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  1. Where were you? I was just about in London to meet a mate before a few shandies.
  2. You need some material that hasn't been done to death already.
  3. There isn't. Get it deleted.
  4. It won't affect the one I've already bought.
  5. Concentrate on how you felt, whilst celebrating our goal last night. Limbs everywhere. Throats hurting afterwards. The pride of seeing our stadium as it was. Not many clubs or stadiums see this. I bet not a single goal was celebrated as hard, by our S2 neighbours, as ours was last night. That's what I'M keeping in mind. Nothing else.
  6. Well he is the coach. He isn't allowed to take one.
  7. This is a totally new topic!!!!!
  8. Never happened did it???
  9. Andy Blair
  10. Go on then, one more time.
  11. Pogo dancing. Jump and spit.
  12. That's a thread I started last year. The difference between a fan and a supporter. I must dig it out.
  13. I might just do that.