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  1. Are we borrowing it?
  2. Because the pigs got Teletext as a sponser?
  3. This forum is no place for such level headed, reasonable nonsense. Go away and think about yourself.
  4. Ok I see what you are saying but My point is if he did the research of the club historically we play in stripes which in his head would be unlucky, right? So to use your thoery, why buy an unlucky house when you can afford a house that doesn't have unlucky wallpaper all over it for years? There is also this point which is well put
  5. Not really the same tho is it?
  6. Training in Portugal apparently... ahem apolagies - training and on holiday
  7. Here's what I don't get, everyone says the owner hates stripes. why did he buy us then? I'm sure he could have gone for a club without them
  8. This ^^^
  9. Get off that fence you
  10. I will hunt you down like the dog you are
  11. Your .... right
  12. Shes not here to verify that
  13. Waitrose salad? Still living off her money? Your a disgrace man
  14. Yeah ok so no one at the club thought about this before now? We can't operate as a business unless our chairman is overseeing everything from t shirt sales to season ticket purchases and player management. Without him the club forgot to produce a breif, put to tender, find a supplier work with said supplier at stages during production, put together a marketing campaign and are not bothered about the income a new shirt would bring in next year..... because we can't be bothered and are not capable without the chairman being at his desk? All sounds legit.