was all about me though did I. Youre wrong anyway there's not many people that have two opposite extremes of opinion on here. We've been bobbar for a whole season now, the football has been drab and boring and people have had enough of it. It's a calculated response to a series of events not a sudden switch of opinion.