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  1. You forgot the medication bud, or on the really strong stuff?
  2. We saw that under SG and it worked really well, so hopefully with some firepower that can hit the target, not Dave it should bear fruit.
  3. You make some good points bud, but maybe getting someone in who has no knowledge of this league with so few games would scupper any chance of redeeming this season as we are still in the hunt. I'd maybe go for someone who knows what the Championship is all about on a contract till the end of this season,chairman all over will no doubt be ringing the changes at the end of the season, so if it doesn't work out we'd have better options and give the new guy all summer to bed in as it were.
  4. I'm at that point now, I'm not a happy clapper and not a Carlos out. That said I think after the international break I'd give Carlos three games, players should be fresher and hopefully have some back injury free and see if things change,if it's still not right and something is still a miss get someone else in so they can either elevate us and kick us on or have the last 5games to assess the players identify weaknesses and get a plan in place of what they need for next season.
  5. It's just with Sheridan in charge it would have made it sweeter with him still ruining there day
  6. Yeah just seen on sky sports news it was 1-1, someone said last night they lost grrrr grumble grumble.
  7. The piggies got beaten by John Sheridan's Oldham lololol
  8. Good to see we can still win while missing young George on international duty, scored again last night I think too.
  9. Spluttered through so far with a bit of hit n miss thrown in.
  10. Chris waddle semi final goal vs pigs.
  11. Crowbar "All I have I gave" or if we're going metallica would prefer "for whom the bell tolls"
  12. If we're simply on about running at people, Dave looked a bit scary especially when he had the wild hair and beard combo.
  13. Tommy spur yep there's another one is he still captain at Blackburn??
  14. Ahh Bolton Yeah with madine what a waste of a wage that turned out to be?. Beevers was one I really hoped might kick on, big, tall, strong.. Just didn't improve, that said Beevers alongside lees I'd be more confident than sasso.
  15. I was on about former youth system, didn't palmer sign from worksop?? Totally forgot about woodie as for beavers whatever happened to him??