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  1. Thanks for your input Aero. An insightful and well written post, as always.
  2. Still got my youthful good looks though, clearly.
  3. I was put more in mind of John 11:35 reading some of that thread.
  4. Owls Megastore Opening Times: Days with a T in them: 9am to 5pm Days without a T in them: 9:27am to 4:12pm Wednesdays in Lent: CLOSED Days after a win for the Owls: 11am to 3pm (unless the winning margin was by 3 goals or more, in which case 10am to 2:56pm) Saturdays: 2am to 5:67am
  5. I did look to see if there had been another thread, but I didn't go that far back. The fact that I only got the email 5 minutes before I posted, whereas others got theirs on Monday, is indicative of the crap quality of the service. At least with them not auto-renewing the annual subs, I won't end up paying for another year when I forget to cancel, like this season...
  6. Email from PlayerHD/EFL Digital: Dear Adrian, EFL Digital provide the website and PlayerHD service for the club you support. Throughout May and June we will be moving the club website to a new and improved website platform. As part of that development PlayerHD will become iFollow. Your subscription will be affected in the following way. For those users that subscribe on a Monthly basis by Credit Card, Debit Card or Pay Pal: - No payment will be processed between 3rd of May and 9th of June - At the point that your club website is relaunched your service will continue under the iFollow brand with all of the same features and benefits as before. - Your monthly fee of £4.49 will not increase. The only change you will notice is that with effect from 9th of June, payments will not be collected by FL interactive Ltd. Instead, the name EFL Digital Ltd will appear on your statement. For those users that subscribe on an Annual basis by Direct Debit: - No auto renewal of your service will take place when your current subscription expires. No further payments will be taken at that time unless you take a new subscription. - You will be able to access iFollow on your new club website when it launches. - At the anniversary date of your initial payment, your subscription will end. At this point you will need to purchase a new iFollow package, the format of which will differ from the traditional Annual membership that you have subscribed to until now. If you have any questions regarding your contract, you can email iFollow@efl.com. The terms and conditions for your subscription to the new iFollow service will be available for you to view on the new website and when you login to iFollow after launch. Many thanks EFL Digital
  7. I had an e/w bet on us and the Pigs to both place (top 3) in our respective divisions. So yes. £50-odd quid in it for me if we finish 3rd.
  8. I said "city centre", not "Hillsborough". I'm talking about the one that used to play near the Cathedral tram stop.
  9. Is she the same woman who did the "Caution! Two way traffic. Look both ways." announcement in the city centre?
  10. See? Someone on here DOES know!
  11. Someone on here will know.
  12. out all the time.
  13. y Player is the fact tha