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  1. I thought he was a cracking player with an appalling attitude. I remember his hat-trick for QPR against us at home circa early 1980s...
  2. Signing pro from our youth team - Trevor Matthewson and Dave Grant have to be 2 of the worst I've seen in an Owls shirt. Although he was only a left-back, I remember Grant once nearly putting a shot over the roof of The Lepp from a free kick..
  3. Never been guilty of watching Villa regularly but I thought he was commanding when we beat them 1-0 last season and I remember him continuing with a nasty head wound when others would have been substituted. Also, footage of him in the live Championship games we get in Indonesia showed him to be solid. I work with a Villa fan who has always rated him too.
  4. Best CBs I saw last season were Dunk (Brighton) and Elphick (Villa). Last time we played Villa at their's he was only on the bench. Pretty sure Dunk won't leave Brighton but what chance Elphick if he's out of favour?
  5. As with all these rumours it'll go Tetes up as usual ..
  6. They receive their first parachute payment this season, as do Villa. I used to think it kicked in the season after they were relegated but apparently it's 2 seasons after.
  7. Best games I remember were outside premier league. SWFC 4-2 Newcastle (Keegan et al) ; SWFC 3-2 Chelsea (Megson free-kick into the Kop end) ; SWFC 4-4 Chelsea (League cup / Canoville hat-trick) ..
  8. Agree 100% with you. Another thing worth mentioning is to look at the Cricket South Africa team model which, with all the good intention in the world, their insistence on a fixed percentage of any "first team" being made up of non-whites, actually weakens their team and handicaps selection processes as it is not then based on merit alone.
  9. Does this whole George Hirst thing remind anyone a bit of the Tony Simmons thing in days gone by? Touted for greatness.. Bangin goals in for fun in the reserves / youth team.. not being given a look-in in the first team.. Ended up just fizzling out..?
  10. Beautiful ..
  11. Thanks for your kind words..Nowt much we can do really. Missing him terribly..
  12. I see . Thank you for clarifying, GY
  13. What does it mean Mick?
  14. My thoughts exactly...
  15. I could never be as wise an Owl as my uncle, Buxtongent, but I'll certainly be trying from time-to-time. Apologies in advance for the lack of -well - lack of agreement with the majority ..!