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  1. The OP's getting roundly mocked for seemingly thinking that translating a contract is a trivial matter, and yet given that the lack of a translation has been said to be the reason for the hold-up, then it's entirely possible that someone at the club has been precisely this naive. This or they've simply not anticipated the need for a translation. It quite simply shouldn't have taken this long.
  2. Boyd

    Struggled to get involved first half, but was far moreso second half.
  3. I think Hutchinson's an excellent player, and has had many MOM performances for us, particularly at CB. It's noteworthy however that both Lees and Bannan have looked less able playing alongside him. I suspect his play is less disciplined than either Loovens or Jones, and so perhaps he's less easy to play alongside. I'd still like to see Hutchinson at CB again though. Maybe it would only reveal that Lees is less steady by his side, or perhaps there's a better combination amongst the CBs than Lees + another.
  4. So he's definitely not injured then?
  5. Fessi

    Play FF on the left and find a way to relieve him of some of his defensive duties. It's difficult to get the balance of this right because any half decent team would find a way to take advantage of any holes that are left, but even so I'd rather see FF concentrate mostly on taking the ball forward. I don't think we really need FF to track back so much anyway, but there's one thing that he does better than anyone at the club and it's catching players off-guard and nicking the ball from them. He doesn't have to come much deeper than the half-way line for that though.
  6. Club News

    There's a difference between 'Scottish' and 'somehow eligible to play for Scotland'. Still, I suppose it still narrows it down to half the squad.
  7. Message from Carlos

    Sounds as though it could be either, but I think it's most likely to be 'kits'.
  8. Kits Announced On Twitter

    I liked that kit a lot - and I would've loved to see its return for this year.
  9. Let's get some perspective

    I love them, Mr Fuzz.
  10. Let's get some perspective

    Gotta love the daily perspective threads.
  11. Kits Announced On Twitter

    Home kit is 'okay', doesn't hugely impress but I'll probably get used to it, and it is like our home kit from the 60s after all. The away kit is dog sh.it
  12. Sheffield's own Marti Caine too.
  13. Because he was playing against Duisburg?
  14. johan djourou

    Yep. We've not played in the top flight for 17 years and yet this is all Djourou's ever done.
  15. Lack of energy

    It's only a pre-season friendly but...when the coach claims he'll set the team up to play more positively you expect to actually see it in games, friendlies included - otherwise you'd wonder how a coach manages to instill a more positive approach to games in his team if he's not actually going to bother to tell them about it.