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  1. Westy Hunt Lees Loovens Fox (Reach if FF fit) Wallace Hutch Bannan Reach Winnall Rhodes Hooper on from bench hopefully. ASAP I would have Hooper and Rhodes paired, but almost certainly not immediately, and Winnall should be on fire on Saturday (Setdy).
  2. What is he training your arse to do?
  3. Past history suggests Carlos will give him a run part way through the second half. Also, Winnall will be chirping away at Carlos constantly for a start against his old club. Carlos will know he will try his tripe off on Saturday.
  4. If Hooper is fit on Saturday I suspect you may be right, in that Fletch is unlikely to start between now and the end of the season. If Hooper is eased back, I think Fletch might start the next one or two, as it's not really working for us with Winnall at present.
  5. In the next seven games.. For the result to be irrelevant cos we already guaranteed 6th - we need 3 more points than Fulham To need a draw - need to match Fulham point for point To need a win - need 3 points less than Fulham To not be able to catch Fulham - need 4 points less than Fulham Football can change like the wind, but right now it's sadly the third and fourth scenarios looking far more likely. Incontenence pants and tranquillisers for the next five weeks.
  6. God yes. We are 21st in the form table, and a defeat v Barnsley would see us 23rd. Fulham are 10th on form. So, would I take the same points as Fulham over the next 7 games????
  7. Not really. The BBC pundits saying Strachan plays a lone-striker so not Rhodes cos that's not his strength. They think he may come on late when they push forward.
  8. I've seen nothing in Matias to suggest he is capable of keeping Wallace out of the side. Remember, Carlos expects his wingers to be end to end tireless workers. I don't necessarily see that in Marco's game. Hope he gets/stays fit. But imo Ross is head and shoulders (not literally of course) more suited to a promotion winning Championship side than Mattias. He would be a bonus though, going into the run in.
  9. Haha I think it's really funny that you and I were typing our posts at exactly the same time. Your "different views" comment was spot on.
  10. Thoroughly deserved. Ross has been superb recently. Five tremendous goals and two assists from 11 games, plus all the defensive work he does. Terrific player.
  11. Atdhe has a place with us. We were here crying out for a sea-change when Winnall went off v Reading. Atdhe, with balls put into their box, would have been ideal.
  12. Don't like black or very dark kits. I think they blend in with the crowd too easily.
  13. Surprised so many have Rhodes as a lone striker. He clearly isnt. Our weakness is scoring, not conceding. Build the side from the front, which has to include a proper partner for JR, then the rest of the formation and names begin to fall into place.
  14. BBC Election Night don't need the expense of a Peter Snow or Jeremy Vine. I would love David Dimbleby to pan to you at 10.05 pm and ask "So Asty, what do the exit polls tell us so far?" "F.ook all. The voters are just a set of c.oonts, and if yer think yer getting some fancy new graphics, I might be arsed to to lob you a pie-chart at some point tonight, but probably not." I'd definitely stay up to watch it. BTW the "vote" was 5:1 in favour of Carlos staying. I am surprised. Reading the many other threads I would have imagined a lot closer. But anyway, looks like DC has cast his UNITE block vote in favour of Carlos staying. He would have gone early this week if was going to go. Well done asteener. Enjoyed this thread.
  15. Southampton 8 managers in 9 seasons Leicester 9 managers in 9 seasons WBA 10 managers in 9 seasons Swansea 9 managers in 9 years They each had a mix of good and lousy managers, but overall have been on the up.