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  1. Very good. My kids are now wondering why I'm laughing at my phone.
  2. If he is using more of a 4231 or even a 433 yesterday then the width will come from full backs more than the midfield or forwards. I think the out and out winger (however much we love them) may be rare these days.
  3. Impossible to judge from a few clips but if (as seems to be the case from pre-season) we're pushing full backs on to provide width then this is starting to make more sense.
  4. Hoops and JR for me, but reluctant to leave out Fletch. I think it will be more like 4231 so Hoops would be central in the 3, JR up top running the channels.
  5. Hutton is an interesting one. I thought Jack Hunt really improved last year but in the pre season games I've watched with a slightly tweaked system (with full backs pushing further forwards) he seams to get too easily caught out with simple balls through the channel. Will Hutton fit though because what's needed is an athlete to get forward fast and Hunt does this whereas Hutton doesn't seem to fit this kind of player.
  6. Can't argue that Wagner did well and yes I think we should have beaten udders in the semi. I'm still angry that he took off Fletch and that he didn't bring on Winnal. I wouldn't say Carlos is average though. I'm never going to agree with everything but I think he's a good footballing coach. We might have to have a difference of opinion on this.
  7. If you're genuine poster mate, which you clearly are then I respect your opinion.
  8. Definitely up there with those guys.
  9. Love this mate.
  10. Agree. This plus a new CB to replace Pudil and maybe Nando for Adam Reach, although AR won his place by his performances so far in pre season.
  11. There's a few good teams now in this league and some good players and managers but if we can start this season like we finished the last I think we'll win it.
  12. Totally agree, and Hutch stays very deep which doesn't help. I've picked these because I think he'll play 3 in front with JR or Fletch up front (4231). Like you say that 3 needs to be direct, and with pace. I think Hoops can play the central role (or Abdi, or even Winnal) with Boydy and Nando either side (or Wallace or Reach). Brighton showed us how to do this last year and I agree a lot rests on the wide players to attack with purpose, and for the full backs to give us the width.
  13. If it's the 2 holding players it's Lee and Hutch for me.
  14. Anyone who isn't a pig or scum. I don't always agree but respect all the genuine debate. Just think a few pigs might have crept on the site a few times over the summer.
  15. Some of these comments really baffle me. When the pressure was on last season he won 6 in a row to finish 4th. With a catalogue of injuries we then just missed out on penalties. From what I've seen pre season he's changed the system slightly to allow Nando and Boydy to play behind Fletch or Rhodes and he has Hoops back from injury. We need a centre half and I would expect this will happen this week. Beyond that we need a settled team built on the success of last year and we're doing this. I don't want to insult any genuine posters but I wonder sometimes if pigs get on here just to cause trouble.