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  1. It's not the owlstalk way to state your preferred duo. Go back to moaning like fick in hindsight after a bad result.
  2. & Kirby.
  3. Earned a miserable $82,000 last year. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/sports/orlando-city-lions/on-the-pitch/
  4. Can't have been too soft. He played away at Aldershot with a broken fibula. Agree with the pipe cleaner & flying chip image though!
  5. don't flatter him.
  6. Dan Pet Rescue.
  7. Viv Anderson? Now his singing REALLY used to echo round the changing room corridors!!
  8. yeah. didn't we have this in 2005? I'm superstitious as.........
  9. Hmm, bit naughty. What interest was he to Sheffield & Biggs exactly? http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/everton-retain-george-hirst-interest-13194558
  10. Think your certain chance to renew has gone yesterday. Today I have transferred to another seat, but whether that is because it was vacant before or not renewed, I'm unsure. Helpful staff, take a bow!
  11. He might look absolutely average in a Premier League team, on their way to the Championship.
  12. Ayala may stay now he has a new boss to impress.
  13. Have you heard them all talking.........
  14. So, you want a friendly do you?
  15. Pearson wanted to play on at Blackburn. Alan Smith tried to tell him the leg was broken, and following choice words from Nigel, Alan had to try and let him stand before Nigel was convinced. Info from Alan himself a few years ago.