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  1. it looks like jobs for the boys to me with Bullen doing the hiring of over the top Jocks!
  2. Matt Ritchie
  3. just had my day of ruined. However well have to stick together and see what happens.
  4. Keep him happy and that keeps us happy
  5. Thought it would be good if we as a group could compose a song for the Chairman. I was listening to Dean Martin on the way home and thought this could start us off.To the tune of volare. Chansiri oh oh he bought us a football team oh oh oh and now we're playing supreme Chansiri oh oh oh. Any ideas?
  6. I'm going to Edinburgh for the weekend I'm 60 on Sunday so ill be in a pub getting hammered. If we happen to lose it'll numb the pain slightly.however the hangover will be terrible!
  7. Its best we know ---- all coz its sending me insane!
  8. lets just get it done next Saturday first,then worry about what team we field against Fulham.
  9. Lets just hope he can replicate those figures pal. For me when he's just on the pitch it causes panic in our opponents defense
  10. Ive got a good feeling about tomorrow. 4 or 5-1 me things.
  11. he's our best midfielder people are now starting to understand
  12. dont suppose we can have any chips then!
  13. British for sure that's what's up now he hasn't a clue about the nature of the crew he's got .
  14. Three from me. Barnsley Manager The Preston Manager or The Burton manager.
  15. believe after the Liverpool game they decided stop using them.