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  1. Nothing about us, just a couple of Premier league teams so far
  2. I'd get rid of the second leg but other than that, I agree 100% with Scram. Keeps everyone fighting till the end.
  3. Kieran Lee has the first two alone and Almen Abdi is a better passer than Bannan. We need to improve. Forever being scared of selling players and bringing in new ones means you stagnate. Barry is a good player but he's replaceable and if we can get £5m from a player we signed on a free that's fantastic business. I bet he's on pretty big wages too.
  4. Agreed. If they give us around £5m I say take it. We've got enough small midfielders, replace him with a big lad.
  5. This is the guy please Wednesday, go and sign him however much it costs.
  6. Constantly injured, he wouldn't be a good signing for us at all.
  7. If available for £3/4m 100% take him. Be a good signing and adds something we don't really have which is a willingness to take people on.
  8. More ego than money, which in my opinion isn't necessarily a bad thing. The issue is is that you need a happy Forestieri to get the best Forestieri, and that will often mean pandering to him and loving him even when he isn't right. I fear that FF will never come back from this. There will always be a group of fans who never forgive him and it's a terrible shame. He's a good player, a nice guy with a good heart. He loves community work, he puts time in for the fans. He cares what the fans think of him actually. It's just a shame it's worked out that people can't get past a slip up that he made.
  9. That all happened. The difference is that it wasn't purely over money. Forestieri had had a fantastic season last year, been our dynamo and main go-to guy. He was our best player. Then we brought in Stephen Fletcher on higher wages with a raft of other bonuses/signing on fees... Fernando is an emotional guy, he would have felt let down and not valued by this since his hard work hadn't been repaid and the wage structure had been readjusted to compensate for new signings. He simply felt like he wasn't valued and that other clubs would value him. We all want more money, I don't agree with how he went about trying to achieve it but it wasn't done with bad intentions. Or at least that's how I interpreted it.
  10. Very good start to the new season. I'm surprised at Sasso, id heard he had signed a new deal. It must mean were in for 2 centre backs or Hutch is moving back there and we want one extra. Hopefully we can also shift Nuhiu, Joao, McGugan and a couple of others out on loan too and replace them with some genuine players.
  11. It probably sounds daft, but clubs like Liverpool, Man United, Barcelona etc have all been parading their kits for next season and in some cases actually worn the new kit this season. They're the leaders in generating revenue, it'd be nice if we could replicate them sometime.
  12. Obviously - we need better in every position ideally The issue is though, is that getting a player happy to be third/fourth choice and still has some quality on the ball and is solid at defending is tricky. The guy's got a great attitude, never causes any problems internally, will be on small wages, and when required does a job. It'd be mental to not keep him. I like him and I'm happy he's getting a new deal, it's deserved in my opinion.
  13. We'll take one of your centre backs, Tom Ince and Will Hughes off your hands mate. No worries.