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  1. Hurry up match day FFS
  2. These are truly amazing
  3. No
  4. Pretty much spot on, now imagine that rough Santa was given an audience? Imagine Santa loved himself... lots... hated anyone who dared say anything against him and has no idea how to play more than 2 songs in 4hours... imagine
  5. Can we have a thread of Celebs we all genuinely hate? Sorry OP I'll pipe down now
  6. Keep it that way
  7. Rubbish full stop, even more annoying than Chris Evans.... that takes some doing
  8. Quick how can I disinfect my browser history
  9. He ain't fat no more.... still a c^nt though ... can't take that away
  10. Awful news - thoughts and prayers with the family. WAWAW
  11. I see blue and white stripes next season, and lots of bacon being eaten. Lucky numbers of 4 and 0 being predicted. Not even I can tell you the date though
  12. On the back of the original question can someone please update me what the M1 will be like on this day please?
  13. We will play each other but SYP have decided it's to much hassle, the game will take place at a neutral ground, say Bristol... that's far enough way... behind closed doors with all seats netted off.... phew nearly had a problem there