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  1. Carlos doesn't bother playing loanees or young players. So as said we'll probably end up with a Dawson or some old Scottish crock like Reynolds. Perhaps he can get Steven pressley to pull his boots back on
  2. What happened to the good old days when you used to be able to use players you didn't need as make waits in deals and drop the fee down a little.??
  3. Don't forget matias and McGugan too.
  4. Kieron lee, solid, reliable, keeps things simple and ticking along with a good engine.
  5. Haha sleepy Tuesday morning bud.
  6. Fox for Me started a bit dodgy and as you said semedos to struggle with the pressure, but seemed to start as with hunt to pick up. Some form before he got injured, maybe playing for half a dozen games in a settled line up with the same left mid in front of him to gain some understanding timing runs, overlapping etc, he can become a good acquisition. We need to remember he's got time on his side as he's still young.
  7. Why risk him in meaningless friendlies, the whole point of them is not to look at first team regulars, it's to help try assess the fringe players and youngsters.
  8. Go with boyds work rate and energy for me, he also gives you more of a motor defensively than Wallace. Wallace can still turn a game and do something fantastic out of nothing(one of them 25yarders for example) but maybe at his age better bringing him on when you need to try change a game or as a different option from the bench.
  9. I'll reiterate my comments from another thread. Was a good signing when we needed him and did a good job for Gray when we needed it. Though we've moved on and have better players now in front of him, hell give you 100% commitment and work rate, but he's not of the quality we need if we're after auto promotion, so thanks for the service and go have a new adventure and help a lower ambition team out.
  10. I've said this loads of times, what's the point of having a talented player that is NEVER fit or Sharp when needed not even for normal games let alone the big one's, I'll take a good solid, Wallace, Lee and boyd now we have him player every day of the week. Time to move him on and get him off the wage bill as with ffp you can't carry passengers when your competing with parachute payments. Like the comment about Joao get him on loan whole season in division 1, that way hell either adapt and toughen up, or we ship him out somewhere more suitable.
  11. For me either get him out on loan in league 1 for the season to get used to playing against seasoned pros and some crowds rather than a few parents and a scout or two for the under 18s/23s. Or we put him on the bench, for away games (less of our fans) no huge Hillsborough and if were winning and comfortable in control, keep giving him half hour here, half hour there, he's a predator not a big target man uses his institution and instinct rather than muscle. The only real way to know if he can adapt is to play him, giving him game time.
  12. Still quite young as far as CB's go. For me add him Bartley and Jackson Irvine and were good to go for season.
  13. Who??
  14. I think your replying on the wrong question bud??. So yeah maybe a blonde moment....
  15. King pig must have seen the photos of McGugan in the garage with his car a month or two back, maybe he's after McGugan as his chouffer to drive him down to training every day, but wants to see if he can navigate and comply with simple orders first lol. In all honesty hope he does well and goes on to enjoy his football again down in Wales, was a massive part of our initial revival under SG and is quality when hes on it. Not sure why king pig is after him though he's not known for simply charging around kicking a assaulting and trying to cripple the opposition, as we know King pig loves a midfield of thugs!!!