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  1. Him and Reach are looking good
  2. Before his injury, Fox had been playing well... Since then Daniel Pudil has stepped up and looked great. When Fox is back should Pudil keep his place or should Fox come back in?
  3. Top scorer, talisman, has made the difference on a few occasions and we've missed him when he hasn't played. How is he not our best player? Hutch runs him close though...
  4. Best player. Fernando - match winner on his day Most improved player. Hunt/Sasso/Wallace - Hunt's been fantastic recently, Sasso stepped up when required and Wallace has been most underrated player of the season for me Best home performance. Norwich - everything went right Best away performance. Newcastle - dominated and fully deserved to win Best away team. Brighton - best team in the league by a distance Best away player. Jonjo Shelvey - stands out ahead of a host of excellent champ midfielders Best addition to the squad. David Jones - underrated, does his job really well
  5. When Rhodes came on at the weekend, two minutes later we equalised and then ended up going on to win the match. Not a bad impact that. I also think what most people are forgetting is that he's a part of a team who have now won 5 on the bounce and stand a fantastic chance of finishing third in the league. Football isn't about individuals, it's about the team. Just appreciate him while we've got him, and enjoy the fact we're winning matches and playing well again. It's a great time to be an Owl, and Rhodes can help fire us to the Prem
  6. Hopefully we can get in for Alan Judge too if hes close to fitness.
  7. If we had any sense we'd get in for Jason Shackell... Superb championship defender.
  8. After today I think Lee is our best player. He's just the dynamo of our team; constant movement, pressing, uses the ball so well and offers a genuine threat going forward but while playing as a central midfielder. Truly fantastic, and were lucky to have a player with his quality and attitude.
  9. We've won five in a row now, and for me Adam Reach has been a big part of that. Gives us width and a bit of guile/hard work on the wing. I really rate him.
  10. We're dominating, Adam Reach is starting to flourish!!
  11. Not only that but it also negates the fact we were terrible at the start of this year and have improved consistently as it's gone on, with one or two little wobbles
  12. Which points haul is this? Are you referring to earlier this season compared to now? Or do you mean last season compared to this season?
  13. I think I said this yesterday but I really think Kieran Lee coming back will bring out the best in Jordan Rhodes. Often JR has been isolated up front for us, even with the return of Gary Hooper there has been a lot of space between the strikers. What is so brilliant about Kieran Lee is that, like Carlos described, he breaks the lines and supports the strikers. Lee and Rhodes will be able to link up together, create space and hopefully actual genuine chances in the box. I've also noticed too that when Kieran Lee plays we seem to be 20/30 yards higher up the pitch, pressing the opposition. Take for example the Bristol City game where Kieran Lee scored the winning goal, the build up to the third involved a fair bit of intricate short passing play in the final third. For me he's the critical player to the way we played last season and I'm delighted he's back so soon.
  14. While you're obviously on the wind-up.. I'll bite. Football clubs are unique in the respect that each and every single one of them has their own identity. While some of these clubs have less ingrained identities due to the fact they simply haven't been around as long as others, clubs such as ours have an incredibly strong heritage and history that means a tremendous amount to a large proportion of supporters. Yes, we may not have had stripes for all of our existence; nor does it really matter in the grand scheme of things, but Sheffield Wednesday as a football club (for me) are denoted by three things: being called The Owls, Hillsborough and playing in blue and white stripes. For my entire life I have supported Sheffield Wednesday who play in a blue and white kit. That means a lot to me, as it does others. The latest goings on are a real shame. If it means we can progress on and off the pitch, then I'm all for it. But it doesn't stop me from having a heavy heart about the change.