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  1. Again, conveniently overlook the fact I said for SWFC.
  2. Yet Hooper, who was unfit for most of the season, still had a better goals per minute ratio for SWFC than Winnall did?
  3. You hope Winnall starts ahead of Hooper? Did the change from Winnall to Hooper and the improvement it brought in the last 6 games of the season totally pass you by?
  4. Like it
  5. Probably shorter odds for us to sign kurt angle.
  6. Leaving out either Forestieri, Hooper, Rhodes, Fletcher or Winnall for an unproven kid would be ridiculous. If CC did that I can imagine Chansiri might be questioning him on why we've paid £10m for Rhodes...
  7. The same reason it didn't work out in the end at his previous clubs. Starts well, shows talent...then what? It disappears. Do you really think Carlos would be picking Semedo on the bench ahead of him, when his job was pretty much on the line when we went on that dire run, unless he had good reason? If McGugan had absolutely anything about him as a professional, he would have been at least on the bench towards the end of last season. His performances for the u23s showed why he wasnt anywhere near the picture. Unfit and no effort whatsoever. He didn't even stand out talent wise on that pitch. The fact he wasn't in a position to even beat Semedo to a place on the subs bench, he should be ashamed of himself.
  8. I cant believe so many people get baited in by this rubbish, on rubbish websites that spout nonsense to get clicks. We've all seen Abdi's interview on SWFC page, why on earth would we be concerned about him moving? Clearly staying. Put it this way,no player would move to a club like Leeds, Derby or anyone at our level unless they were surplus to requirements. SWFC simply wouldn't do it.
  9. Terry and Chester
  10. rid of abdi??! Really? Just had an injury hit season
  11. Hahaha correct. Think some people need a little look on the old internet at the history of their club....or read a book.
  12. Does anyone actually know what knee injury Abdi got and if he's likely to be fit for pre season?
  13. Both surprised and gutted they've signed him. Can we recruit better?.
  14. If it was me, i'd put him in the midfield and then build it around him from there. I don't feel like Carlos will do that unfortunately. I guess it will be up to him in pre-season to make his mark, but i just cant see him leaving out Hutch, Lee and Bannan!
  15. Find it amazing that Fulham are second favourites, when they have 5 loan players going back and their manager is linked with every job under the sun.