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  1. Didn't realise - teaches me for trying to sound like I know what I'm talking about! Yeah like you say, has to push on now. Was there for his debut but can't really remember if he was any good or not. It's always nice to get a homegrown lad through, hope it works out for him.
  2. Think like what Fessi said above - Carlos doesn't seem to utilise pacy wingers. I think that that can only be to our detriment. It doesn't mean we have to play them constantly, but it just means we have that extra string to our bow if we ever needed it. Pace can change games. I personally think Mo Barrow would be perfect for us from Swansea, always liked what I've seen from him, if not slightly erratic. Anybody know how he did at Loids last season?
  3. Is Stobbs going to be included? Is he 20 now? Just signed his first pro contract - wonder if he's going to head out on loan. Crying out for some pace somewhere in the team - so one paced it can become predictable. Unless Westwood is secretly Usain Bolt
  4. Think it's prudent and used as an incentive - Wallace doesn't seem like one to get face on, think he'll push himself to be a regular. As others have said though, a contract isn't a bonus, if he's good enough next year then give him a contract, if not then don't.
  5. Give Pat Nevin a ring, looks a tiny bit like our t'Carlos anyway
  6. Haven't read the whole thread coz I'm reyt poopydoo like that, so dunno if this has been covered. Purely playing devil's advocate, because he's proven he's a quality player at this level and can hold his own in the Prem, but would it be the signing that we need? We are absolutely crying out for pace somewhere, and that's usually out wide or up top. We are probably not going to get another striker in (what with the 6 pros we have) so it has to come from the flanks. Teams will shut up shop against us again next year, what scares bobbar teams? Pace. Maybe I'm not playing devils advocate too much - I think we need a pacy winger. Love Carlos but the closest thing he has brought in with pace was Sougou and even then that's pushing it. Who's a winger, fast and most importantly Scottish?
  7. It's a while ago now but I think I remember him bossing the Championship when he was down here last. He's since had a ton of Prem experience and Champions League experience. If there's any chance at getting him we need to be looking at it for me. We could sell beards in the club shop and he can play Jesus at the Wednesday nativity this Christmas. All boxes ticked.
  8. Dream Signing: Mo Diame Good Signing: Daniel Ayala Likely Signing: Kluivert
  9. Fantastic OP - the bog is always where the magic happens. If we lose, it will be with a heavy heart, but we will still come back next year. We'll still go on the wee wee with our mates. We'll still win admirers all around the country. We'll still sell out away ends. We'll still have a load of fun. The players and Carlos know that tonight they will be backed to the hilt. Go out and enjoy it lads, the pressure is off, because... We're All Super Sexual Probably The Wrong Shade Of Blue And Stripes Not Wide Enough Flying Predators Of Afterhours Aren't We?
  10. Bit of a long shot, but anybody around Walthamstow for today's game? I believe the Flowerpot is showing it, not entirely sure though.
  11. Yeah, nervous, feels like a day you're going to the doctors to get your tackle looked at - anything could happen. Not anywhere near as nervous as the thought of having to play the pigs next season if we don't go up, they're coming for us don't you know. Blavges
  12. Rhodes to score against his formers - Hunt to do the same! 2-1 to the extravagant, feathered demons of the night. THERE'S ONLY ONE TEAM WHO PLAY IN BLUE AND WHITE STRIPES, AND IT WAS US PRIOR TO THIS SEASON.
  13. I think we can be at our best when counter-attacking, so if we do play them and they do attack us I don't think we'll take a tatering, it might even be better for us. And we also seem to have worked out how to break down stubborn resistance. I think over two legs we can turn them over. If I had to choose a team to avoid it would be Reading - done us twice and have Al-Habsi and Kermorgant, but even then I think we shouldn't be afraid. But I would love to play Huddersfield again, just so we can dig out the DJ Smile video
  14. I would want to play Fulham as well. I think we could beat them over two legs, and if we did I think the confidence of beating the form team that everybody is talking about going would push us over the line in the final. But to make it a bit easier can Kermorgant, Kachunga and Tom Cairney all get sent off next week plz
  15. YEAAAAAAAH I love you you super sexual winged demons of the night