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  1. Is that a yes then.
  2. I was asked about my availability , but I can't manage Wednesday.
  3. Good eveling, cheese and piccalilli sandwich.
  4. Knock away end down and rebuild and new roof on kop.
  5. Freeview isn't free then is it, since you have to pay T.V license.
  6. I thought everybody played the same.
  7. Closest to mine in 1977, 3rd division. Sat 15th Jan League Northampton Town 0-2 Sheffield Wednesday
  8. If I ever here any of them being sung, I'll defect!.
  9. This match makes me
  10. True.
  11. By the prophets, how did he miss that.
  12. How can 75mil make you as bad as this.
  13. Another bobbar goal.
  14. The devil that is Steve Bruce might shove a red hot poker up their arses in the dressing room.
  15. How the hell do you know that, they might play like demons 2nd half.
  16. Terrible first half with a terrible goal
  17. Great defending there
  18. bobbar game so far.
  19. Read first paragraph, watched the vid the rest was too daunting.
  20. Devils chocolate cake then.
  21. 25,117, 3-1 Rhodes x2 FF.
  22. A Wednesday player hate thread, not sure this will catch on.
  23. Fair enough