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  1. Don't ask me how I know this sort of thing, but I've got a really big hunch that it just might be reduced, yeh.
  2. I'd go with Hutch despite his absence. There have been games this season where we have looked out of sorts and he has dragged us through. His passion and commitment deserve recognition.
  3. Big fan of the 80s and 90s shirts - even the bizzare barcode shirt. Recent favourite is the VW puma shirt from the league 1 promotion season. Looking forward to seeing next seasons shirt too. odd choice to symbolise our history as the stripes are clearly part of our identity but I'm sure they will be back with a vengeance in 2018/19
  4. I agree. We need it sewn up by then. I think our trouble all season has been goals and if you look at fulham's recent games (and overall season), that is where they specialise. I'd much rather be bored to tears watching our B team get hammered than have to rely on that last game to secure our playoff place.
  5. Anyone else nearly die from embarrassment every time they watch a cringey video of someone singing footy songs acapella?
  6. Agree with the above. Wallace has been mostly positive in his contribution this season, but Hutch will take some beating for POTS.
  7. To be fair they've been on their way for the last 5 years and cocked it up each time so they can have the song if it makes them feel better.
  8. Phew. I had a horrible nightmare that after winning and moving back into the top six that we wouldn't have anything to moan about. Thank god our throw ins are still rubbish.
  9. Are you requesting this or has it happened? (Relocation, not demolition)
  10. Politician or not, no one knows because we're making it up as we go along. Chances are rules around work permits etc for European players would only affect future arrivals as it will create enough work without having to backdate it too.
  11. Kit is nice. Not as nice as the winning kit (sorry). And if if we could fit the name of every player we've ever had on a kit I'd expect regi blinker and graham Hyde somewhere around the bum crack
  12. Cant understand the negativity aimed at Reach. Once again showed he will play anywhere for the good of the team. Good running off the ball last night which largely went unnoticed because the ball went backwards rather than into danger areas.
  13. Very good OP. I couldn't agree more about the physicality of our team. We are second to everything and our midfield in particular have seemed dwarfed by their opponents on several occasions this season. We need Hutch back, as well as those around him to continue battling in his absence. I'm not one for calling for the managers head after a poor performance, but last night was the first time this season I've given it some serious thought. I still stand by my initial assessment of Carlos' job prospects come the end of the season and that would be promotion or bust as the standard was set so high last season I can't picture a version of failure that would convince the owners to go another year.
  14. Lets have a bit of perspective please. Every club brings in players that do and don't fit the system. Often it's a gamble as no two club setups Are the same so you can never guarantee success (e.g. Players who perform for club but not country). I personally would rather see us try and occasionally fail at the top end of the transfer market rather than living off scraps like we have done for many years.
  15. Celebrated wildly by all accounts. Hope he knows how much that goal means!!