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  1. What you on about? We've signed Jordan Rhodes for 12 million this month.
  2. I'd say Reach and Wallace have earned their places, but at his age and with his experience Boyd hasn't been brought in to warm the bench. Likewise with Matias, although he's had a bumpy road to this point (that's putting it mildly) I think Carlos still sees him as first XI quality if he could ever stay fit and repeat the form that made us buy him in the first place. There's problems to address at the back for me, and if we aren't selling anyone this summer then I think the rest of our FFP restricted budget will go towards a decent CB and maybe a Versatile full back. A winger on loan might be a possibility when injury inevitability strikes.
  3. wounds are still fresh for us missing out so narrowly two years running, but once we are top of the league by Xmas I'm sure we will all be pulling ourselves round the 1867 suite at the prospect of promotion again.
  4. Hope we sign someone today before we all start asking if he could do a job!
  5. I'm sure it will already have been experimented with in training since it's becoming the go-to formation at the top end now. I think drop a forward and include bannan since Carlos will certainly do this.
  6. Really? Our most successful manager in most fans' lifetime and you can't comprehend why people like him?? engage your brain before posting.
  7. I'd just get shut of Joao. Keep the rest, they all contribute something different (yes even big Dave). Hopefully we will have better luck with injuries this season and see some real competition for places.
  8. BREAKING: Sheffield United sign Former AC Milan wonderkid....
  9. I'm sure Westwood and his coaches did their homework too. Not everyone crams 2 minutes before the exam.
  10. Nothing to do with Wallace going off. Reach for Wallace is winger for winger, it just meant we had no one on the right after the injury rather than no one on the left if Wallace has stayed on. It it was frustrating early season tactics all over again. A lopsided midfield which doesn't have enough forward drive and rarely gets into positions to deliver crosses. Also, as much as I like Fessi and Fletcher, they are not an effective forward pair. They don't link well together and look too much like individuals whereas Hooper seems to 'partner' with whoever he plays alongside. Missed his influence a lot this week.
  11. Wallace against Huddersfield was unreal to watch in real time. Hope he repeats it a couple of times this week!
  12. Good recommendation! Cheers
  13. Agreed - us aside as finalists from last season, I would not have guessed this would be the set of teams in the playoffs! As always, makes next season seem even more daunting if the 3 remaining teams keep it up, Leeds go at it again, Villa and Norwich perform as their budgets suggest they should and the teams coming down don't struggle! Lets make sure we get out now!!
  14. Rotherham easily the worst