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  1. I was going on that other thread which said he's signed an extension, looks like that was BS though.
  2. Sasso's signed a new contract hasn't he.
  3. Is that all.
  4. I think 40 mil is closer to the mark.
  5. Yeah lets do it, me and you.
  6. I'd expect Sky to be fairly reliable, since they own football.
  7. Probably later then.
  8. Only Wednesday, the rest of football is bobbar.
  9. Que
  10. He is a good club manager though.
  11. True though.
  12. The fat Ronaldo?
  13. Yes, there will be a first game.
  14. Why don't you just speak your mind.
  15. Did the unthinkable, voted for Wood.
  16. Don't need anymore 30+ year old Prem rejects who only want to earn as much money as possible before they retire.
  17. Did Judge play again this season and how did he do.
  18. What other teams have done in the past have no bearing on what other teams will do in the future.
  19. Who's your mate... Russel Grant?
  20. This is proper cringey.