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  1. Only at 12? Bit tight! Alright will do mate cheers. We'll be the uni students wearing Wednesday stuff. Are you going on your own or with friends?
  2. Nice, I will head to the Golden Eagle with my girlfriend and my mate. @WEAREMASSIVE hopefully see you there as well.
  3. Haha don't worry pal on the day I'll be jumping and singing til my voice goes. It's just nerves, that's all. I swing between terror and unshakeable optimism several times a day... Whether we win or lose I'll be showing my support don't you worry.
  4. This indeed, I'm terrified that we'll be 3-0 down going into Wednesday's match and the crowd will just be depressing - or worse, filled with a false hope that we'll pull it back. I'm so god damn nervous. At this point I'd gladly take Huddersfield 1 - 0 Wednesday going into the home leg.
  5. So there's not even an option of our alternative kit? I hate the black and orange...
  6. Who will get to wear their home kit? We're both blue and white.
  7. Brilliant! So will there be commentary? And if so will it be German/Japanese?
  8. Wednesday aren't on the site you linked. Are you sure that's accurate?
  9. Had a peek at their fan forum and they're scared of us too and wanting to avoid us. It's natural.
  10. I suspect Fulham will soon take the lead. Villa down to 10 men and playing poorly again after less than 48 hours' rest. I very much doubt Fulham will fail to win today.
  11. 2-1 to us! Leeds losing Reading losing Fulham drawing WEDNESDAY WINNING