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  1. Westwood. The talisman. To say he gets a lot of stick for being "injury prone" also, he's been a saint compared to the rest!
  2. Baring in mind we've won 4/4 since moving away from this pairing and played a fit again Hooper, I think that would be absolute madness.
  3. Apart from probably being our stand out player until his injury, right?
  4. People seem to spend too much time comparing him to Sam Hutchinson. He's a different player, with different, often less noticeable qualities His CV and the amount of promotions on it is no coincidence.
  5. Hooper not good enough? The man who has proven to be the missing piece of the jigsaw for the last 4/5 months and the entire foundation of our play? Whatever.
  6. Haha. I forget sometimes
  7. Except fletcher scores goals as well. Nuhiu did an absolutely superb bit of skill taking out two men on the touch line, then instead of slipping it inside to Jordan Rhodes in the area, he tried another trick and lost the ball. Summed up in a nutshell. He certainly provides more of a plan b than Winnall (justifying his place on the bench), but at the minute I wouldn't change too much.
  8. Yes but you don't have Hooper, Rhodes, Fletcher and Winnall to play Nuhiu and FF up top. Everything I've seen over the past few years with Nuhiu tells me he doesn't warrant a start over those guys, which won't change based on one 20 minute cameo.
  9. Fletcher has been superb 2 games before yest, put himself about yest too. Now nuhiu to start? He came on and did everything asked, but lets not overreact
  10. Fibonacci91 is Bannans cousin and hates Abdi
  11. But you've got to give him his due....he's selecting things that have been before in our history. The same kit season after season doesn't sell like change does. Thats just fact. At least he's not totally changed our identity, lets be honest. We've pretty much got a badge we've had before, along with a kit next season that we've had before. So its not major drama for me.
  12. I'd say picking the badge from our past and also next seasons kit from our past is respecting tradition. Hardly like he's picking stuff that's totally left field like Cardiffs owner did. Weve had these types of kit ad badge changes before, it's nothing new and DC will know new style kits will sell, as fans see them as new/different...plus if he ever switches back to stripes for a season they will sell like wild fire ££££
  13. Probably something to do with SWFC being solely owned by one person
  14. Winn Gardens estate is annoyingly bang in the middle between our training ground and middlewood park. That stretch of land is absolutely massive.
  15. Ridiculous. Could barely move or breathe at Rotherham (New purpose built ground?!) there was that little space, yet Hillsborough concourse is a problem?