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  1. I was pleased when we started last season with Hutchinson at CB, and his performances there for those first few months were generally excellent. Somehow though the partnership between him and Lees was less than convincing - in any case, Lees' performances weren't what we're used to. And then when we moved him back into midfield and Loovens came back into the back four, the team did look better (admittedly without being great). We definitely need to be bringing in at least one centre back, and probably two - but even so, I wouldn't be averse to Hutchinson being given another crack there. We do need a player that is capable of mixing it in midfield though if Hutch is to drop back - still, it would also be good if that player didn't sit as deep as Hutchinson often does when he's in midfield. Getting this balance right will be crucial for our chances next season, in my opinion.
  2. But you've just restated yourself without changing the implication of your words - you're saying either that our scouts are purposefully not looking to sign black or mixed-race players, or that in the first place we're targeting junior leagues that for some reason don't feature many black or mixed-race players (and I can't even think what those leagues might be).
  3. I honestly don't understand what your angle is here - do you think we're passing up players because they're black?
  4. The price tag is a problem for a lot of our fans, but even if we'd have got him on a free I'd have been less than impressed last season. He gets a lot of the ball but his usage is far too frequently poor. His confidence did seem to take a hit, but I'm not so sure this would explain it. He does have a good engine, and he is versatile - I also like how no matter how bad his game has been he'll always make himself available; he never tries to 'hide'. I'm not sure about this 'potential to improve further' though; he's 24 now, and I'd say this is going to have to be a big season for him. If we really are to go 3-5-2 next season then maybe this could suit him, but he'll necessarily have to become a key-player in that set-up if we're to make it work. Even in a 4-4-2, it's clear that Reach is the type of wide-midfielder CC prefers, rather than the more conventional winger type, so either way I imagine he'll be CC's first choice
  5. Do you anything about his fitness for these last couple of years, scram? Looked a really good player previously, but I can only assume injury and fitness issues saw him struggle to get on the pitch at Bristol and Rotherham.
  6. A couple more to add for 15/16; he started on the left against Bolton at home and Blackburn at home - both of which we won, and he scored against Bolton too.
  7. I'll turn it on at 3, mute it (or at least have the sound low), leave the room during half time, come back for the second, and then immediately switch it off at full time. I don't want to see any one celebrating. To be fair though, I've actually enjoyed watching Town this season. They really tailed off over the last ten games or so, but they were good value for the vast majority of the season and I think their football and approach to the games makes them well worthy of promotion this season.
  8. It's hard to see what taking senior professionals out of the first team squad even achieves. I know what CC has said the reason is, but I can't see how working with a squad of 32 players as opposed to working with a squad of 28 players would really make any difference.
  9. I disagree with this decision but I'm glad that it hasn't dragged on. CC can now get on with planning for next season's recruitment, and I can only hope we're making better use of the squad next season.
  10. I'd love to think that if we stick with CC he'll get more out the squad next season, but there's nothing - absolutely nothing - to suggest that he'll do that. I still can't get my head around why he set us up to play the way he has this season. He's claimed our style was found out by opposition coaches, but I'm sorry, that's just nonsense because we pretty much started the season playing this way. He's talked about our injuries, and we've had them alright; certainly a couple of players have been desperately unlucky, but, we didn't even have Abdi last season, and I just refuse to believe that the only time we should play anything other than cautiously is when Hooper's fit. I do fret about who we'd bring in, of course I do - we've seen plenty of clubs replace a manager only to fail spectacularly having done so, Birmingham being a great example, but even so, I want us to be going for it. All I can say is that I hope DC would make a wise choice in bringing someone else in, but I'd rather go with that hope than the hope that CC would play the kind of football that he's inexplicably failed to do this season.
  11. I love it when our fans invade the pitch. Honestly don't know what's happened to some of our fans. Maybe it's a generational thing. I suppose next time it snows we shouldn't pelt snowballs at their keeper either? I'm surprised you can love football and yet have no soul. Well, whatever, I'm sure in the future we'll all be able to vividly remember when we stayed in our seats in 2017 after securing our place at Wembley. Yep, I'm sure it'll be just as memorable as 91.
  12. How many days' rest had each of the opponents had when these games were played?
  13. He's struggling to put a positive on today's game, but fair enough, that's his job to try to do so nevertheless. It's obviously not a great result for Town, but it's also not a terrible result. I believe him when he says that they'll come again at us at Hillsborough; I don't doubt he'll set them up similarly as with today - I also agree with him that there's nothing for them to fear from our home record seen as we've lost at home this season to more of the division's better sides than we've beaten. Still, I expect we'll be too much for them. Our fans (myself included) have talked frequently about our lack of plan B - but if ever there were a team to lack a plan B then it is definitely Huddersfield, and it just so happens that CC really seems to know how best to set up against them, and I expect he'll get it right on Wednesday too. I've seen Town play a number of times this season and for the first three quarters of it they've been genuinely great viewing - in fact, I've enjoyed watching them play this season more than any other team, but the bottom line is that with all the possession they had today there's no excuse for not actually testing Westwood more, and they'll be up against exactly the same defence on Wednesday. They lack a cutting edge - and I've thought we've lacked one - but they really do.