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  1. vs chesterfield
  2. Joao is good on his day, his touch is just a bit off
  3. Precisely!
  4. I think Nuhiu was brought on to see the game out- this is not Sam Winnalls specialist skill
  5. Vs Wolves away was probably the best I've seen him play ever
  6. Is it even possible to get on the pitch at Wembley?
  7. I'm sure that something memorable will occur naturally and will be more spine tingling experience for your grand kids. More so than if we tried to recreate something that had already happened and was great there and then
  8. Maybe the guy that usually controls the volume doesn't work Sundays?
  9. That's a bit different to what others have said
  10. Thank you. We can show em our character now and beat em with 10 as a warning if we get them in the playoffs
  11. Cheers Jeff
  12. Anyone seen it and can tell me what happened?
  13. Old ladies are ugly with boob jobs and botox
  14. Hahahahahahah thanks Leeds gotta score 4 now