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  1. What's your source on that? That'd be interesting.
  2. I agree, Bannan is our best player. Not because he's amazingly gifted in terms of shooting or skill, but he orchestrates our attack from the centre. Almost every goal goes through him switching the ball from side to side or whipping crosses in to great places.
  3. I think it will be livestreamed on Portimonense TV. They did have a video titled "Preparations for the game with Sheffield" on there so hopefully they'll stream it!
  4. Met Chansiri after the semi-final penalties. He looked absolutely gutted so I walked up to him, said thank you so much and shook his hand. My missus smiled at him to try and cheer him up (must feel bad missing out on £250m+), and that got him to smile back - he looked a bit less down after that. Barry Bannan messaged me back on Facebook once when I complimented his performance in a match. He just thanked me and said he appreciated the praise. It did get me to thinking that perhaps sending some praise to our players on social media might improve their performances by improving their confidence. They must get a LOT of hate and criticism.
  5. Hi fellas, I've got to wondering when I'll next be able to watch Wednesday live. Will the matches in Portugal be on Portuguese tv or anything? Else, what's the best way to follow? Twitter updates? iFollow audio?
  6. Aye that's what I meant
  7. A very quick hatchet job, i can do a better one if people want but we'll see whether we play in them tonight before i put effort in Obviously this is already 100% photorealistic and a flawless shop
  8. Not necessarily mate as I highly doubt we'll play our first team.
  9. That is abysmally disorganised, the match is in a matter of hours. What the hell are they doing? Between this and the kit I'm starting to think there's something weird going on.
  10. Whilst this is good, I expect we'll find a lot more matches at the highest price category than in previous seasons. Marketing saw last season that our fans will pay the highest prices for tickets and they'll exploit it wherever possible. I generally like our ownership at the moment but there's no charity in the way they run the club. That said, I'm a realist and they've got to make it profitable somehow. It's just a shame that I can barely afford less than 10 matches a season nowadays.
  11. I genuinely think they might finish about 10th-12th. They have a great team spirit, a good historic stadium and they've got a point to prove. They also have some reasonable quality players and a Championship level striker in Billy Sharp. And to be honest, as long as they finish below us I'd be pleased for them. It's good for the city, and for football and for our rivalry. I know I'll get negged for saying that but you've got to give credit where credit's due, even if it's to United.
  12. But I thought the HD streaming service wasn't available to UK residents? Interested as I don't live near Sheffield anymore.
  13. Did you need a foreign billing address or just a VPN with an english billing address?
  14. Only at 12? Bit tight! Alright will do mate cheers. We'll be the uni students wearing Wednesday stuff. Are you going on your own or with friends?