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  1. Cant care less where he wants to play. No-one scores when he is their partner, and he doesn't score nearly enough to cover that deficiency.
  2. Great player, wrong position. Our success this season depends on how long, if ever, it takes Carlos to see what nearly everyone else sees.
  3. No but this is it 10 from 33 as lone striker ( goal every 278 minutes) 26 from 52 in 442 ( goal every 174 minutes)
  4. Our problem is that we over-estimate sides at home. We set up to counter the "strengths" of the likes of Wolves, Wigan and Brentford, and it doesn't work.
  5. I can understand why you say that, because he definitely plays too deep, which gives the other CM no support. But today he actually pushed slightly further upfield, perhaps because he seemed to be doing a job on Hernandez. But once again, if he wasn't doing exactly what Carlos wanted he would be rollocked or dropped, so it must be Carlos telling him to sit between the two CBs. I do think at home against Burton he should be rested and Abdi-Bannan played, as we should be on the front foot for 80 minutes and we should have no need for a CDM.
  6. Carlos won't be going anywhere yet. Poor results v Norwich and Burton would be another thing. I have to admit I have all but lost faith in him, but I really hope he does the flipping obvious up front, and instills some tempo, gets them moving the ball forward, and then I have no doubt we have the players. But they can't do it carrying this enormous anchor he hands them.
  7. You only have to read this thread to know how strongly fans agree with you. Its overwhelming.
  8. More chance it will be you than Klinnsmann.
  9. Norwich 17th in Away table. Let in 32 and lost 9. Burton are 18th. Let in 30 and lost 9. Surely we can attack.
  10. Even if he is "demanding" to play there, he mustn't. It doesn't work.
  11. After how many games do we admit it doesn't work? They have scored one playing together in four matches. He stuck with FF-Hooper for 15 matches last season and they scored FOUR. He actually doesn't see this is the problem. I've no idea why he thinks the problem is. We scored 5 in two games with FF left and Rhodes-Winnall. That has to be given the next couple of matches.
  12. We raised our game massively last season for the Cardiff six pointer. But Carlos really went for it that day. He has taken a giant stride backwards this year so I fear he will play a do-not-lose side, i.e. similar to today and Brentford...which didn't gave the desired effect anyway! If he fields one of his "solid" sides against Burton heaven help us.
  13. In both games he was lucky to last 45. He was extremely poor in both. Apparently injured v Blackburn, but in both games he seemed to be really dopey.
  14. We pretty much do play 451 though. FF plays way deeper and wider than a striker, leaving Rhodes on his own. At one point today Rhodes won a header and headed meaningfully planting the ball in acres of space onto the penalty spot. No-one anywhere near it !
  15. Norwich away so far this season:- PI 17 W 4 D 4 L 9 !!!!!! GF 22 GA 32 !!!!!!! Please Carlos pick a side with balance, a goal threat, and send them out to attack.