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  1. Fans and players were divided about the change from the traditional grey and white stripes to the new grey with white sleeves.
  2. Put Your Head on my Bolder I am a Cider Blinker Siggi Stardust
  3. Fumbling Merry Chris Woods - The Wombles
  4. Carlos Whispers
  5. What many fans wanted Colin to do.... Go West.
  6. Paul of my Hart
  7. New deeper role for Mick..... The Lyons Sweeps Tonight
  8. Been walking around strapped up for a few weeks. Didnt seem to affect him in the friendliest too much.
  9. Johnny Cash - I Got Stripes (2017 re-released as I Had Stripes)
  10. Thread expired so here are the FINAL VOTES Hooper Rhodes 32 Hooper Fletcher 7 Fletcher Rhodes 5 Hooper Joao 4 Forestieri Joao 3 Winnall Rhodes 2 Winnall Joao 1 Rhodes Forestieri 1 Hooper 43 Rhodes 40 Fletcher 12 Joao 8 Forestieri 4 Winnall 3 Absolutely clear this year that fans want two out and out strikers up top. And Hooper-Rhodes head and shoulders above the rest.
  11. I don't think it's bias. I think we have seen enough from Hooper in a Wednesday shirt to think he will continue to score freely for us. As yet, I havent been super impressed with Winnall. Clearly he has something because he did do well for Barnsley, but he hasn't shown it here yet. I also think that Winnall is starting the season as 4th pick. Therefore he starts with a big handicap, in that two of our front three need to fail before he gets a run of games.
  12. Love the table. I have never appeared in a table before. I'm touched. Always happy to compare ideas on us banging goals in, so here's my logic... I have our strikers scoring 50 v Last season 30 (Fletch 11, FF 6, Hoops 6, Winnall 3, Rhodes 3). I see far more striker goals because we look likely to play two proper wingers. Also because when we play two strikers (not FF) they score far more freely than when FF is striker. Rhodes has had 8 seasons scoring shedloads, and one stinker. I am confident that last season will be shown to be the freak, not the other 8. I again think the two wingers and playing with a proper strike partner are wins for him and the team. I think he will take pens, so 3 or 4 may come here. Hooper scored 6 in 1440 minutes. I hope he plays double that, and as he won't have FF as a partner he scores far more freely, so 15 from 2800 minutes seems right. Fletch scored 11 and I expect him to play similar minutes, hence 10 goals. Winnall, imo, is not at the same level as the other three strikers, and will have least oportunity. I still hope he gets around 5 from cameos and the odd start.
  13. Assuming a fair run with injuries, here you go... Rhodes 20 Hooper 15 Fletch 10 Winnall 5 I hope Rhodes will start pretty much every game, and that Hooper and Fletch share the majority of starts alongside him. I think Winnall won't see much action if the others stay mainly fit.
  14. Assuming Carlos plays two strikers and not FF up front, I would expect Hooper to score at roughly one goal every 160 minutes. After that it's down to injuries. I would see Hooper, Fletch, Rhodes and Winnall scoring around 50 combined. A dozen from FF wide and overall we should have a much better GoalsFor this year, much more entertaining football, and promotion.
  15. The aerial duels is interesting. Definitely an area of weakness for Hunt, which has resulted in a few goals.