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  1. Sure did, but they did bring home the silverware and we didn't
  2. Have you won the lottery!!!!!
  3. Terry Burton would be a fantastic addition to our backroom staff
  4. Given the horrific events in Manchester over the last 24 hrs all I would say is that perspective is required, in the grand scheme of things football is really not that important. As a group of supporters we have different views on all aspects of our club,but lets now come together give our club officials our full support in all their decisions and be thankful that we are able to debate all things "Wednesday" living in our great country.
  5. Think we would enjoy football more if we were in the premier league, because if ,you are like me ,you want to hear your team being discussed on tv and radio. I can't be the only one sick to death of hearing constantly about Chelsea Man Utd etc
  6. Why so negative, little Bournemouth seem to have done quite well Simply need a manager who is positive and tactically astute
  7. Of course in the grand scheme of things football in not terribly important. Wishing your father improved health
  8. Season long loan ,needs to toughen up
  9. Spot on excellent post
  10. Of course we love football otherwise why would we be on this forum on a Sunday evening at this time of night!!. Like others have already said ,times have changed and the money now in the game has,if we are being honest,alienated us fans to a degree. Sadly there is no going back to the days that we fans of a certain age remember more fondly, so as individuals we must choose whether to stay on board and if like me, you have blue blood in your veins, you will.
  11. A beautiful dream!!!!!!
  12. Rhodes and Winnall have not been given a proper chance to improve us
  13. Don't care who it is let's just batter them Start as we mean to go on!!!!!
  14. If we thought Wednesday night was bad why on earth would you want Mr Negativity himself at Hillsborough. God helps us
  15. Ok fair enough guys but having watched the League 2 semi's and then the League 1 final I can honestly say that not only were they great matches to watch but if I were a fan of any of the losing teams at least I would feel that we had given it a real go and not gone out with a whimper which to me is why we all feel so disappointed with last Wednesday night