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  1. That tweet is 20 hours before this thread. It's complete testicles. I can guarantee the OP saw that tweet and then made something else up to sound more credible.
  2. Yeah don't get excited, the rumour is completely made up
  3. Can't wait for this to be over. I'll be on a golf course having a smirk when I see Hoopers bagged a hat trick and tied a Celtic scarf to the goal post.
  4. Fingers crossed for Wednesday morning.
  5. Got barred from one of the pubs in the village for a bit for telling McCabe, Mattock and Madine that they're useless cvnts.
  6. Met Carbone the other day. He was alright, wore fuucking leggings though, reyt weird and he wore sunglasses inside.
  7. I've no idea on that. As I said in the other thread, we got rid of most of last years gear so Lacatoni is a short term measure for training.
  8. Lacatoni aren't making our kits. I can tell you that with 100% certainty.
  9. Lacatoni isn't supplying the kits. A lot of last years training gear had been thrown out, short term measure for training kits.
  10. Zzzzz hope not I really don't get the love in for Rangers, is it just because they play in blue? And don't quote me with some religious poo . Second rate team from Scotland, great.
  11. Got mine. Do we get TPP's for these?
  12. Real smug here with all my TPP's cos I'm such a true fan
  13. Aboubakar is chuffing mentally good on FM15