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  1. The url should be one line of text without any breaks or spaces: https://www.google.com/calendar/ical/swfc.fixtures@gmail.com/public/basic.ics
  2. Fixtures have been added. Do a refresh (force close and restart our calendar app) and you should see them. You might need to wait a while for them to sync if you're on Android, as it sometimes takes Google's cache a while to catch up.
  3. No. Your calendar will only be updated upon receipt of a selection of the finest multi award winning pork pies. I'll PM you my address.
  4. There's a Dutchie on the left hand side of this picture...
  5. From previous years' experience, Android is notoriously bobbar at updating shared calendars. They will update eventually, it's just a matter of waiting...
  6. Yes. Remember folks, once subscribed, you don't have to resubscribe!
  7. It's that time again... What is it? A calendar for your phone, tablet, computer, etc. featuring all the Owls' fixtures for the 2017/18 season. How does it work? You subscribe at http://swfc.me/fixtures and the fixtures will magically appear on your chosen device When? Shortly after they are released on Wednesday 21st June at 9:00am. Will it cost me owt? No. What's the catch? There isn't one Why are you doing this? Out of the goodness of my heart. UTO, WAWAW and all that. Why not just use the link on the SWFC website to download the fixtures? Because unlike the one on the SWFC website these are updated with fixture changes, results, and have links to maps and ground guides for all matches. Can I subscribe now? Yes. The fixtures for the new season will appear shortly after they are released. What devices will this work with? Anything which can read .ics calendar files - iPhones/iPads, Android, BlackBerry, Macs, PCs... pretty much anything really. How will I know it’s worked? Check for a “Fixtures Released” appointment at 9am on the 21st – if you can see that, it’s worked! Help! I'm technically hopeless and have no idea what I'm doing! Follow the instructions for your device at http://swfc.me/fixtures/instructions. If you're still struggling, post here for help.
  8. Make sure you post the video on here.
  9. Fulham is an area of London.
  10. Only Southern, Merseyrail and Northern striking. You won't have any prombles getting back up North, just potentially onward connections when you get there.