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  1. Some marquee friendly we've arranged, it was Rangers who asked us for the game.
  2. They're pretty good at snooker tbf.
  3. Rhodes and Fletcher for me
  4. http://www.avillafan.com/26132/hutton-sheffield-wednesday/
  5. Don't think you'll get much support on that one. (dissapointed face)
  6. O.k I missed one, I've had a few.( dunt matter face)
  7. Yeah we have, obv, but not enough. We still haven't seen a goal from Winnall, Hooper, FF or Fletch, whats going on.
  8. 5 of them came against Alfreton though and we really should have been putting 10 past them alone.
  9. Someone forgot to close the window as that idea went through.
  10. I also think we'll go up, at some point in the future.
  11. You've all ready been phucked.
  12. Beats me?
  13. And the other will be match report of tonights game.
  14. Why Abdi?
  15. Mental if true.
  16. Joao Matias Bannan FF Nuhiu
  17. Scraping the barrel with this one.
  18. I'll take two at that price, bargain.
  19. Wouldn't mind seeing her in the shirt.
  20. Celina Hinchcliffe
  21. Cos it's preseason and we're all bored as phuck.