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  1. As you know, I agree. I think our best artillery is our front six, but we don't give them enough bullets.
  2. You have just summed up the thoughts of roughly half a city. And the thoughts of the other half don't count as real thoughts anyway.
  3. Same for me, though Reach for sure, not Fox.
  4. Do you think it was recruitment? Who would you rather have at CB than the Lees Loovens axis? Is there anyone you would prefer as CDM to Hutch this season? Is Fletcher not a huge upgrade on Joao and Nuhiu? Is Reach not an improvement on Helan, McGeady or Bannan playing wide left? I think what has held us back from a fight for the top two is the system. Yes it is tight, making us nearly as good as Reading, Leeds and Udders, but in scoring so few goals we are nowhere near as good as Newcastle and Brighton. We have the players to challenge all the way imo, but playing so very slowly and so unbalanced is holding us back.
  5. Great stuff again Ryan. Thanks. The scary thing is just how strong Newcastle and Brighton are so far. They are both way above the average needed to get an auto spot.
  6. I don't agree with you about Reach's ability, but I 100% agree with you about not giving a fig about what he cost. I have never understood why we whittle on about player prices or wages, or FFP. That's nothing to do with us. DC is the only one who understands what we can and can't afford. Once a player is ours, I don't give two hoots whether he is a 16 year old freebie or a £7mil seasoned pro, on 60k per week and two exec boxes. If he is good enough he plays, if not he doesn't. The really good news is that DC seems to put no pressure on Carlos to pick on cost. Abdi, Hooper and McGeady cost a fortune and were hardly rushed into the team. That's a very astute chairman.
  7. God I hope you are wrong. I hoped Lee's injury might see two wingers from now until May, We are playing with an anchor round our neck with 3 CMs.
  8. Our away form makes it highly unlikely we could catch a top two team from so far back. Newcastle have 31 points away. Brighton 25 points. Wednesday 17 points. Our home points match theirs, but we can't catch them dropping so many away points.
  9. Hi Mal. Look forward to reading more from you. Great memories.
  10. In my career I worked with about 20 structural engineers. Each one a brilliant mathematician and engineer, who could design the tallest multi-story office or most magnificent stadium.....but ask them to spell definitely! Definately was most common, but defiantly was my favourite.
  11. If he is going we need to buy, because an injury to Bannan would leave us without creativity from CM. And we barely have enough of that as is.
  12. Love this thread. The presentation of the stats is fabulous and the graph showing the probability of finishing where is excellent.
  13. Would make for a really interesting thread each game, though it's really hard to give a fair judgement on oppos players as we only see a few minutes or even just the goals of each match. Are you old enough to remember the ITV "Who will win the cup?" preview around 10pm on the eve of the FA cup each year? Experts marked each player out of 10 for such things as pace, goal-scoring ability. These were then added up so that (say) West Ham 151 v Fulham 147 would mean West Ham would win. Utter tosh but very enjoyable tosh. On your markings.... Loovens has to be an 8 (and as a pairing he and Lees have to be a 9. Their record is nothing short of camel's arse) And to inject a bit of controversy.....as a striker you would choose a Murray over FF every time. I stress, as a striker, not as a player.
  14. Fletch has been a warrior workhorse all season. Cant for one minute think Carlos will not start with him. I assume he will start with FF partnering him. Winnall on the bench, and Hooper not yet ready. Personally, I would prefer Fletch and Winnall with FF left, but can't see Brighton away being the game Carlos will do so.
  15. Brighton scored 72 last season, and on target for 73 this season. We scored 66 last season, and on target for 53 this season. They also let in fewer goals (17 to our 24). I think we have the impression they are a super-tight, low-scoring outfit because the four matches against us were such tight affairs, but actually they are far more expansive than we are.