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  1. Parkinson on BBC radio Manchester

    He hardly caught him I'd be surprised to see more than a yellow for that. Trust me I am saying this without my blue and white specs on.
  2. Lazy journalism part 1 million

    It's Johnny!
  3. An Owl who has actually been tonight

    As an owl who didn't go it would be easy to think from just reading some of the stuff on here that we were a lot worse than we actually were.
  4. Ok hes brought Rhodes on. He better be out to prove himself and get a winner especially when sacrificing Winnall
  5. Positives from today

    By that I mean the Wednesday of two seasons ago
  6. Positives from today

    I saw the old Wednesday for a bit today
  7. 45th to 60th minute

    Probably was great because jones or reach weren't near the ball
  8. EFLC Second round draw.

    It will be nice to see Gary Madine
  9. George Hirst send him out on loan

    I also like his ability to hold the ball up, waste time, win fouls to slow the game down and ultimately, see the game out
  10. George Hirst send him out on loan

    His job is not to score.
  11. Rhodes to Wolves???

    People rate Rhodes to highly. Watch any of his previous goals from when he was truly a prolific striker, and you will see that Rhodes doesn't feed off of quality passes from CM's. He feeds off of scraps. In the first season under Carlos he wouldn't have been able to manage the quick link up play that created so many of our goals.
  12. Carlos Supporters....

    Carlos is our manager and I don't decide if he is doing a good enough job or not. I support him as a supporter of Sheffield Wednesday should. It doesn't matter if we think he should go or not
  13. It would be unreasonable to sack him now after 1 loss to a penalty that wasn't even a penalty. We can't tell if he has or hasn't learnt from last seasons mistakes yet after 1 poor performance attacking wise. We still have many key players who aren't getting a game which makes sense to Carlos since he is a believer in 2nd wind. 'It's a marathon not a sprint'. Just because we've got off to a slow start doesn't mean we won't be performing well soon.