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  1. WTF have just heard. Brian The Blunt singing?
  2. Why pass to a player when you can do x3 360 spins and pass it to the same target (or lose the ball as the case has been)?
  3. JJ

    Reyt player
  4. His timing wasn't/isn't good enough to make it as a star. Decent enough pro at lower tier of the profesisonal game though.
  5. I'm as Sheffield as fingering our lass in Club WoW.
  6. It's a long season and there will be injuries and suspensions. That's when he'll get a run in the side and we will see the benefit of having quality back-up in every position. It's up to players who come to make themselves undroppable.
  7. Maybe just a couple of games, but some of his passes are putting us at risk. He become overconfident in my opinion. Let me be clear he's a great player and I see him in the starting 11 going forward but he needs pulling back slightly.
  8. Forestieri's clever pass to Fletcher enabled the 2nd goal. I thought he worked hard, caused them problems and created space for others. Not his best game but he was still head and shoulders above 80% of the players on the pitch (Forest players included)
  9. Someone was challenged to eat 6 pies at half time and did it. Was ill later on that day though.
  10. How do you 'sensible' Owlstalk?