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  1. We arent actually going to sign Hutton are we?
  2. Because we played a tight, highly defensive game all season which allowed the opposition barely any chances. The strength of the defence was irrelevant really.
  3. I think I'll combust if it happens Please god, no
  4. The difference is the teams who went up had pace with players who can also play football. No disrespect to Joao but hes not exactly the most technically talented, hes often clumsy at best. He may come good, and i hope he does. But i dont think he will for us, cash in the chips.
  5. In my short time on Owlstalk you're easily the worst poster I've seen. Give the conspiracy stuff a rest champ.
  6. Sounds a bit black and white and sorry to be pedantic but last two seasons lost in the playoffs = not going up = failure to get promoted The difficulty in looking at how other teams got up is obvious too, no two seasons are the same, no one formula works consistently. Its just a case of winning more games than the others, and to do that we need better performing players If somehow we can maintain the defensive solidity and go back to the attacking prowess of two years ago, we go up. At the moment though, we've failed to achieve our target of getting promoted. No real doubting that sadly.
  7. Two failed promotions. A whole lot of money spent. bobbar or bust now really.
  8. Very good player this lad. Not been far off the first team at City. Be a bit of a coup this. Signed a new deal worth £25k a week too not long ago. Makes a hell of a lot of sense.
  9. Doesnt matter, we need another. Our wingers arent good enough.
  10. We need another winger. We're so one dimensional its untrue. Theres not a chance we finish top 2 unless we sign a top class attacking winger, another central midfielder and two centre backs AT LEAST.
  11. Release clause doesnt mean a thing unless the player wants the move
  12. 150th anniversary, special kits. ****** hell. Surely this is a wind up?
  13. My word. How unprofessional are we... Absolute shambles. If we end up playing in these kits, guarantee the club still dont officially unveil it or anything else regarding the kit for another month.