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  1. When we put the statue up for Carlos can we put him holding meat and a BBQ and use it on match days?
  2. Hogan Dan on five live tonight said twice he didn't want us, really didn't want us. Let them fear us
  3. True - it's awful I feel for the so much
  4. I don't think anyone did, really enjoying it tho
  6. Before I charge my phone, isn't this beautiful! 4th! Well done Wednesday and well done KL. BRING ON THE PLAYOFFS - what does everyone think the final table will look like after next week?
  7. Which one is wednesday?
  8. It would have to be two? Or I need to stand over the road?
  9. You can stand in for me with the wife, two man job really tho
  10. Yes and many types of yes. I'll bring my wife's "your away again on work" stand in
  11. Ok I'll say it WTF?
  12. Will read fully in the morning, but I'm sure it's great Pauli, COME ON WEDNESDAY! WAWAW
  13. Chill put what will be will be UTO , WAWAW and all that
  14. I forgot the question, someone will.. surley will know?