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  1. Nuhui to Leeds .

    Do you want to start he thread or shall I?
  2. Our kit suppliers are Onthego Sports

    50p and a packet of spangles used to get her
  3. Our kit suppliers are Onthego Sports

    You bringing her back?
  4. Our kit suppliers are Onthego Sports

    This site is Connie free now remember?
  5. Our kit suppliers are Onthego Sports

    Have we had glory then?
  6. Nobody to Leeds

    I don't get why it would be funny? Can someone explain?
  7. its on its way

    I am Mick
  8. Nobody to Leeds

    Oh dear ... oh dear oh dear
  9. All Rhodes lead to L***s

    We do look a little obsessed even if in jest
  10. M1 To Leeds

    Did you also know you have to buy the castle to get in at Warwick? Every person who pays for a ticket actually owns the castle until the next person who buys a ticket. Atleast i assume that's the price policy
  11. M1 To Leeds

    terrible but made me smile
  12. OMDT Fulham -V- Wednesday

    You mean BS Utd 1-0
  13. Is this a order? I could only manage 2 I mean I'll try
  14. All this Forestieri rubbish from Carlos

    So we sack a manger to keep a player who has a yearly period? We would never have a manger