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  1. Hopefully it is just mind games cos he's been immense recently! Think we missed Hutchs bite in midfield
  2. Sorry if this has been asked but when will Hooper and Hutch be available for selection? They won't miss the rest of the Play offs will they?
  3. Agreed... happy with a draw but wish we'd had more of a go at them.
  4. I would be tempted with a midfield 3 as well as all 3 are In good form but not sure if we would be threatening enough with just Rhodes up front!
  5. With most of the squad being fit to play who would you put in the match day squad against Huddersfield?
  6. Good reply bud.
  7. Love how every time a Wednesday player gets nominated for a fan based voting system they win #massive
  8. "Throughout the last few years, always know in my heart I have an important part to play at this beautiful club. #swfc enjoying each moment" his Tweet... I think this is just one of many reasons why he defo should.
  9. True. Cannot wait for the day we are on MOTD.
  10. Yeah true. Worst "pundits" I have ever watched.
  11. It's a joke mate.
  12. Maybe he is and maybe that's the reason he forgets we're even a team in the Play offs!
  13. Seem so bias towards southern teams in the play offs Reading and Fulham and I don't get why.
  14. Play... should have been more specific haha!
  15. That's a good point to be fair.