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  1. What did you see this season that makes you think our tactics would suit a pacy striker? I assume you think Carlos would change his approach? I find it fascinating that so many people wanted Carlos to stay, but that he also changes.
  2. The lovely Mrs H had booked a holiday to a small town in Iceland, and we fly 1.30 Monday. I had already found a bar that shows Sky matches and was in contact with them to record the Final so me and the kids could watch it later in the evening. Sorry if my planning was the kiss of death! Will save me a fortune cos I've read beer is extortionate in Iceland and I would have drunk way too many during the final. Extra time and penalties and I would have had to sell my house.
  3. Since Winnall signed he has played 900 minutes. Atdhe has played 93 minutes.
  4. Last season 9 goals LW, 6 striker This season 5 goals LW 7 goals striker Despite over two thirds of his time being as striker. He is better for himself and for the team from LW. He still gets into the six yard box!
  5. Not at all. I want decent chances created by two proper wingers, 2 proper CMs, and overlapping full-backs.
  6. Strikers - Any two from Hooper, Rhodes, Fletch. Winnall back-up. Wingers - Any two from Nando, Reach, Wallace. Every match.
  7. Bugger. Hope we never sign Yan Venigor of Hessalink
  8. Hope you are right. I would be so confident of success. Our Yorke, Cole, Sherringham, Solskjaer. (I did have Google's help with one of the spellings!)
  9. I see where you are coming from. My easy answer is that Carlos is just wrong. Unless Hutch plays CB then only two of Lee, Baz and Hutch should play. I think 95% of us say the same. But, if these three are Carlos's holy trinity, then yes I suppose it is far better to change the system to a much better balance. I loathe the idea of playing only one of our strikers though. If you look at what Brighton and Burnley did, they had two proper strikers and a regular goalscorer wide. They didn't compromise like we do. They scored shedloads and pulled way clear of the pack, us included.
  10. Not Lee, Bannan or Abdi. Wallace, Nando and Reach. Dont need another. McGeady, Macca and Buckley, all ex Prem, and none of them better than Nando, Reach or Wallace.
  11. Stick Knockaert up top against the likes of Lees and Loovens every week and see how consistent he would be. However, stick him wide against the likes of Pudil every week and yes, he is largely consistent. Compare his 45/45 games wide to how we use Nando.
  12. I see Knockaert (15 goals in 45 from the wing) as a very comparable player to Nando (5 goals in 12 from the wing). I see Wallace and Reach as at least as good as Murphy.
  13. And yet 442 with two wingers had us at the top of the form table over the final 25 games. It was only the first 20 games, with one winger and 3 CMs, that dragged us down. Why look at 352, 433 or 451 when our 442 really does get us auto form if he plays players in their natural positions? It's proven. Do we want to start a third season under Carlos trialling new systems to gel?