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  1. So this team gets us promoted and as a reward most of them get the sack?
  2. I don't want him to go, i just want to see this attractive football he kept talking about last season. Losing a few wouldn't bother me as long as i'm being entertained. Last season i thought we could beat any team. The end of this season i'm losing confidence. We love you Carlos, but cant we just go back to the "as long as we score more than them" attitude?
  3. if the football is going to be rubbish we may as well get another manager. Carlos should stick to playing attractive football to keep the crowds up. I've lost interest in going to watch this drab football.
  4. Wednesday got nothing to lose now, lets see how well we can play when the shackles are off.
  5. I don't care who plays, football is an entertainment business. Come on Carlos, entertain us.
  6. Zlatan Ibrahimovic
  7. Unfortunately Abdi has not showed enough for 4 million he cost.
  8. Why do people still want Abdi to play over Jones? Jones seems pretty solid.
  9. His wages have tripled, i doubt he will be that bothered about being on the bench.
  10. I was talking to a United fan today who told me when they reach the Championship there are no FFP rules and the Prince(the richest man in the world) would spend big, really big. Lets hope they go up, should be fun.
  11. Sounds like Barnsley is in meltdown mode
  12. It's no wonder we've been worked out, it's written down.