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  1. We have 3 glaring problems as people keep aluding to, a cb partner for lees, of which I'd have to go Des walker. That midfield beast obviously you go Carleton Palmer. Creativity /supply for our strike force, so waddle would get my vote. For me though I'd have big nige Pearson back, the one thing I've noticed is we do lack that driving, organising leadership a Pearson brought and stability at the back for the flair players to do the business going forward, big strong imposing Terry butcher esq. Brighton had a dunk we need similar.
  2. I was calling for this one all season and I I don't think hunt is that bad, he's Ben improving all season and was putting a few utility balls in towards the end of the season, the one against Derby Fletcher should have scored from in the first half for example. Reach certainly has the work rate and energy levels, maybe needs toughening up a bit, but with the right training could be excellent as a lwb.
  3. Easier said than done, but bring in that midfield beast, at least one good quality CB to partner lees and someone who can cross a ball for our arrey of striking talent. We've had exiting football(season 1), we've had the boring defensive non creative (season 2) so in short amalgamate the two styles and hit the ground running for once.
  4. With this season over and the Huddersfield game dust has settled we now turn our thoughts to who to add and who just isn't going to cut the mustard, so the question is who do we want to keep and who is surplus to requirements.?
  5. It goes back to especially the 6 game bad run, you win those I think with the pressure the geordies would have cracked and we wouldnt have been too far off them.
  6. If I'm picking one out, as we only need one. Someone mentioned brendon Rodgers the other day. Good shout, he's good at building a team and has the promotion experience needed to handle the pressure. Plays a mix of good attacking and defence too. Many say he won't leave celtic???, but a chance at a crack with a side not far off he can mould, like he did with Swansea and after promotion create stability. We have history, we have cash and a very good chance of becoming a good premier side. Celtic are a stagnant huge club in a little league, yes they have money, but realistically can they compete in the champions league??, so may not be too impossible to think.
  7. DC is looking for a man to give him promotion moves I don't think has ever been there or expected that, he's a steady Eddie that builds over years and is good for consolidation year on year improving a mid table side. Not the man for me.
  8. Imagine how upset that would make the inbred, unwashed, neanderthal, knuckle draggers if he did a Howard Wilkinson in reverse for us and won us the championship title.
  9. I did say, if Carlos goes I would hope we would go with another manager with charisma, on those lines how about shearer. Haha
  10. The more here things keep happening, the more I hate to say it, is DC mates with the cocken eye cnut Mike Ashley, fist we get sondico, (direct sports), then Glen bloody Roeder ex Newcastle, now we may be getting pardew, another cocken eye. What's next joe kinnear Oo
  11. For me it makes sense if you want rid of a player, you need to play them try and get the best out of them and hope another club thinks hmmm he could do a great job for us. Just leaving a talented player worth a couple of bob to rot taking up wages for another signing. That said we're all on about Abdi, but from what I've seen they are both very similar, so if Carlos can't find a place for McGugan, he's struggling to find somewhere to play abdi, hence abandoning him out on the left.
  12. If there is indeed something in this and I think it's good for both parties, as much as I like Carlos personality I think unless he can find a balance between attack and defence were not going to improve to top too. Maybe he will as he's tried both methods now over two seasons. That said if he's missing his family and life in Portugal it then maybe a God idea.
  13. I think he'd scare the living crap out of half our first team with a few exceptions
  14. If he can look at things objectively and maybe find a balance like Brighton did between attack and defence, cautious and go for it, then yeah it's maybe a stay.
  15. He lives quite close so no relocation