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  1. Great news mate wishing you a speedy recovery. After all you've got a Wembley trip to be ready for!!!
  2. Resigning Evans,just about sums up the scum of S2
  3. RIP Nigel Once an Owl always an Owl
  4. Rhodes is a team player not a greedy striker, works hard for the team.Feel he is still getting up to speed after so little action at Boro for 12 months. He is a quality finisher and will come good with goals to get us up to the Premier league
  5. Still brings a tear to my eyes every time I watch the video. What a fab team we had, dreaming that the boys of 2017 will make me weep with joy again!!
  6. Live in Udders,their fans very confident of catching the Barcodes for automatic, so will hopefully do us a favour and beat Fulham
  7. Happy Days Looking forward to more come May 30th!!!
  8. Well said ESO-Trevor Francis a class act on and off the pitch
  9. Tammy Abraham to the Blunts PIGS MIGHT FLY!!!!!!
  10. Fear not my fellow Owls,let them write us off, the less pressure the better and let our results do the talking. Then the so called pundits look what they are,a bunch of prats!!!
  11. Feet on the ground people, but lets bounce big time on Saturday,our wonderful fans can truly play a massive part in the next 6 games.
  12. Fab news fab Easter for us Owls WAWAW
  13. Proof that great players don't often make good managers. Also think he is just too nice a bloke to kick ass in a dressing room
  14. Believe my fellow Owls. This is how we need the team to feel!!!