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  1. There is always the thing about 'specifically the top teams' but one can argue that the whole thing is about consistency over the season. All teams raise their game against the 'top' or ' immediate rival ' teams' so there is no point in grinding out the 'what if theory' . Equally, there is no point in reflecting upon the points lost against the bottom end clubs if we should, on form , have turned them over The average over the whole season thing is surely what to look at ! Also, no point in wingeing about 'injuries' without considering the 'injury' position of of rival clubs who may perhaps have been suffering huge injuries to their team OR who played us when we were equally without 'star' players .
  2. It is really just banter of fans across the country. Like Brighton fans singing something like "and we are going up and we'll win the cup" even though they were out of the cup ! Relax and enjoy the atmosphere generated by passionate supporters.
  3. Shooosh ! Let's keep him under the radar ! We don't want Chelski for example trying to prise him away as an understudy for Courtois !
  4. Thats the only thing which would mitigate an Owls loss as Reading 3 down at Florist and Town 4-1 down to Fulham at the last count. Hopefully we have time to get back in this game ! WE ARE BACK IN THIS GAME !
  5. Derby have nothing to play for and I think therefore that they will not cut it up rough if they are only looking forward to next season. So if we put in a decent display, as we have been doing recently, I can't see anything other than an Owls victory. UTO
  6. Whatever our personal feelings are the most important factor is that the team are motivated to play in the colours (not up for discussion) and design, be they blue with white sleeves, stripes, pin stripes or indeed hoops.
  7. There are numerous issues arising from this situation and indeed from this thread. 1) Let's make sure that WE finish in the play off positions. 2) RFC are flaky as evidenced at Carrow Road on Saturday past so I am convinced that we would beat them be it semi final or final. then 3) The issue of the sale of RFC must be something of a concern for the EFL but must be hugely concerning for the PL. We are looking at unknowns (no disrespect intended) taking over an English Football Club from similarly unknown owners, neither of whom had / had any experience of the reality of owning/running such a business. Boy's toys comes to mind and already the current owners are opting out on the grounds of expense. The prospect of new owners coming in the make a 'quick buck' would be incredibly damaging. The disruption which this would cause to RFC, the PL (or indeed the EFL) whether promoted or not would be mind boggling. I hope that the 'suitable owners' or whatever criteria is seriously looked at and revamped upwards. 4) One can go on, and sorry to be boring but, IMHO, whereas I hope that we will be up there at the end, I sure do hope that, if not us, one or other of the other two will do so !
  8. I agree with much of what you say but, without delving back, I am sure that neither Newcastle nor Brighton were that fast out of the blocks this current season. so perhaps it is about getting to the stage of having a settled team/formation and the earlier that happens the better !
  9. I wish -
  10. Agreed, I posted this on the match thread we should have been at least three up by half time but, again, it ends up squeaky bum time !
  11. It makes you wonder about our recruitment policy as I suggested not long before we signed JR, although I reckoned a loan would be OK, but spend £10m perm ??