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  1. "One of the best volleyed goals I have ever seen" according to the guy reporting from the ground for Final Score on the BBC.
  2. Why? Because he stumbled? If you're off balance and somebody pushes you unexpectedly, you're going to lose your footing.
  3. He learn it from a book.
  4. 1) Hutch or Rhodes or Sasso 2) Dielna or Nuhiu 3) Westwood or Loovens (Sorry for the indecision). What about dreamcakes?
  5. "Welcome to Sheffield Wednesday, Jordan".
  6. Owlstalk has an expert on everything. Want to know how to make the perfect Hollandaise sauce? Ask Owlstalk. Changing the rear suspension on your 1982 Austin Allegro? Ask Owlstalk.
  7. Rhodes was given the green light to travel to South Yorkshire in the early evening, and successfully underwent a medical and agreed personal terms. However, there were a number of financial issues that still needed to be tied up in the wake of Middlesbrough’s 1-1 draw with West Brom, and these took longer to finalise than expected. As a result, the final paperwork was not submitted until the final minutes of the transfer window, and even by midnight, it was still unclear whether the deal had gone through in time. A binding decision should be announced this morning, with Rhodes understandably keen to draw a line under what has proved to be a difficult 12-month spell on Teesside. http://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/sport/15061023.Middlesbrough__Dramatic_late_confusion_as_Jordan_Rhodes__proposed_Sheffield_Wednesday_move_remains_unconfirmed/
  8. Clubs have til 1am if the deal sheet has been completed.