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  1. NEXT!!!!!
  2. Please god!!! Give us a new shirt or signing! Make this pain go away!!!!!
  3. Not going to the match as in London that weekend. Got two season tickets with 520 on each if anyone would like to use them.
  4. https://mobile.twitter.com/O_SWFC/status/886552318228930562/video/1 Dunno how to do the video link thing but here is that bit of skill be FF on Saturday
  5. Dont be a wee pipe! He's a little boy who loved football and he died last week. He spend the last 18 months riddled with cancer and if someone asks me to clap my hands together for 1 minute in his memory, then I will. Im sure you have clapped a lot less deserving players at Hillsbrough for winning a throw in at some point! We (football fans) are all here together, no matter who you support. Bradley Lowery has brought football fans from all over the world together. As as a father to two small children, this story has touched me greatly. And I'm sure a few other owls fans can see similarities with Bradley's family to their own. So stop asking daft questions and clap your hands!!
  6. Because it was his funeral yesterday.
  7. Fantastic bit of skill. Bet their lad gets stick until next pre season after that!
  8. Evans is PROPER fat thou. In my head he wasn't that fat but he is massive. Looks like Jabba from Star Wars.
  9. Played right wing and looked good. Unlucky not to score in first half.
  10. FF skill though in the second half was worth the £10.
  11. To be honest, I think she's happy to get rid of me for a few hours!
  12. I've proper missed football. No more spending Saturdays with the wife and kids for me!!!!!!! Get in!
  13. Get the feeling both Hull and Sunderland will struggle this year. Sunderland have replaced Defoe with James Vaughn Hull have lost the spine of the team that beat us in 2016 final. Haven't done any recruitment yet that I can recall.
  14. I once went camping in Pwllheli. Woke up one morning and guess who was in the next tent................. Mr Kieran Westwood!!!! Absolutely hammered him at swingball.