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  1. It's hard to sing when we're all holding our breaths. It's tension that's all, not willful lack of support.
  2. Well whatever the pros and cons, it'll be one of the saddest days of my life if the Wednesday leave Hillsborough. My heart sinks at the thought.
  3. I think Lee being out injured so long has been the single biggest setback to our season so I'd have to say him. On his day FT can be world beater at this level but he's not been on his day enough this season.
  4. I think so as well mate. With respect to Rotherham we've got to go for it tonight and if we can get the ball to them we could score score 3 or 4.
  5. Lucas Joao, is a star!
  6. I have preferred it if he'd said that we were total garbage, dead jammy and mugged them off.
  7. My guess is no.
  8. Tonight's game panned out pretty much as I expected it to. Let's not get too down, it's a good point on the back of Saturday's win.
  9. Great post mate! We've nothing to lose and everything to gain by sticking together. We can celebrate or conduct a postmortem once the season's over. As fans the best thing we can do at this moment in time is get behind the lads and Carlos and hope we can make the difference. UTO.
  10. I just can't get my head around why we're so slow off the mark especially at home, it's game after game. We can't possibly be playing to orders surely? At Newcastle we showed the value of getting onto the front foot from the first minute, it can set the tempo for the whole game. They want a cracker up their backsides and I don't mean Jacobs. Let's get in the Dirties faces from the off, if we lose there l'll start to get a bit twitchy. .
  11. Agreed, baffled us at the time and I still can't understand the decision.
  12. We controlled the game in the last half hour but we didn't start pushing until the second half like so many other games home and away. It'd be interesting to see a first half verses second half table. We set off far too cagey again.
  13. Agreed but unfortunately you could say the same thing about some of our own fans, like those who discuss the Pigs every bloody move on the non SWFC section. I really don't get the fascination, we can worry about them and deal with it when and IF they're ever good enough to play us in the same league.
  14. ^^^^ This. The last thing we want to do is push him too hard too soon.