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  1. Big Wednesday news this.
  2. I've got a good site for streams, so no probs with that, just better on box though.
  3. Yeah, just looking on listings now, just says SS1 HD.
  4. Another pointless poll.
  5. Anyone know if the Rotherham or Newcastle match will be on SS Mix.
  6. just what we needed, another phucking piglet.
  7. You might want to edit that.
  8. CC too stubborn to change.
  9. Don't see it as a derby.
  10. George Best was Scottish, you learn something new everyday.
  11. Derek Dooley, scored a goal a game.
  12. Think he means McCabe
  13. Who was Arsenal manager when they won the Prem without losing a game all season.
  14. Some players love this kind of abuse, hope he's one of them.
  15. I've got some friends who've never missed a game, but they havent got enough points to get a ticket?
  16. Rotherham will be in Premier League in three years, Tony Stewart said so.
  17. Yes 40
  18. I'll be filling in my application form for that new course at Hallam University.
  19. I remember them going down to 10 men cos four players went off injured, doubt that would happen again.