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  1. I'm getting the 3rd shirt this year.
  2. Bristol City Away
  3. Good to see Semedo has managed to get a new jobs so soon after his contract expired.
  4. Like him but his attitude must not be the best for him to be constantly left out of the team/squad. Think the likes of Rhodes, Winnall and Fletcher would like to see him get more game time.
  5. I'm hoping he will be a big player for us next season. Feel he could really bridge the gap between our Midfield and Forwards.
  6. The playoffs are the best bit of the season.
  7. Everyone saying Rotherham but the celebrations at Barnsley away was 100x that of Rotherham away. Even if it wasn't Winnall scoring, the away end would still have erupted. Rotherham was almost pity. I wouldn't pity pigs if they was bottom of league
  8. No, just to keep Leeds out.
  9. When I weote the opening post it was mainly tongue in cheek. I was absolutely gutted for about 4 days and only really now started to come round. However, reading these posts ive started to ask myself why I am THAT bothered? Say we had gone up this season, the majority of our squad would probably be moved on and replaced with foreign mediocre players or past it PL players. If you look at some of the squads in the Prem, I honestly couldn't name half the players. I always think of Ross Wallace for an example. I love Wallace at Wednesday and you get the feeling he loves it here too. If we went up, he'd more than likely be gone and replaced. I think it's took a very long time but we have finally got a squad that we love at Hillsbrough, probably for the first time since the mid 90s. That said though, the PL is what we should be aiming for. If we aren't then what's the point in playing? The away days are much better in the Championship thou!
  10. Would be a great addition at the right price
  11. After 4 days of sulking and sniffling, I've decided im not even bothered about the Premier League. Everyone know the Prems glory days were in the mid 90s when all the proper teams were in it before money and owners ruined clubs. Now most of the proper teams play in the Champ. Us Forest Leeds Derby Boro Ipswich Norwich Birmingham Wolves Bolton Plus local derbies with Utd and Barnsley. I mean who wants to go to Stoke and WBA anyways.........?
  12. You'll always beat Des Walker was a personal favourite of mine.
  13. I would like to see the young lad, Kent (Ryan??) who was on loan at Barnsley last year. Fantastic pace pace and must have put 10 very dangerous crosses into our area at Hillsbrough. Think he won Barnsley player of the year too.
  14. Crazy scenes at Reading as 6 fans stand up to celebrate
  15. I don't think it's just to show support to a young football fan, I think it shows how football brings us all together. Puts it in perspective when I'm nervous as hell about our match tomorrow, when this lads family are actually going through hell. Yes there are sick children in every city, in every country. But if me clapping a little lad in a football shirt makes him feel better, I'd clap all match.