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  1. Easy shopping on't internet!
  2. Different rules for HMOs, however we're one aren't we? Win together, lose together.
  3. probably wants to swap him for maghoma.
  4. I think HE thinks he's special, but only decent.
  5. To be fair I would, however I will miss the future chances to progress that the extra revenue & parachute payments may bring.
  6. Dunk won't be sold. people forget that CBs are like rocking horse bobbar at the moment. Look at England's for the last 20 years. Now who can they select?
  7. Great, loved it! especially that lad's face!
  8. anyone will do!
  9. and on a pitch already dug up.
  10. Yes definitely. Has the club elbowed them?
  11. They were all fit enough to fick oaf before the end of the match. I felt disgusted to see the empty spaces before the match was over.
  12. Take Dowie's opinions with a pinch of salt - he thinks he's good looking too!
  13. don't we only need one? no-one can get past him! sorry therac - just read your reply.
  14. Players chosen by a panel which included Peter Beagrie
  15. Got mine. selected seat and then the 'spinning disc' was at it for about 45 mins. Before I got in the car to go to ticket office I pressed refresh and it worked quite quickly. (Remember not to press refresh while paying though!)