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  1. Two midfielders at full back Dropping Hooper (who by being injured was clearly a reason we struggled in the playoffs following our great run when he returned) in favour of the strike force of when we arguably looked our worst and won about 1 in 9 Dropping fletcher (best goals per minute of anyone we have this season) A player who has been injured for the best part of two years on the wing and FF on the other what could possibly go wrong
  2. Getting rid of Fletcher, who is our only real threat in the air from a forward (Rhodes sometimes but not like Fletcher is) would be absolute madness. He ended the season with the best goals per minute ratio at the club. FF in a two upfront isnt the way to go for me. 2 from Hooper/Fletch/Rhodes. You know, like we won 6/6 with
  3. The fact that people think McGugan is good enough or could ever be above our current midfielders in the pecking order is staggering. Like Watford would ever have even considered McGugan over Abdi ? And the comparisons of McGugan to Mooy, please.
  4. So Pearson likes a team full of energy and fitness. That's what he tried to transition at Derby and it failed... He got rid of Martin to Fulham due to this and signed Vydra instead. I feel if we got him in his style wouldn't be suited to our entire strike force and numerous other players which would be one expensive job to change. Can't judge him on Derby job alone, but i would want someone who would be more prepared to work with what we have without a major rebuild.... (if Carvalhal leaves that is, which i hope he doesn't)
  5. He started the last 3 games before his knee injury, then had an operation which is why he's not been in the squad...
  6. This refers to bedding in at a new club,new location, different team mates, different styles of play (adapting) and being more involved in preseason games with the likely XI
  7. So in order to try and move on from the disappointment of last week, I think it's time to start thinking of the positives of next season. One of the main ones for me is getting Abdi fit. A lot of fans seem to forget he's even in the picture! He came with a big reputation and most Watford fans were both disappointed and really surprised he dropped down to the championship. Just look at the tweets at the time on the subject This season he was blighted by injuries and without a pre season, so i for one can't wait to see him hopefully fit and raring to go in August.
  8. Abdi did arrive with basically no pre season, carrying an injury, got in the side, then a season ending injury like a new player next season
  9. Again comes down to style of play. He he was never going to be like for like with Hutch and should never have been expected to. Last season he played alongside Barton (think of the totally different type of players we have in CM) and didn't look exposed. At all. In fact he was brilliant. Compare that to how he has looked with us on the whole. So again, we sign David Jones and I'm amazed we didn't build a midfield to suit, same with Abdi. Very good signing on paper, his track record proved that. But once again strikes of signing the best players and not the best players for our style.
  10. Abdi was basically injured all season ffs and Fletcher had our best goal per minute of anyone?
  11. Strike force needs no change. Its our style of play behind the attack and a few personnel in MF that need changing.
  12. Don't forget though a fully fit Hooper (£3-4m)and probably Abdi (IMO) would get in that side also. Reach has had almost played every game for us since he arrived
  13. How anyone can even suggest selling Gary Hooper is beyond me. Did you not notice the difference he made to our side when he was back?! Poor form without....6 wins in 6 with him back fit, then 0 wins in 2 when out again in the playoffs! He's arguably the most important cog in that side.
  14. Almen Abdi?
  15. I think we already have enough strikers in Hooper Fletcher Rhodes Winnall (all on a wedge £) Nuhiu and Joao! agree re FF and AA