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  1. "Knocked ovver? Be rayt"
  2. Mr Meadows.
  3. So either Shaun or Gary.
  4. Is someone gonna post the stadium plan up now then?
  5. Ah yes, the latest "in joke".
  6. Did the ball go out as Hooper headed it??
  7. Such sad news. I think I saw him being treated as we went to our seats. I kept thinking throughout the game how he may have been. My sincerest condolences. WAWAW.
  8. I pointed at him but don't think he saw me.
  9. That is true.
  10. Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal....constantly.
  11. However we were the underdog a lot last season and didn't beat a single top 6 team apart from Brighton once in the play offs.
  12. I know I've seen them placed in the goal. The others are positioned outside somewhere. But anyway......
  13. When he looks at the north stand and sees his name there. Lucky bugger!
  14. After seeing the replay on the screen in the ground yesterday, I was wondering where in the stadium they were mounted? Bolted to the ends of the south stand?
  15. My mum died of cancer 18 years ago yesterday. An horrendous, random nasty evil disease. I fukcing hate it. RIP Helen.