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  1. That's a reasonable point.. I guess its how big we think our club is and where we're going in the future do we want to go back to being an up and down club or actually contend. These kind of tournaments are arranged at The Emirate's Old Trafford etc and seeing as we have Ranger's visiting why not throw a Minor euro team in the mix plus another local team and make it an annual event. Think out of the box and build our reputation as the big club we are the pitch gets damaged in the colder months not July.
  2. Spot on my thoughts too.... Couldn't we have done some kind of tournament at Hillsborough invited a couple of minor European teams and possibly Doncaster or Rotherham and spread it over a week ...it would make far more sence.....
  3. Have to agree Peta Rudi would be my choice too
  4. I totally agree one play off final one play off semi in his first two seasons a whole new style of football that we've not seen for years we're in a good place if you think about it logically. Next season we should be going for automatic promotion but with three strong teams coming down and three ambitious teams coming up plus the normal contenders the Championship is going to be just as hard next season.. Possibly a tinker with the back room staff is what's needed to bring in a few ideas but we must keep Carlos.
  5. That's probably it I remember going in to Torquay for the night after the Exeter game I'd have been 19 and off my head on the local brew I'll be getting the two events mixed up... So we were at Watford when they dropped into the 4th div ....cheers for that..
  6. The Exeter v United score board reminded me of an end of season away game i was at when we heard united had been relegated ... Was it Exeter/Torquay ? My old mind is playing tricks this morning and was it 79/80 can any one answer so I can get on with some chores its bugging me now...lol
  7. Setting ourselves up for the fall goes with the territory be it a rainy night at Bury or a Sunlit Saturday at Old Trafford we follow our team.... I wouldn't change anything I'd prefer to just keep living the dream and this season its promotion ....
  8. WHAT!!!! No mention of the new rival to Rio ...The blades parade
  9. Dam we've been rumbled .....best leave my cloth cap and whippet at home for the day them Ipswich stewards are going spot us a mile off....
  10. Try virgin
  11. Is a lot cheaper going via London tube to Liverpool st and up to Ipswich
  12. Brilliant... There ticket line is all automated and it'll pick out a Sheffield post code and reject as long as your payment goes through just stick any postcode on and collect is my advise to the massive ....see you all there Ipswich is going to rock for a change...
  13. You can put down a different postcode on your application Rather than a Sheffield one but then put down for collection from ticket office
  14. The cobbold isn't there home end the Norh stand is the cobbold is pretty tame and if there's enough wed on there they'll just move us to one side after our first goal....
  15. Got to love Bambi a Wednesday legend