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  1. I'll let you know in May.
  2. We need to evolve, not........
  3. They would be perfect for me. I prefer standing, but, at the ripe old age of 43, my back isn't brilliant. So a quick sit down now and again to take the weight off would be great.
  4. Lerrusin yer *****.......
  5. Yes, he adds nothing for our future building. Old slow unfit expensive.
  6. Where's this year's warning?? Is Neil setting people up for a fall? Or is he too busy "penguinning" around?
  7. I don't understand it, but a bit of culture is always welcome on here!
  8. What about Danny Wilson? He could certainly take it and dish it out.
  9. I thought that crap had vanished....
  10. Is that as in "tuck shop"?
  11. Forestieri to Huddersfield. Yep, the fans love him up there.
  12. A rhombus of reality.
  13. A friend's son got the letter and £150 back.
  14. Where were you? I was just about in London to meet a mate before a few shandies.
  15. You need some material that hasn't been done to death already.