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  1. Everyone comes to their senses eventually and realises that we are MASSIVE!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Without doubt our Chairman will want promotion this season, without doubt Carlos will have to achieve promotion this season to keep his job,so I feel fairly confident that they have discussed player recruitment at length and know exactly who they want, so no doubt we all will have to be patient until those targets can be signed. QUALITY not quantity is what we all want.
  3. Done. Good Luck
  4. Don't you just love the silk scarves-happy days!!!!
  5. Fantastic achievement, with that kind of determination you can defeat this evil disease. All the best Ian
  6. Well done everyone,a fine painting and a excellent amount for the Children's Hospital Charity.
  7. Well done Westy-enjoy because next season you've no chance as we are going to attack attack attack!!!!!
  8. Guys its a win win for us -promotion and big payout, whats not to love. Who really gives a throw what our odds are as long as we do the business next season
  9. Agree that our 2 matches with Hudds were pretty dire viewing as was the final yesterday but had we won like Huddersfield I doubt many of us would be moaning about the play off system today
  10. Here's hoping
  11. How old are you?
  12. Don't care just as long as we muller them
  13. Would love to have our stripes back for next season especially if they were go faster stripes!!!
  14. Please no more play off's, let's do it automatically as following Wednesday is ageing me prematurely!!!
  15. We may possibly have had a chance of hanging onto Ramsdale had we been promoted. However good luck to him as he leaves us in a better position than he found us